I was a guest on my first podcast! And got my first Patreon sponsor!

I was recently a guest on SvelteRadio podcast and the episode finally went live see here. The cool thing is, since I started ListenAddict as an IndieHacker, I’m now listed on ListenAddict which is super cool and very meta. It was really fun and I’d love to do more podcasts.

In addition to that, the last few weeks have been GREAT for my YouTube channel and other growth. I had a (mini?) viral video in the Svelte JavaScript ecosystem and got a lot of views from a Tweet about it, as well as a comment on Hacker News.

I also built my email newsletter and sent out the first newsletter ever (of course, I forgot to turn any tracking on, so I have no idea how it did… bummer).

Finally, I set up a Patreon account for my YouTube channel and got my first sponsor. I need to make some Patreon-specific content to hook this one person up.

Sprint Check In

  • ✅ ProgrammingTIL YT: Code / Record / Post at least 6 videos. DONE! Ended up doing 8/8/6
  • ✅ ProgrammingTIL Site: Finish conversion of site. DONE! I also recorded a video of how to do the migration and posted to my YouTube channel. I’ve been invited to give a talk on how to do this at a meetup as well.
  • ✅ Send out email to my four Producer subscribers. DONE! Also built the mechanism to do this regularly. With the newsletter email, I am now able to send out emails to my newsletter easily, as well as my email list for ProgrammingTIL.
  • ❌ Add two data sources to LA. Only added one.
  • ❌ Watch / read 30x500 series x2. Didn’t start.


🎥 ProgrammingTIL YouTube Stats

  • 6 New Videos uploaded
  • 8 Videos Recorded
  • 8 Videos Code created
  • 2,244 total subscribers (+146)
  • Last 28 days: 11,321 YT Views (+4,456)
  • Last 28 days: 553.3 Hours Watch time (+334.5)
  • Last 28 days: +171 subscribers (+45)
  • Email list: 88 (+0)
  • Patreon list: 1 (+1)

🎧 ListenAddict Stats

  • 34 registered users (+10)
  • 1,911 unique visitors last week (-366)
  • 190,586 API requests (-4,308)
  • 92 Data Sources (+1)
  • 24,109 total talks (+623)
  • 12,506 total people (+290)

🎬 Producer Stats

  • 1 email sign ups

Other Stats

  • 0 Indie Hacker posts

🤔Lessons Learned

I still have a lot to balance out, given I’ve got a working product that’s slowly doing it’s thing (ListenAddict), along with trying to make forward progress on both ProgrammingTIL (the site and YouTube channel) and Producer (the SaaS product to help out YouTubers/Podcasters). It’s a lot to juggle, but so far I feel like I’m doing an alright job. I’m likely not outputting as much as if I was single focused, but the “synergies” (ugh I hate that word) between all of the products/side hustles/whatever has made it work out that it’s been great to work all together. It also gives me the opportunity to focus on what I’d like each day/week and not lead to burnout.

🏃 Next Sprint

  • ProgrammingTIL YouTube: Same as normal: Code / Record / Post at least 6 videos.
  • ProgrammingTIL Site: Improve the general layout/structure. Make it “look prettier”.
  • ProgrammingTIL Newsletter: Send my second newsletter.
  • Producer: Backport and create my blog using code from my YouTube channel.
  • ListenAddict: Add two data sources.
  • Learning / education: Watch / read 30x500 series.
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    Very cool that you're sharing this in public! My main issue with listenaddict from the little scrolling I did is that I don't know ANY of the people you suggest I should follow...I would also like to see their faces on top of their names
    Also: there are some groups here on IH that are aimed at sharing in public, maybe you should "crosspost" over there!

    1. 1

      That's a hard issue to solve when I've got 12000+ people in my system. I guess I could always sort by # of talks/interviews first, rather than newest. I have capabilities to add photos (and it all works + is designed) but that takes more moderation time (and LA is the lowest priority right now of what I'm working on).

      I've posted to #build in public a bunch of times, and don't ever really get any feedback there, either. Decided to go with a regular post to see how it would do in comparison.

      1. 1

        I guess it's a problem but you're an engineer and I think your gut feeling is right. # of talks/interviews first could be more interesting as people who did more "work" might be more familiar to your audience.

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