September 5, 2020

I will give feedback for your landing pages

Justin Zhao @outrankio

Instead of asking feedback from the community, I am gonna give back value and contribute

Post your landing page and I will give you constructive feedback

EDIT 1: Taking a short break and having to study. I will probably finish every response by today. Didn't expect the sudden influx of responses

EDIT 2: If I haven't respond to your landing page, I am on it asap if not today then tomorrow. I will get to it. I can't leave the community hanging

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      I like the animation loop for the heading

      Super rad design, minimalistic look and the usage of negative space

      Correct me if I am wrong?

      I like the idea

      DropEvent is like the goggle docs of photos where you can upload and stores photos for a wedding, Zoom meetings, school projects, or anything that requires a photo

      Though it's hard to picture using photos for school projects unless it's a PowerPoint presentation

      Who are your target customers?

      Have you validated your product yet?

      Decent start by the way

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        Thank you, I just completed the redesign. DropEvent has been around for almost ten years now.

        The usage is more like a shared photo gallery for any group of people. Only the creator of the event needs to sign up, and everyone else can contribute without apps or signups.

        The market is currently split between consumers who want to share guest photos from a wedding, for instance, and companies who collect photos from their remote teams for different professional reasons.

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          That's amazing

          Good luck with DropEvent, @SamuraiCode

          Have you had paid users?

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            Oh yes, it’s running close to 10k MRR right now, but I hadn’t updated the design since I started it so it was very out of date, having jammed in new features etc into a layout that wasn’t built for it.

            Finally had the motivation and time to do something about it.

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              You are way past everyone

              That's an excellent start

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      Super rad for BuildFaster

      I like the branding and colors

      Nice usage of social proof and testimonials

      You added a newsletter to get emails, pretty good

      I already understood what BuildFaster is, correct me if I am wrong?

      Selling HTML templates that only takes minutes to build hence the name BuildFaster? Saving time and money

      Nobody likes building from scratch, takes too long

      Other than that, I don't seem to find anything constructive to criticize about

      How you found other ways of monetizing your templates, Brayden?

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        Thanks for this! Yep, you nailed it on the head!

        No I have not. Do you have any suggestions?

        I actually have an affiliate program for my themes that you can find at the bottom of the page.

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          Ads are one thing though I don't think your customers will like that. There are some less intrusive ad networks

          Selling ad space is a possibility

          Featuring certain designs for templates from users for a certain price

          Monetize your email list?

          Sell some of your templates on CodeCanyon?

          Create more design templates to be sold?

          Changing it to a paid membership with only exclusive access to certain templates? Might have to expand on that

          There are some certain ideas that come to mind. I will let you know more if comes to mind

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            Yes I think selling ad space could definitely work. I’ll have to think about it.

            Yes, featuring certain ones would help. I’m thinking of having weekly/monthly deals.

            No, I am only at 36 subscribers right now and will think of monetizing when I expand my numbers.

            No, I’m currently selling on Gumroad and will think about going into places like theme forest or CodeCanyon in the future.

            Yes, I’m working on releasing one every 2 weeks.

            Yeah, I’m thinking about having a Pro plan where you can have access to certain ones but am working on adding some more themes first.

            Those are great. How do you think I can earn money in other ways then just adding more themes and creating ads?

            I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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              Licencing your design code/template to other developers

              Giving out "Freebie" templates but in order to get these freebie templates, you must share them this X amount of times... This can build interest and users.

              And even when they get Freebie, you can put your logo at the bottom of the design and written made by Brayden

              And if customers want to put their own logo on top of freebie templates, they can pay a fee

              Charge more on top of what you're charging for your templates

              Offer e-courses related to design/coding possibly?

              Create an exclusive community and only those who paid get the knowledge possibly?

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                Great ideas! I'll work on these for sure.

                Thanks again, Justin! 😄

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                  No worries, Brayden

                  Just trying to help, hehe

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                    Don't worry :)

                    You did great. I felt the same way as you for a post similar to this one and it got lots of love just like this one :)

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                      Haha, thanks for the encouragement

                      Just trying to give back to the community for the help it has provided for me

                      You did great too, Brayden

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                    You did more than help, my man 😉

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                      Thanks, man

                      I hope I did

                      Though sometimes I am not even sure about myself if I am qualified enough to give out advice

                      The fake it till you make it mentality

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    Hey Justin! Thanks for helping out!

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      No worries, glad to help

      I like the colors and branding

      It seems similar to my website with a color gradient

      Mental health is a serious problem around the world

      Your UVP is boosting company productivty with better employee mental health.

