Growth November 21, 2020

I’ve built my product... Soooo am I rich now?


I got quite bored last month during lockdown so I decided to build this bonkers little product:

Not quite sure what to do with it now. Marketing? Promo? Product hunt?

Would love to get some feedback 😃

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    I got anxiety reading that... Maybe there is an audience out there, but getting weekly updates about when I'm probably going to die would probably stress me out to the point of an earlier death lol.

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      Haha I can completely understand where you are coming from. I think it’s important to try and take it with a positive take on it, make the most of the time you have left instead of wasting it 😃

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    I would not ever pay for anything like this, just because it actually provides no value to me. Why not do this for free and grow an email list/build a community off of this?

    That said, the design is sweet and the illustrations are on point. The animations annoyed the heck out of me.

    Cool project!

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      haha, thanks for your honesty - really appreciated

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    Idea is cool, I think It would be hard to get people to pay for it in my opinion.

    Have you thought about 100% free and creating products to market to a massive email list?

    Great design and concept though, good luck!

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      Yeah that is a very good point, I may go down that route. A lot of people are saying the price is a big put off. Thanks for your feedback 😃

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    I can see where you are coming from with the idea. It is pretty cool, the website is slick.

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      Thanks so much 😃

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    What is it supposed to motivate you for - work as much as you can before you die? :-D That being said, I like the concept and the idea of @zerotousers

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      hahaha not quite, more do the things you've been putting off because time is short. Thanks for the feedback though 😃

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    I recommend that rather than requesting people to sign up + get access to the program, put a date-of-birth input box right on the front page, give people their immediate result, and ask for their email in order to send them reminders on how long they have left to live.

    This way you open yourself to exposing your product to acq. channels like Reddit where they're most hostile to people slapping a landing page and asking for email before giving value with their product. Plus, I think your conversion rate will increase.

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      Thats a great idea. Thank you

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    Congratulations on completing your project, definitely an interesting idea!
    IMHO, not sure why someone would pay for this. You either can make this free and build an email list out of this (which can be used for your successive products)
    Pivot this (productivity/gratitude journaling maybe?) and continue charging for it.

    The best way to market this would be to engage in communities & forums (Reddits, Slack communities etc.,)

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    Love it. Ready to pay. But what do the notifications look like? Need more info.

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      Mind you saying that it might be worth me having a sign up for a free taster, thank you

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      That's ace news, so once you sign up you'll get a welcome / taster email. This email will be very much similar to the weekly notifications 😃

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    The design and the illustrations are very nice. Did you make them yourself? And if so, how?

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      Thanks so much, so I designed it all. However bought the illustration online. The illustrations 100% make it 😃

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    I like the creativity of the service. :)
    maybe not something I would use - it feels a bit stressful and depressing (?).
    A countdown to the end of the semester would maybe be more positive for me.
    Though right now, I am using other services for it - so not sure if I would switch.
    But maybe if you would niche for a certain audience - who wants a certain color/ aesthetic (such as heavy metal) compared to the traditional minimalistic count downs, that could be a good use? :)
    The current color scheme would make me pumped for getting into shape for new years/summer or something.
    All the best!

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      Thats great feedback, thank you so much. I will look into it 😃

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    The website is beautiful and unique.
    Where did you got the illustrations from?
    Anyway the concept is cute but I don't think someone will pay for that service and I would consider changing the business model.

    You should publish your product on Reddit / IH BUT WITH DIFFERENT TITLE.
    And only after having some active users think about product hunt.

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      The illustration were from a thread on Product Hunt. I will try find the link and send it through.

      Thanks for the great suggestions though 😃

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    Technical code is 45% of a business. This is why many engineers fail. The marketing skill and engineering skill rarely comes in the same person. If an engineer wishes to learn the marketing skill plan three years time. Unless you avoid investing the required hours in the education. BTW: The more you copy what other people do, the greater chance you will fail. Most of the time, you must forge your own path. The secret sauce to success is: Build an audience. Start early.

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