Bloggers October 26, 2020

I will automatically promote your blog on my reddit clone...

Anthony E. @profullstack

Send me a link to your blog and what niche it would be relevant to and I'll automatically share your posts on my reddit clone:

I have a few already, the site doesn't have many users now (I haven't really done any promotion). We are working on a re-design before we officially launch, but get in early. Sponsored posts are $1.

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    Very nice of you. For UI/UX and Product Design

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    Thank you in advance!
    My blog is:
    topic: software development, programming blog

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    Weekly JavaScript Challenge to make you a better developer

  4. 1 - niche of events, if you think that would be relevant

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        good idea, that's definitely a sector of our users who host yoga on Mixily. Thanks for including us, let me know if you need anything.

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    Interesting. Did you build this from scratch of some nocode tool?

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