      If an employee's social well being and mental health is emotionally healthy correlates with seeing an increase in company productivty

      I see that you are trying to list features of the app to provide value for those you are targeting

      I see that this is early access and in the waitlist

      Good start for a landing page. It's decent

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      No worries, glad to help

      The domain speaks for itself, get your work recognized by your superiors and colleagues

      I like your branding and colors, it's very sleek. Stop trying to seduce me with those colors

      Good use of social proof and testimonials

      You expanded on the features, I like that. It gives me relevant info on using the software

      Is this early access?

      Other than that, I don't see anything constructive to criticize about

      It seems like you got everything set on track

      Good start on the landing page

      Good luck

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    HI Justin. Hope you are doing well.

    Please check out Would love to have your feedback.

    Thanks in advance.

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      So you are taking out the headache of design and marketing for startups by having on-demand designs and content

      Good use of social proof, testimonials, and video demos

      From the video demo, it seems that onboarding is smooth and it looks very ease to use and navigate

      I like the colors of your landing page especially the branding, it's creative.

      For the newsletter, maybe you can rephrase the wording to get higher conversions for email

      Maybe focus on conversions and selling, since you are doing are the work for startups

      Congrats on your launch for PH

      I don't see anything to have constructive criticism about

      Good luck with everything!

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        Thank you so much for your feedback.

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    Thanks Justin!

    Would love to give you feedback on any work you have as well!

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      Good UVP

      Digital board games with your friends anywhere from the bus, friend's house, at a park, etc., etc.

      Decent landing page for early access

      It communicates clearly

      How would they play board games though? In a app that you are creating or in the browser?

      Good luck

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        Thanks for the feedback! I definitely need to add more information on how the games actually work when you play.

        They actually do work entirely in the browser, one of my main goals was to make the games as low friction as possible (no app installations).

        Thanks again!

        1. 2

          Aye, sounds great

          Let me know how it turns out when you do create the games?

          I would not say no to games

          No worries, just trying to help

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    Hey Justin!

    Here is my landing page, still setting it up today and adding custom domain, etc. but it's 95% done:

    1. 1


      Don't worry about it

      I like your branding and design. Nice usage of negative space

      So correct me if I am wrong?

      Your UVP is a software scanner scanning documents while being HIPPA compliant. It protects your business from risk of using generic, unsafe mobile scanner apps

      Are you targeting the health care field for HIPPA-Compliant Documents? What customers are you targeting for being HIPPA complaint?

      Good start for a landing page

      Is this early access?

      1. 1

        Yes! That’s correct, and right now I’m looking to collect leads and do some customer discovery.

        1. 1

          Nice, good luck

          Have you thought about targeting clinics first and then Hospitals for users?

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    Thanks Justin, it would be awesome to have a pair of fresh eyes check it over!

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      Hey, Justin

      Haha, we have the same names

      Nice to meet you

      I see that you created a course to help people will their side hustles and not settle for anything less than freedom

      That's a good tagline

      Decent landing page that focuses on the conversion of users using your course

      Good social proof and testimonials from IndieHackers who used it

      Have you thought about monetizing such knowledge?

      1. 1

        @outrankio Thanks for your review.

        Have you thought about monetizing such knowledge?

        When an indie founder completes the bootcamp they unlock access the Nugget Startup Academy which is paid.

        The bootcamp is a 1 week learning experience that teaches foundational concepts that every indie founder should really know about.

        The academy is a 3-6 month asynchronous "active doing experience” with step-by-step process, how-to's, a batch of peers working alongside you and mentors always on hand.

        It is very much my side hustle so I only get to focus on it when time allows - that's why the revenue is very cyclical in nature - you can see that here:

        My main goal with the bootcamp is to help other founders avoid some of the early mistakes I made - but it also doubles up as a good showcase for the academy.

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      Aye, I like your branding and design for your landing page

      I like the idea as well

      Straight to the point, huh

      Delivering urgent messages with mass text messaging

      This is good for USPS, Amazon, or anyone that requires to send updates and requires info immediately

      That's a good idea

      It seems like this is already validated and I assume you already have paid users

      You have social proof and testimonials and also reviews from G2

      Pretty neat

      I don't have anything else to criticize

      A pretty good product

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    Thank you Justin for the offer.

    This is my site, can you provide review:

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      You might wanna expand what review management is for realtors, startups, and small businesses

      I understand your intent

      You manage reviews all in one platform in ReviewHornet and that in turn leads to more sales, increase trust within the community, growing your brand, etc., etc.

