I will be doing detailed analysis of 10 landing pages for you!

Hi everyone,
I am new here at IndieHackers and I would like to connect with great people here. For this, I will be doing a detailed analysis of 10 landing pages for anyone interested for free. Comment below with the link, if you want to be part of this.

An example analysis would be: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/gravity/launched-ios-android-boilerplate-for-react-native--M1UTu9jOnfNNXUt1uHS?commentId=-M1Z87D83c4c_mxyiHnI

What do I ask? Nothing much. I just want to connect with great people like you. So if we could follow each other here at IH and twitter( Link on my profile page ) would be great.

Thank you.

EDIT - Thanks for the overwhelming response. Right now I have reduced the number of sites to be reviewed to 10 since it is a demanding task and I don't want to rush through. However, you can still post here and send the link over my twitter and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks again.

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    Helping global entrepreneurs register their business in the US.

    Thank you and appreciate any feedback :)

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      My 2c: reveal yourself on the "about" page. I looked at the website but since it has no information about the people behind it, I deduct massive points in credibility and reliability.

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      Not OP but I suggest you add more space between navbar and the text which says "Simplest way to register your company in the U.S. Today."

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        Thanks @md_tbd! Adjusted the spacing :)

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    It would be great to hear your feedback

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    https://darray.org - Thanks and good initiative :)

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      Hey @cbartlett, sorry to say but I could not connect to your site. Maybe the server is down?

      Get back to me when it is up again. I have reserved your spot :)

      Meanwhile, you can follow me here at IH and shoot me a dm at my twitter when your site is up - https://twitter.com/RajeevSinghN

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        Yup, we were affected by a brief Heroku outage that killed half the web. Seems better now.

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      site - noorahq

      1. A lot of guess-work: The most important thing a landing page should do is convey what the site does without the user having to work much. On your site, you have sub-heading - "Tool that gets feedback..." Now for a new user like me, it is confusing what that tool is? Is it a plugin I can integrate on my site? or is it a separate platform like Jira from Atlassian? Make it as clear and as concise as possible.
      2. Color scheme: It works nicely right now but it would be awesome if you can work on it. A good color scheme is a delight. The muddy-orange on the CTA button doesn't go well with the sky blue colors of the site.
      3. The Footer section needs work. "Menu" makes no sense there. Also, the footer is too long because you have stacked all the footer- links.
      4. Text in images is a little illegible. A bigger image would do the trick. I would love it personally.

      Remember that this is just friendly criticism. I would love to mention what makes your site awesome too but I am running low on time.
      Although I really love your idea and what you are doing there at Noora. Good luck and remember you and your site rock!

      If you found it useful follow me on IH and my twitter at https://twitter.com/RajeevSinghN. I will try to provide something useful there too. Cheers.

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        Thanks for the feedback :)

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      site - Verosly.com

      To be honest, at first glance, I couldn't find any strong point for criticism on your website. It was an awesome experience to be on the site. So I will be only nitpicking. Also, I will mention the things I liked:

      1. The color scheme is Duotone - Blue & white. It seems like a perfect color palette for a software-oriented business. Blue color commands a feeling of technical sophistication. Good choice of color.

      2. Font - Work Sans. The whole website uses only one font-family. You should definitely try integrating another font-family for headings and other parts. Text/paragraphs can be in work sans only. And see if it improves the overall look of the site.

      3. Awesome illustrations and naming for the pricing tiers. 10/10.

      4. The only problem I have with the pricing portion is the section where you describe the benefits of each pricing tier. A user might get confused if you provide templates and email lists in the "Growth Package" because it hasn't been mentioned in that section. I know it is only obvious that a better package would contain all of the facilities but it is still better if you could mention it. Maybe you can something like: All features of "Launch Package" plus.

      5. One or more testimonials would look nice which are continuously sliding. With the great utility that you are providing through your site, I don't think you would run out of testimonials anytime soon. Maybe include some tweets. I love seeing them.

      6. Saas founders and saas marketers section seems too plain and dry. The whole site is too clean and formal so try implementing some fun parts. An illustration maybe.

      7. People love to see they are interacting with real people and not some super-startup or tech-giant. Let them feel you are one of them.

      8. Call to action is on top as well as bottom which is great. Love it.

      9. Footer section has some problems: Seeing no boundaries within subsections of the footer triggers my OCD. I would like to see everything in a light-grey boundary.

      10. Social link icons should be on the same vertical level. The hover effect on them can be a little creative and prominent.

      Overall, the site is awesome. You rock.

      If you found it useful follow me on IH and my twitter. I will try to provide something useful there too. Cheers.

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    Helping & Teaching students & professionals to learn UI/UX Design.


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