⭐️ I will audit your website for Free :)

Hello community,

I just launched my new web app https://www.wappraiser.com/. This is a tool that integrates different web metrics from different sources in a single report. I developed this tool as I was facing the problem of not being productive while auditing a site on a bunch of different services (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/how-do-you-audit-a-website-0bd9107be2).

I will audit your website for free and share with you the report generated by Wappraiser with some feedback if necessary :) The only thing that you have to do is drop a link in the comments section.

If you think that this product might be useful for you, you can sign up with your email to get early access to the tool in https://www.wappraiser.com/

-Example report (Indie Hackers): https://app.wappraiser.com/reports/60082f9998a210000486935a/overview

Wappraiser Twitter: https://twitter.com/wappraiser

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      Here you have the report: https://app.wappraiser.com/reports/602edb10ed585d0004af8c5d/overview

      It looks great, but you could work on the SEO off page of the site.

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    Some feedback on your website:

    To me, it's not entirely clear where you are getting all of the metrics from. Can you find a way to make it more clear why people should trust you? Especially for metrics like estimated worth, it's totally unclear to me how you calculate them and why I should trust you.

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      Hello @nikwen . WAPPraiser does not calculate any web metric, it only integrates many of other services.

      Regarding the estimated worth you can see at the bottom of the page that there is a small text that says "Data retrieved from Worth of Web https://www.worthofweb.com/", and it links to the service. The same happens with all the other sections (Performance, SEO, Technologies...)

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        WAPPraiser does not calculate any web metric, it only integrates many of other services.

        Cool, man! Can you make that more clear in your product and in your marketing material? I want to trust you and I want to trust your numbers but I need proof for that.

        If you tell me that you get the information from reputable sources, I will be happy to have all metrics collected in one place for me. Don't be afraid to tell your users where you get the information from.

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