      I like that you use social proof and testimonials

      You might wanna use a higher resolution picture next to your header

      Cool branding and I like the loop animation with the heading

      Create a sign in/sign up page

      Create a banger newsletter to capture emails

      Have you validated ReviewHornet?

      Who are your target customers?

      And have you had any paid users yet?

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      How does Conferfly work?

      1 click to join meetings from your Conference room

      Okay, I think I understood where you were going with it

      I like the idea

      Conferfly allows customers to join their meetings that were booked from calanders via Google Suite and Office with 1 click

      This allows you to save time and money

      I like the design and illustrations. Pretty neat!

      Focus on the UVP and validating your product before going to design

      Has this been validated?

      You should also have an email capture/newsletter to capture emails and try to convert potential users into paid users

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot, really good points
        i will work on some of those.

  7. 1 (I am a non-technical founder... I appreciate your help)

    1. 1

      I like the design

      It's almost like Apple

      Sleek and cool

      How does Saill work? Is it like an ecommerce store or a Shopify store?

      How do you add products and share it to your friends? Why would friends share and sell each other products?

      You wrote here

      "SAILL is not only a shopping cart, but also the entire shopping mall"

      I think you should put that in the heading

      Overall, decent start to capture emails and generate interest

      1. 1

        Thanks man! Helps a lot!! I will apply your suggestions!

        Regarding your questions about the app:
        My guess is that in the future, people will start buying from anyone (especially friends and influencers, people who they share an opinion with or just admire). Well, not buying directly from them, but from their recommendations and reviews about products & services.

        Based on this, my idea is to build a place that can enable the interaction between consumers and both, their friends and people who sell/promote products/services online; and viceversa. It won´t be like an ecomm/shopify store, but an that works as a social network where users have their profile with the products they save and collections they create.
        Adding a product (mvp version) would require: a URL, an Image and some basic info

        This would benefit both, buyers and sellers:

        • buyers would have a platform to discover new products (or the best of what they are looking to buy) and an easier and more organized way to shop online
          -sellers would be able to easily sell/promote to their audience, users who might be willing to buy

        Hope you understand what i´m trying to build and like the concept! In case you do, join the waitlist!!

        1. 1

          Ahh, I see

          So like a close knit community that buys and sells from one another

          You might wanna apply that to your niche to differentiate that from anothers

          1. 1

            I´ll do! Thanks for your help !!

            1. 1

              Glad to help!

              Good luck

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    I'd really appreciate your feedback on my landing page

    1. 1

      I am quite confused on what you are offering here for CompareCourses, "Search, compare and go for your programming course with great confidence"

      Are you trying to educate customers on programming courses?

      What are these courses and how would they benefit said customers?

      Correct me if I am wrong? I am gonna try and understand your intent based on what you have written

      You will compare and mix courses using technologies, learning outcomes, prices, duration and other criteria to help beginner and advanced devs find the course they always wanted.

      Notice the word "wanted" but not needed

      I think you gotta simplify the heading and subheading and what value it provides for the consumers

      Decent landing page and great email capture

      Overall, great start

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback. I am reviewing courses to see what exactly one can learn and how helpful it is based on my experience - I learned programming online.
        My idea is to find courses that are worth taking. Of course, you could do the same by checking hundreds of courses and picking the one you like if you are an experienced dev but I it's extremely time consuming. Besides that, beginners do not have the experience to figure out what they should start with.

    1. 1

      I understand your landing page

      Your product is a chatbot that helps customers automate their business through live chat, customer support, collecting feedback, collecting leads, or making surveys

      That's pretty cool

      I like the design and branding. It's a very creative landing page. Those colors are very seducing and tempting, haha

      Nice usage of negative space

      I see that you put an email capture to capture emails and convert users. Cool

      You should put social testimonials of users actually creating/incorporating Formito into their website

      Other than, good start. It's decent

      Have you validated your product?

      Who are your target customers?

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      I like the logo of the cat

      It's pretty creative along with the domain hence the name, OpsKitty

      It's creative, I like it

      So it's like Pinger from IndieHackers in certain areas

      What are you differentiating?

      Because Pinger also monitors website health and will let you know when your website is down

      Change loose to lose in SSL Certificate Monitoring

      Who are your target customers?

      Have you validated OpsKitty?

      Decent start, pretty creative with the name and logo

      Good email capturer plus a reward for signing up early

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot for good feedback,
        Along with basic website monitoring SSL, I'll be doing frontend monitoring of optimization and simple SEO.
        The above are core features if things goes well will add customer flow monitoring e.g. If user is able to add to add to cart after search etc though this is will be advance feature.

