Landing Page Feedback January 21, 2021

I think it's good now - roast my landing, please!


After a week of interations, talking to beginner developers and asking for feedback from anyone who would speak to me, I ended up with this version:

The main point for me was to focus on a specific problem and technology:

  1. The problem was "Not knowing how to apply knowledge in practise"
  2. Specific technology is Javascript

What do you think?

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    Hi Sandor, this looks pretty good. I think I had some suggestions last time and looks like you addressed all of them since I didn't really find anything new to object to. I signed up.

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    Hi ts,

    The major issue I'm seeing in the headline and subheadline is this:
    Your headline is suggesting that your service is teaching a beginner how to code Javascript.
    Your sub-headline is suggesting that your service is to help someone that has "already learnt Javascript" a mentorship or job hunt service?
    So it's a bit contradictory and confusing there.

    The section after that with the two columns next to each other is confusing because both backgrounds are white, i'll assume its the same section and start by reading " Learning programming on your own is hard! Does it sound familiar?"

    Two other things in the landing page is that you haven't demonstrated why you are a 'master' to be able to teach others...and why it'll be easy to learn from you.

    Hope this helps.

    Do have a look at my landing page as well at , appreciate any feedback :)

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      Thanks for the detailed breakdown. I'll take it into account in the next iteration.

      With regards to your landing, it looks very newspaper like to me. Maybe this is the intention given what services you offer.

      The white text on light background was hard to read. And font size could be larger. This is what I saw right away.

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