I will be your technical co-founder for 6 months


I'll be honest. I might not be the person you're looking for. I have another project I work on. This project is still in its infancy and is gonna require more and more of my time starting September/October (2021).

Who am I?

I've worked as an engineering manager at a blockchain company and I worked on bootstrapping virtual office app for the last year.

When I work on a project I value two things:

  1. Working with people who have high integrity
  2. Focus on building things for users (not necessarily what they would say they want)

Why am I doing this?

I'm working on some sort of tiny accelerator with some friends. Every year we want to help some early-stage entrepreneurs get their idea off the ground. But that is starting in September. Now, I happen to have some time on my hands and I'd like to make the best of it.

This is not my first time doing this. With my venture, Prologe, we already helped multiple indie hackers including:


Who are you?

It would be nice if you'd tick at least two of the following:

  • Your idea aims at social good
  • You're part of an under-represented group in tech
  • You have some experience in your field
  • You're ready to dedicate a significant portion of your time to your project

Please send your messages to

[email protected]


Please answer the following questions in your email: 🙏

What's your one line pitch?
What problem are you solving and who is it for?
How are people solving the problem your app solve today?
What's your biggest obstacle?
What's your riskiest assumption?
Do you have any domain expertise

  1. 1

    Hi Ben, sent you and email, looking forward to your response. Cheers!

  2. 1

    Hey Ben, just curious about prologe. Does prologe get equity, is it a paid service, or just out of goodness?

    1. 3

      Heyyy 👋

      We haven’t taken any equity until now and we most likely will not do it for the September batch either.


      We took 0 equity in the last batch mainly because we were just exploring what impact we could have and how we could provide value to businesses.

      We might take some form of equity on the next batch (I’d estimate there’s a 40% chance but there’s significant legal challenges that were not yet equipped to navigate ).

      In the long run we’re looking at how we could fund startups using crypto (although the details are quite unclear) and create some sort of equity system this would allow us to bypass quite a few legal hurdles .

      It would be not correct to qualify us as doing things just out of goodness. We have some long term goals and it just so happens that on our way to this goal we provide this service for free. Ideally though, I hope we’ll be able to create win win situations.

      1. 1

        interesting :) thanks for explaining!

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