    1. 1

      That's a nifty idea

      I like the branding and colors of your landing page

      I see that it's early access, so no official product yet

      So a marketing campaign to target Reddit communities, users, monitoring Reddit and/or anything related to Reddit?

      Reddit marketing is hard but successful if done right

      I like the design. It's creative

      An email capture lead, that's great

      Decent start so far

      I have nothing else to say

      It looks you got everything planned

      Good luck

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    Hi, OrgPad, thanks a lot for feedback. It is quite non-traditional but we believe that is important for us. No rush with it, we are just collecting feedback to improve it more down the road, also we will be adding more content.

    1. 2

      Is this a concept map (note taking/organizing) software?

      Good usage of social proof and testimonials

      I like the minimalistic design. It's clean

      You should do a features page. Or maybe simplify the tagline a bit more

      Universal, yet so simple threw me off.

      I didn't take a look at the video.

      I wanted to see if I could understand based on written text.

      How do you monetize this? Has this been validated?

      Who are your target customers? Universities and college students?

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot, we want to add more information, some examples, features. I wonder how would your understanding change after watching the video?

        Our vision is much bigger than mind maps and note taking, and we will need to put this on our landing page as well. OrgPad is iPhone of software meaning that we want to combine 99% of all tasks done at computer into a simple tool understandable for everyone. It much simpler because people think according to problems but they are forced to divide and split their work into overcomplicated apps which do no work well together. Since our platform is visual, people can easy remember where is everything and combine stuff together.

        At the moment, we have almost 1000 users registered and maybe about 50 users we could call active, some very fanatical about OrgPad. One of the reason is that everything is much simpler than anywhere else, so one gets accustomed to this simplicity. We use it for everything in our startup and our lives. The tool is not yet monetized, we are thinking of introducing subscription model in a month or two.

        The target is tough. These people are creative and think in different way, and we have found them everywhere. Elementary school kids and teachers, high school students, university students, researchers, business owners, everyday people (for instance a bus driver), ... Since schools are the largest segment, we are trying to grow there in the upcoming months.

        1. 2

          I see, Klavik

          I think you should do just that

          In my opinion, I think you should change the video to a demo on how to use the product, navigation, and ease of use for the OrgPad instead of explaining what is OrgPad

          The landing page is what explains OrgPad

          I think you are there already. You already know who to target and you have a loyal fan base. You can convert these into paying users

  10. 1

    Hi Justin! I'd love to hear feedback about :) Thanks!

    1. 2

      Hey @quard

      I like the usage of negative space. It's minimalistic

      It's straight to the point with the UVP

      You can add a newsletter to capture emails

      Correct me if I am wrong, embed Instagram stories into your website?

      Does it help with social proof and testimonials?

      How long do embedded instagram stories last on the website?

      The niche is great, I don't think there are much competitors on this

      Have you validated, Storista and who are your target customers?

      How would Storista help with sales and users engagement? I never used Instagram for sales and marketing before

      Maybe you can put users who use Storista to embed instagram stories into their website as social proof and link it to them?

      1. 1

        Thanks you for your feedback!

        Correct me if I am wrong, embed Instagram stories into your website?
        Looks better I think, I'll change

        Does it help with social proof and testimonials?
        Definitely, but I don't have customers yet :)

        How long do embedded instagram stories last on the website?
        Forever, that's the point and main feature. It looks like Instagram highlights, but saving works automatically.

        Have you validated, Storista and who are your target customers?
        Main customers are fashion brands, e-commerce companies and others. I have worked in fashion brand recently, so I know that they are using Instagram a lot and stories works for them.

        How would Storista help with sales and users engagement? I never used Instagram for sales and marketing before

        It's all about promoting products and categories. Main page usually page with a lot of traffic and many companies trying to promote everything on it. And as you know, Stories is familiar format for many users.

        Maybe you can put users who use Storista to embed instagram stories into their website as social proof and link it to them?

        Did't get your idea. You mean I can embed their stories to show them how it works?

    1. 1

      Hey, @rainbowdash

      I like the landing page. It's a pretty cool design

      Good use of the colors, it's creative and I like it

      So your product is an app and your landing page is converting the users to the app

      I like the UVP, so instead of communicating with your sports team through email, SMS, email, FB chat, etc., etc..

      WildKard takes the hassle out of communication by helping teams communicate better, scheduling teams, talk about strategy, pretty much anything that helps to bolster camaraderie between team members. It's like IndieHackers, Facebook except it's for sports team

      Have you found users yet?

      Maybe you can target sports team in schools, colleges, and universities?

