Growth November 28, 2020

I want to follow serial makers on Twitter. Who should I follow and learn from their growth stories?

Felix Wong @felix12777

Hey IH fam. I'm running 3 side projects while working for a full-time job.

I began to realize the importance of staying motivated and prioritizing time wisely. I'm already doing it.

I would love to get connected with like-minded makers on Twitter. Learn from your stories and support your growth.

Are you one of the serial makers that resonate? Know someone?

Here's mine. Let's exchange opinion!

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    I'm in a little group of people doing the one-startup-per-month challenge, you can find a list of the people participating in this list:

    Otherwise, people who I see who I'd classify as "serial makers", not listed yet, who I personally follow: - Dan Rowden - Steph Smith - Mubs - Marie - Dominic Monn

    Of course, "serial" is different for everyone, but each of these people has launched multiple things :)

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      Woah! Great list. Thank you so much @momoko

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    Here is a list to start with, in somewhat alphabetical order:

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      Is Kevin doing multiple projects? I thought he was doing only Software ideas.

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        He was working on CoderNotes before starting Software Ideas which eventually gained massive traction.

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          Thanks. I just checked his profile :)

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    Fajar is a product beast. He's done 31 products so far and active on Makerlog.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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