I was hired as a No code developer a week ago, 1st job

Those positions are still quite rare, especially in France so when I saw one, I excitedly applied.

The recruitment process was quite straightforward. The case study was a simple automation workflow to do with Zapier, followed by a few questions about the No code sphere as a whole.

The position is in a growing startup in the Edtech, where I'll be in charge of:

-Building new features/maintaining their web application (built with Bubble.io)
-Automating internal processes (CRM, Sales, Growth) -> Zapier/Integromat/Python/Phantombuster
-Data analytics/Management (Airtable, Gsheet)

Having the opportunity to become a Bubble developper and practicing Zapier/Integromat was highly appealing to me, even though it meant giving up part of my core skills (Python, SQL, Tableau).

The funny thing is, I have absolutely no experience with Bubble but my managers were totally fine with it and offered me a premium Bootcamp in August to make up for it.

I'm quite amazed that this was possible to land a position with absolutely no experience with a tool I'll have to use on a daily basis!

This is not very "Indie" yet, I know, but I strongly believe that these skills will prove to be useful in the future.

Very excited and happy to talk :)

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    Congrats! What a world to live in. I am curious if there is other no-coders in the company, and what are the other dept / roles you have to work with as a no-coder.

    1. 1

      Thank you !
      My manager is the "head of product", so while it's not a "no code position" per se, he handles Bubble, Airtable and Zapier as well. Apart from him I am the only one.

      I'll have to assist several teams (sales, ops, marketing) when it comes to the automation of processes. A few examples of tools we connect together: Docupilot, Docusign, Zoom, Google Calendar, Airtable, Hubspot, Typeform...

      I'll also work to assist the sales team with generating leads (generating Sales Navigator URLs, Web scraping, ...)

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    Congrats on your new role! I feel like also in Germany this would be an extremely rare find.

    Great story, thanks for sharing!

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      Thank you :)
      I can imagine indeed! It feels like it'll become more and more common in the future. I've heard that Berlin has become the hot spot in tech European tech sphere. You should start to see the change very soon !

      My pleasure.

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