      1. 1

        Thanks @outrankio. We have a couple of hundred users. We're working with them to further develop the product. Acquiring new teams is something we are continuing to optimize.

        1. 1

          What are your plans for monetizing, WildKard?

          It's pretty neat

          That's great. I am sure you will do fine!

          Good luck

          • Justin
          1. 1

            Haven't thought about monetization. Focused on acquiring and retaining a solid user-base right now. Thanks for the kind words!

  11. 1

    Thanks for this! , very much appreciated

    1. 1

      Oh dang, your landing page is very neat and creative

      So your UVP is almost similar to a CRM in certain regards

      Correct me if I am wrong?

      Chaskiq is a platform that helps connect sales, marketing, and support teams with their customers using open communication through Chaskiq

      Your features explain why they provide value for the customers

      Your live chat is too intrusive

      Maybe minimize it to the icon for the live chat on the bottom right, when customers do need help, they can click on the icon on the bottom right and the live chat will open

      Has this been validated yet?

      Other than that, I don't see anything constructive to criticize

      Maybe add social proof and testimonials

      1. 1

        Hi , @outrankio, thanks for the feedback , yes the product itself is that intrusive live chat :D, it's intrusive because it's like a product demo. but maybe the way i'm using it does not makes clear that it's the chaskiq chat istelf :lol


        1. 1

          Glad to help

          Yeah, I realize that after quite a while

          I was like what if Chaskiq is a open source platform for communication and that could be it?


          Most likely have to rephrase it a way that Chaskiq is the chat itself

    1. 1

      No worries

      It's similar to Brayden's BuildFaster

      So the UVP is building a landing page out of the HTML templates that you have

      Correct me if I am wrong?

      I like the branding and colors of the landing page

      I like the avatars, Two Spaniards that can't stop tinkering

      Pretty cool, in my opinion!

      Maybe add some social proof and testimonials

      How do you edit the HTML templates?

      Have you ever thought about creating a newsletter?

      Other than that, decent landing page

      I don't see the need to have constructive criticism about anything else

      Decent start

      Have you found users yet?

      1. 1

        Wow, how quick.

        It's similar to Brayden's BuildFaster.

        Yes and no.

        So the UVP is building a landing page out of the HTML templates that you have.

        Exactly, we provide the layout, without nothing. Only HTML and a CSS framework,in this case Bulma, Tailwind or Bootstrap 5.

        I like the branding and colors of the landing page.
        I like the avatars, Two Spaniards that can't stop tinkering.

        Thank you so much.

        Maybe add some social proof and testimonials

        It's been open for only 2 months..

        How do you edit the HTML templates?

        The client does not edit, we build the templates, without a builder.

        Have you ever thought about creating a newsletter?
        I have a newsletter with 1270 subscribers.
        But I still haven't link from Wicked Templates.

        Other than that, decent landing page
        I don't see the need to have constructive criticism about anything else


        Have you found users yet?

        Many free downloads only 1 sale of the big package. 80 Dollars....

        Thanks a lot mate.

        1. 1

          Hey, Michael

          A sale is a sale

          You validated it

          Regarding the social proof, maybe you can ask the customer to write about it regarding the design of the template, ease of use, navigation, etc., etc.. anything that is relevant to the value of the product

          1. 1

            Yeah, it actually got validated even before, like a week after putting it out. Someone wanted to buy it as is.

            I could deffinately do that.

            Thanks again.

            1. 1

              Sounds great, Michael

              You got this!

  12. 1

    Thanks so much for helping out Justin!

    1. 1

      I understand your UVP

      It's to educate your customers through your online platform about personal finances to become financially free

      The colors are out of place as you scroll down towards the footer.

      Good usage of social proofs and testimonials

      Are there any courses available? Maybe you can give out a sample?

      1. 1

        Hi Justin, thanks for the feedback! You should be able to see the courses when you scroll to the bottom of the page or when you click on the "All Courses" tab.

        If that's not clear, maybe I need to fix it!
        You can access our free course here.

        1. 1

          Yeah, I found it after looking over there

          What a landing page does is explaining the value of using your product to customers and converting these users into paid users

          A landing page is like a first impression at a job interview, you are trying to sell yourself genuinely and why you are a great contribution for the job

          I understand what you were trying to say

    1. 1

      Hey, Rajat

      Your landing page's loading speed in Google Chrome is really slow

      Is this an early access/beta?

      I understand your UVP, it's to create book mockups/ pages on how your book will eventually look like

      Might wanna expand on that. What's the customer's goal/value of creating book mockups? Increase in sales? Design in general?

