I will be Technology Partner for your B2B SaaS business.

This is Solo Entrepreneur and PHP developer here. I have a better and more clear offer.

I will be Technology Partner for your B2B SaaS business. I will build your B2B SaaS platform for 60% amount of original estimation ( what it takes to develop at $20 per hour costing ) in exchange for 20% percentage of subscription revenue.Revenue share will be paid monthly

My Credibility

  • Have 7+ years of experience in Technology and business software.

  • Running a one person SaaS company from last 2 years ( Check out https://hikeorders.com/)

  • Have already built business software like CRM, After Sales , HRM , E-commerce

  • Have master degree in computer science

  • Already have SaaS Platform Architecture with dashboard using API Platform (PHP) for back-end and Quasar ( Vue.js ) for front-end

Expected credibility from your side

  • You have experience in SaaS industry and the domain of your software idea

  • Your SaaS software Idea don't revolve around 100% enterprise sales model

  • You embrace lean development methodology

Contact : [email protected]om

What do you think of this offer ?

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