I will do a free SEO audit for your business

Hey IH :)

Just share your website and I will send a free SEO audit with a strategy to grow your organic traffic.

I have 5 years of experience in ranking websites and have been making a living from it.

I feel like it's time to give back to the community.

Why I am doing this ? Honestly, I just love the IH community and would love to connect & know what you building.

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      Looks like you are trying to build a community.

      Create a blog section and start writing content around building startups

      For example: How to build a profitable startup?

      Change your tagline, it's a bit long. Keep it short & simple.

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      Amazing idea : )

      You can get tons of customers if you would write on topics around social media and content repurposing.

      Hyperfury gets tons of search traffic by writing content around twitter.

      Here are few topics ideas for you:

      how to share a tweet on instagram?
      how to share a tweet on linkedin?
      how to share a tweet on facebook?
      Best social media tools

      If you need more ideas, you can DM me on twitter @sunilgills

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    my sites fishingpicked.com

    send me the reports [email protected]

    Im waiting for your kind reply

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      Aah a niche site, my favorite :)

      There are lot of things which needs to be worked on this site:

      • Website design - look at other website in your niche
      • Website speed - too slow
      • Meta title and description - Too long, improve them for better CTR
      • Keyword selection - Choose better keywords with higher search volume
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    Thanks for doing this Sunil.

    Your review Would be of great help. Thecoincept.com

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      You are in a very competitive niche. You would need high authority links and lot of content around crypto.

      Things you can do get more traffic:

      You should read this guide: https://backlinko.com/on-page-seo

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      The tools seems to be a collaboration tools just for tech teams.

      You have got some dope high authority links.

      Change your Meta title: Adding EasyRetro from FunRetro does not make sense when you have redirected the old domain on the new one.

      Some of the links in your footer bar are 404

      Some of the blog post are not well optimized. Would recommend you to use more images in the articles.

      Looking at your other tools on the website like sticky notes & Online brainstorm tool. I would recommend you to create content around these tools.

      You can write on topics around productivity and team collaboration. There are lot opportunities.

      If you need any help, feel free to DM me on twitter @sunilgills

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        Thanks! Lots of insight here, I will work on those

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    Hey, would love your input for our founder mentorship platform, where we connect indie founders with proven entrepreneurs: www.SparrowTheApp.com

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    Link: overmind.wiki

    I've probably shot myself in the foot with naming, but if you've got easy tips I'll gladly listen.

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    Would love to know if there are any low hanging fruits! https://peachfitness.co

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      Really neat idea, I had a different twist on this, maybe could be helpful to you, because I'm not sure if I'll ever work on it.

      Besides instructors and classes in your app, create a section for regular users to find other regular users to work out with or play sports together. This may bring more people to your app :)

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    I'm curious what you'll come up with!

    Here the link: https://cyvatar.ai/

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    Please help me, I'm promoting affiliate links on my site.

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    Very interested for my series of books: https://dev-concepts.dev

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    I know we're missing description, but that's only because we're still thinking :D Thank you!

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      Looks like a clean site.

      Don't create different urls for a single topic like this: https://compozly.com/blog/how-to-be-a-film-composer-part-2/

      It would confuse google to which one to rank.

      Would recommend you to create a single in-depth guide with different sections.

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