      I think you need to create a newsletter or some way of capturing email addresses to get validation

      I like the usage of negative space and branding. It's pretty rad

      You need to expand on the features on why it should provide value for customers

      Decent start, decent land page overall.

      The picture at the bottom of the footer only loaded halfway, might wanna fix that

    1. 1

      Hey, I am quite confused on what the landing page is about

      Is this a database where open source creators can see what monetization platforms are out there?

      Correct me if I am wrong?

      Might wanna expand on what your landing page is conveying

      Landing page loading speed is slow on my end.

      You might wanna put fewer monetization platforms on your database since it took me a long time to reach your newsletter at the bottom

      Any thoughts on monetizing this database?

      Edit: I see it now. I don't know why it took a long time for me to load plus the monetization platforms were presented vertically from top to bottom which took a long time to get to the bottom of your landing page. It's supposed to present horizontally from left to right. And your newsletter is popup so I don't have to scroll all the way down

      Good start for your landing page

      1. 1

        Your understading of the page is correct.
        No monetization plans yet. Looking to find a partner with design skills to make something bigger from this database. Any suggestion how can it be monetized?

        1. 1

          Ads are one way

          Adverting space is another

          Setting up an exclusive membership only is another possibility

  13. 1 We have added a autoplaying video on landing page ,need feedback is it making it clear on what we do ?

  14. 1 - Please provide your feedback

    1. 1

      I like the early access beta

      Colors and branding for your website is neat

      UVP is straight to the point. I understood that

      Correct me if I am wrong, you can build data rich websites using Google sheets without writing code through your website builder?

      I like the newsletter where you sign up early to get early access coupon

      I like We are invite only, creating a sense of urgency to sign up and get early benefits now then when you sign up later and get no benefits.

      It's an efficient landing page in order to get early access customers.

    2. 1

      Good landing lage, clear tag line but on Mobile devices your Launching in 1 week is breaking up font is too small and unreadable, check if it is responsive

    1. 1

      Correct me if I am wrong, you scan customer's postal email and boom, it's instant and online and customers can access their mail online through the account they registered at your platform?

      Seems pretty thrifty. I like the idea

      I don't understand Tirana, Albania. Is that relevant to online mail management?

      Which customers are you targeting? In Albania?

      Question though, who would use something like this?

      The more info you provide, the easier time you have of convincing customers

      Focus on UVP and then design later although design is very great.

      The now in Tirana, Albania threw me off. You might wanna expand on UVP including now in Tirana, Albania

      And also security for mail, I am pretty sure security needs to be tight and efficient. Don't want leaked documents

      I like the branding

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!! And the recommendations! You inspired me to add more explicit info on the types of customers this would be ideal for. :)

        Oh, to clarify, this is only offered in Tirana, Albania as of now -- thus, the mention.

        1. 1

          Ahh, I see

          Good luck

  15. 1

    Don’t have a landing page to post yet, but appreciate the good karma you’re spreading here!

    1. 1

      Haha, just trying to help and give back to the community

  16. 1

    I have just updated my LP. Feel free to roast it :)

    1. 2

      Dang, your branding and color for your landing page is blinding

      It's very creative.

      So correct me if I am wrong? All-In-One Email Marketing Bundles to help you build your email campaign in less than an hour saving money and time.

      Seems thrifty. I like that

      And you are focusing on selling these bundles. Pretty neat!

      It's like Drip almost

      Good use of social proof and getting work featured from Microsoft, Siemens, and Merck

      I like the newsletter already

      It's tempting me to sign up.

      1. 1


        Thanks for those nice words. I am still working on the wording because it sounds like it's another email service provider like drip or Mailchimp. But I am just selling the email marketing logic and assets so people can build it in their own services :)

        You can think me as IKEA :) I give you the pieces and the manual and the rest is between you and your email service.

        I focused on a more holistic way of doing a newsletter. People who are busy to learn email don't wanna know about the only email. They want to know how to integrate email into their existing marketing effort. Let's see if I will be successful :)

        1. 1

          That's what I thought at first until I read it more carefully

          Haha, true enough

          Good analogy with IKEA but I dislike their quality of furniture

          You will be

          Good luck with everything!

          Hit me up if you decide to post your journey or blog about it. I do want to read it

          1. 1

            Hey perfect,

            I am actively updating my milestones. So you can check everything there and I send newsletters with updates as well. Also, feel free to suggest communication ideas to break this "I am actually not an ESP" vibe :)

            1. 1

              I think maybe put templates somewhere in there to signify that you're selling bundles and email templates to help with your email marketing

              Though I think if people took the time to read more carefully, they would have this vibe that it's not an ESP

    2. 1

      Great use of graphics , looks clean and clear to me ! One suggestion though as there are numerous Email Marketing Platforms how is your any different ? If you can highlight this on landing page it will help i guess

  17. 1

    Let me know if you can understand the product without even trying.


