I used these practices to Skyrocket my Email Marketing🤑🤑

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    Are there any numbers about how this has improved your own email marketing?

    Or are you just secretly promoting a blog post you wrote for your company?

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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. As you can see I am not the writer of the blog post. You could see that by just checking the link instead of just commenting on the post.

      Apart from that, I am sharing some tips that helped me get into email marketing more aggressively and achieve some of my goals. If that doesn't apply to you or you want to promote Email Octopus go ahead and share your valuable info with us, without judging.

      Have a great day, and be epic🎈

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        Let's not pretend I'm an idiot. You're a marketing copywriter at Moosend.

        I'm not against promoting people's own businesses, but this is a community. It goes both ways. Please just try and contribute to it by replying to people, even when your own business cannot be promoted – a quick look at your post history shows little interaction and just promotion.

        Even a little more context around the email marketing do you do and how have these tips helped would be useful. But this is just a very average promotional blog post.

        Now... As for promoting what we do at EmailOctopus, look at my post history and you'll see that's not why I'm here. It's not why I spend hours per week on calls with Indie Hackers helping them start their business. (P.S anyone looking to join in on that can book a call here: https://calendly.com/tom-emailoctopus/1hr-startup-advice-session)

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    Wow thanks for sharing!

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      My pleasure. You can always contact me if you have further questions on email marketing. I would be more than happy to help you out.

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