Community Building November 21, 2020

I’ve built a small community - what next?

Marcus Michaels @marcusmichaels

Hey all,

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been inadvertently building a community on my Instagram account.

I’m a software engineer, and decided to start taking photos of my desk one day (to be fair, it was a very nice desk) and leave a caption about the kind of things I was currently working on. This seemed to hit a sweet spot with other like-minded users, which ended up growing my account to over 16k followers with a very specific niche.

My question now, is that as I continue to take photos of my desk with updates about the kind of tech I’m working with, or the problems I’m solving that day, is that I feel like I could be putting this platform to better use in a way that would give more value to my current audience.

Have any of you grown an audience and then hit was feels like a plateau? If so, what did you do to re-evaluate or add that extra sparkle to keep things interesting?

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    it might be useful to... start with why:

    questions that might be interesting...

    1. where do you want to take these folks?
    2. what outcomes do you want them to see and experience?
    3. what financial metrics are you shooting for?
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      Thanks for the article, looks like it'll give me some good some food for thought.

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        no worries! lmk if there's anything i can do for you.

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