    1. 1

      I understand the product

      Personalizing your own photo with just 1 click (branding). The software does all the work (template collections)and makes it hassle-free

      You now can use those photos to create social media content for growth.

      I don't see the feature for creating a video though

      I like the branding and color for your landing page. It's beautiful.

      It's like creating a wedding collage

      Maybe add some social proof and testimonials as well

      All in all, it's a good idea and from the video demo, it seems pretty easy to use

      1. 1


        Videos are just around the corner.

        Yeah i'll add some testimonials on each tool landing page.

        1. 1

          Great, I checked it out further as well

          Congrats on the PH launch

          Good luck, you got this!

    2. 1

      Templated content for Social Platforms, Are you using ML to generate images or just templates and converting to images ? Landing is clear im value but the examples needs to be vibrant, they are a bit dull right now.

  18. 1

    Thanks Justin, would love to hear thoughts on

    1. 1

      At first, I thought it was selling contracting work for kitchens and appliances from what I saw of your domain

      Correct me if I am wrong?

      I get your USP, you can build your own private pool of engineers to contract software whenever needed or on-demand

      It's like Upwork (sort of)

      Good start by the way for your landing page

      Usually, it's better to focus on what your landing page (value proposition for your customer) does than the design. You can worry about the design later.

      You can also put a newsletter subscription or open beta to see if you can validate or if there's interest for your DevelopmentKitchen

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback. Hah, yes, the domain might strike someone as a kitchens and appliances company. But, it is indeed like Upwork, for software work.

        It's curious you had the thought not to focus on design before value prop - I hope the value prop was clear! There is a sign up page for contractors and I've had several setup profiles, which is great. But one of the issues I was trying to focus on with the landing page was to differentiate this from other marketplaces like Upwork, and highlight how "talent pools" are a unique idea - I don't know if this comes across.

        1. 1

          Pretty much like your own team of software engineers but the thought is that Upwork also have their own talent pool that people can hire from is what my thought came from

    2. 1

      Tagline is clear but after visiting your landing page i am confused as for whom this service is for ? for SMEs, agencies or individuals ? And what would be the terms of hiring, one suggestion is to show hourly charges on profiles if possible ! Hope this helps

    1. 1

      I like your branding and colors for your landing page

      But, most of all, slick idea

      Love the animations and pictures.

      It's a platform where you can feature flag the feature you accidentally made a mistake of deploying on your website (UI)

      Congrats on your launch to PH, by the way

      Maybe put a placeholder for your social testimonials and proof.

      It's a great landing page. I don't see anything to have constructive feedback/criticism for

      It's similar to my website that I am redesigning for

  19. 1

    Hi Justin,

    I launched a few online courses and this is the landing page of one of them:

    Would love to receive your feedback :)

    1. 2

      Hey, Esteban

      I am not fluent in Spanish so I will try

      Are you selling a lifetime deal or are you selling a course?

      I can see that you are teaching customers SEO who are trying to learn SEO by buying your courses

      I can see that you are providing details for the courses and what you are gonna be learning from these courses without having to understand Spanish

      There's a huge debate in being certified so I would focus on providing values and teaching customers on how to use the knowledge of SEO (being practical with knowledge)

      Good usage of social proof and testimonials

      Overall, good landing page

      I can see that you are trying to convert people to buy your courses to learn SEO, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, and lastly Social Media

  20. 1

    Hey Justin, I write a newsletter and I'd like to know what you think of the landing page

    1. 1

      Love the branding and colors.

      I like the heading and subheading. Straight to the point.

      It's a newsletter if I am I not mistaken? Bring curated weekly articles, resources, and news from the No-Code universe straight into your inbox every Thursday

      It's a good start for a landing page

      I can see that you are trying to validate your product by collecting emails. Good choice

      Maybe you should create a sense of urgency to get more interest? Like invite your friends with this code and get top 10 blah blah delivered to your inbox for free.

      Or maybe put a count down timer or fill out slots that only a maximum amount of users who put in their email get this....?

      1. 1

        Thanks a lot for your amazing feedback. I was initially planning to create some kind of urgency but felt that people generally do not like to be pushed into urgency. But I'll definitely try it out and see the conversion rates.

