I want to quit regardless of the big amount of money VC are offering

I’m a first time cofounder and CTO of a promising startup in the field of future of work that is about to get a round of seed investment.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid the investment terms might actually not be good to me personally and i’m considering to quit the company and abandon the other 2 cofounders instead of signing the deal.

I have been looking for someone with similar experience that can relate to the struggles of my position to help me find out where I am at, and if I’m doing a reasonable thing or if i’m just going crazy. I urgently need some good pieces of advice!

Where can I find qualified mentoring from people that can relate to my situation? Of course I would be willing to pay for help.

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    You are not giving enough context to be able to give you helpful advice. What are the terms? Why do you think the terms are not good for you?

    I have a few ideas for you. You could reach out to:

    1. Your nearest startup or business angel association. They exist in most big cities & countries and might be able to help you vet the investor and terms.
    2. Your company's bank. If the bank is big enough they might be able to transfer you to someone internally who can help you vet the investors. Some larger banks have dedicated startup teams that can help.
    3. Other startups & founders. Since you are asking here I assume you are looking for these kind of contacts?
    4. Startup lawyers. If you can't talk in detail to other startups & founders, ask for intros to the lawyers they used in their last funding round. If they were happy with their lawyers, they'll be happy to refer you. Make sure it's a lawyer that does a lot of work for startups and thus has seen enough deals and knows the market to be able to help you.
    5. Other portfolio companies of the investor. If this is a serious investor they will happily make you an intro other companies they have worked with in the past and those founders will be able to give you detailed feedback.

    I hope this helps!

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    if you're still looking DM me via one of my profile links and I can try and find someone who can help

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    Hard to say anything without context. If you are concerned about the pie splitting, you should talk to other founders and raise your concerns and expectations. That's it. No specific mentors are required I believe

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