No-Code December 18, 2019

I used Airtable embed feature to build a no-code product


Hey guys,

This all started when last month I realized Airtable allows for their spreadsheets to be embedded anywhere, which is great - because Airtable is the most user-friendly spreadsheet app of them all.

So yesterday I launched:

It is an interactive database of the Top 100 Shopify stores, with 19+ data points available.

Now, the website is built on Carrd, and the database is Airtable (both for the desktop and mobile viewing experience).

I used 2 different Airtable database "views" to make it easier for people on mobile devices - so we now have the regular database for Desktop users, and 2nd "gallery view" for mobile users.

I also use ConvertKit forms that Carrd natively has for the e-mail part of my product.

All in all, it was an easy and fun experience, but beware having large Airtable databases embedded on Carrd - the builder has become a bit laggy and unreliable. I also feel the website is a bit slower (but still very fast compared to other services).

What do you think?

First impressions from new users have been great!

  1. 1

    Super love this dude :)
    I've been thinking of building something like this!

  2. 1

    Cool idea. Are you hoping to sell access to the DB like Nathan Latka does with SaaS companies?

    1. 2

      Hey there,

      Not necessarily, even though I've seen similar products doing that profitably.

      I'm just currently building a personal audience for my digital marketing newsletter - and I'm doing so through micro-products like this.

      1. 1

        Love this, can't wait to use Cardd in 2020