        1. 1

          Don't worry about it

          If you provide value, people won't feel like they are being pushed into urgency but rather feel that they are missing out

  21. 1

    Hey Justin, I would love to know what you think about Designtack,

    1. 2

      Love the usage of negative space

      The Create Marketing Content, Faster threw me off until I read the subheading

      You should rephrase the heading and subheading in a better light to show what value your product is providing.

      So correct me if I am wrong? Your intent is Creating social media content quick and in bulk for platforms such as Twitter where you create your first post and you can cross post (remix) them to other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn with one click?

      You might wanna specify what platforms you can though because you said more

      You should expand on the features and explain what it does such as Your Content. Multiplied, Remix everything, and Need Inspiration for content?

      You added social proof and testimonials. Expand on that, "It's very impressive engineering" doesn't help to provide value for your customers. You should ask them if you can link their testimonial to their social bio

      You might wanna use a high resolution video for your gif. It's kind of blurry

      All in all, good start. It's like writing an essay and proofreading it.

      1. 1

        Thank you for this thorough feedback. Some of the points you mentioned are indeed something I have been ignoring for a long time. I will take a look.

    2. 1

      Too many colors stick to a simple pallete, service is clear to me , ctas should be more prominent, also if you can highlight how is this different from existing competitors on landing page it will be great !

  22. 1

    Hi Justin,
    Thanks for your time

    1. 2

      I applaud your courage and bravery for posting your landing page and I know that it's hard for everyone

      I looked through landing page

      I understand your intent where you upload your APIs, data, and/or file uploads and DataVariation turns those into data reports for you to dive deeper into the data for making decisions. Convenient and hassle-free

      Correct me, if I am wrong?

      I think you might want to simplify the sub-heading a bit more. It should be simple, blunt, and direct (be genuine) on providing value for customers.

      Don't use fluff.

      You should change the way you present information on Why DataVaration? It should present information top to down vertically instead of horizontally.

      The pictures, charts, and graphs you are using are quite blurry. Might wanna use a higher resolution

      Change up your newsletter for example Get your Top 10 articles blah blah instead of the get your latest news and special sales. It will bring more conversions and you can get those emails to talk to potential users

      You can add more pages such as blogs, features, pricing, etc., etc.. for your footer and header in the landing but it seems like you are in beta right now?

      You might want to add social proof and testimonials as well

      Good start, by the way

      Good luck with everything

      1. 1

        Very amazing feedback.
        Thank you so much outrankio.
        But I can't understand this sentence "I applaud your courage and bravery for posting your landing page and I know that it's hard for everyone".
        Your advice is of great help.
        Thanks again

        1. 1

          This was for you and everyone who reads it

          Usually, people are afraid of posting their landing page in fear of criticism or fear of something else but I believe it is the first step in getting important feedback and also getting out of your comfort zone

          And I also need to be encouraging but also helping at the same time with the constructive feedback I am giving out

  23. 1

    Hi @outrankio 👋🏾

    I'd really love feedback on mine:

    Thank you!

    1. 2


      I took a look at your landing page for Selar

      It's good that you post social proof, testimonials, CTAs, and a demo for customers to use

      I like the design and branding and the usage of negative space

      For the messaging though, what is your goal and conversion? Because sometimes the common mistakes in landing pages are focusing on product functionality instead of providing value for consumers.

      So correct me if I am wrong, you are trying to make it hassle free for customers to create their own eCommerce store to sell products, services or content with just 3 steps in under 5 mins?

      Pretty convenient if you ask me

      1. 1

        Thanks for checking it out! I really appreciate the feedback. Yes, that's the goal of my messaging, to get people to sign up and create an ecommerce store in under 5 minutes.

        1. 1

          No worries, just trying to help

  24. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

    1. 2

      I get it

      Edit your video 5x faster. Straight to the point

      I see that your features explains the value of using StudioCinematic to edit videos and music saving time by editing 5x faster

      Cute dog, by the way

      What's your goal? Are you trying to churn out videos quicker?

      Who are your target customers? Content creators and beginners in Youtube or Patreon?

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  25. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

    1. 1

      It's a decent landing page

      Are you trying to validate your product, Intterest?

      So, Intterest monitors/analyzes your purchases and suggest based on the patterns to avoid overstocking and understocking products which results in higher revenue, lower product wastage, and it's helpful for the environment.


      Correct me if I am wrong?

      1. 1

        Yes. It's in the validation stage. The method is proven to work (tested it out), it's just the case of finding beta users (now).

        1. 1


          I think you can target ecommerce stores as your beta users

          1. 1

            True. I guess that will be the starting point.

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