I will give you 1 unique idea to increase engagement on your product / website [Drop the links in comment]

This is my 2nd week of learning by helping other.

Comment the link of your product or website and I will analyse it and suggest you one unique idea (Gamification technique) that could increase desired engagement.

[Optional] I would love if you can give me feedback on my first article draft


PS - This is getting more response than last week. My reply will come late but I'll give reply for sure (Just don't want to give anyone useless and cheap ideas)

PPS - Thanks for great response. I will take out few dedicated hours today and reply everyone who has commented till now. Not taking any more response. Will do another thread sometimes later. You guys are great. Thanks :)

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    @api42 Thanks for doing this :)
    Would love to have your feedback on my product : https://brutask.com/

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    Room for 1 more? I’d really appreciate it.


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      I think you can improve copy on your page a lot. And design needs more consistency. I.e. Many different CTAs with different color and corner radius and text. 2 sections with different bg color, from 2nd lasts seems bit out of order. Just some minor tweaks here and there and it will look much better

      Apart from that:

      The courses seem fun. I always like interactive learning tools. However I think you have a big opportunity to make your landing page really fun thing so much that it just converts into real customers quickly.

      If I were you, I would have designed this landing page to be totally interactive itself just like your courses. Think of a user journey that would introduce to your product step by step and then implement it on your landing page just like your interactive course. (The last step of the user journey would be they signup for your course)

      I would also integrate Desert Oasis technique here. I have explained the technique on here on my first article. Feel free to check it out

      A simple quick hack for now
      On you headline “Interactive Design Courses”. Make the word “Interactive” initiative clickable (Maybe different color, or underline or simple slow animation on it can also work” - make it something that users would want to click on it.
      Once they do, just animate it with ripple effects (fairly easy to implement with existing libs). This is simple thing that doesn’t mean much but will leave a smile on your visitors faces. And that’s not a bad thing to aspire :)

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        You are a genius. I will do that. Thank you :)))))

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    Hi, this one is a little different than what we're used to seeing here on indiehackers, but hopefully you're able to critique it: https://compiled.coffee

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      I like your website. It’s simple, and not unnecessarily complicated and graphics are nice.

      One minor issue you need to fix quickly
      “Chat with us” label is always on top of the screen and it’s making “check out” button’s half of the area un clickable due to bad overlap.

      One fun idea for you:

      • Remove the bag icon from the top and replace it with coffee cup icon. It just gives more personality to your website.
      • When users click on it, Currently it shows “your cart is empty” Rather show big sized empty cup of coffee.
      • [Point is to make coffee buying experience feel like coffee making experience.
        When user add items into your cart (coffee cup) ]
      • Along with the item description, also display your cup filled with some coffee.
        (You can show it as just 10% filled, and user may be motivated to buy more to fill the cup more)There are some caveats here to cover, feel free to ping me on my twitter if you actually plan to implement this change.

      Points and Reward system:

      • Give coffee bean points every time someone buys your coffee
      • At certain coffee points, you gift them your high quality branded coffee cups (Create one if you don't have it. I think this will be really good incentive)

      Doing this overall will increase your retention rate and brand value as well.
      You may also keep experimenting with different rewards with the coffee points. Fun, relevant and inexpensive rewards can make people keep collecting coffee points. You may even show monthly leaderboard to display who has earned how much coffee points.
      Make having coffee points on Compiled coffee a "status symbol" for your loyal customers and it could grow your business way higher.

      Hope this helps ☕️

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    Such a cool initiative! Here's the link to my book presale campaign, https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/think-outside-the-odds#/ Looking to increase conversions and get people excited about the early reader experience

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      Hiii Vedika

      So happy to see that you have already achieved 83% of the goal. I checked everything on your IndieGoGo page, and I think you could have gotten funded more if you had designed your perks in better way.

      I.e. One thing your supporter would love most is that they get to become part of your journey. And you are offering that but that should have been in the title of perk. Something like - “Access to beta readers community”

      For now, this is one quick thing you can do
      Take screenshot of your most fav page from your book and display it in the IndieGoGo page - with a clear title that this is your most fav page from the book. This should make people want to know more about your book.

      Adding to that - You could also use best short quotes from that one page and add it on tee and add it as perk. Your fanbase would like such merch.

      After this campaign ends I think you will still need to market your book a lot. I think one dedicated minimalistic webpage for your book will help a lot.

      I am fan of this one game technique called Desert Oasis because if implemented right it is highly and positively impactful

      You can read more about it on my first experimental article here
      Desert Oasis technique here. I have explained the technique on here on my first article. Check it out here


      Hope this helps. All the best with your book launch :)

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        wow, this is so helpful, thank you!!!

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          If you implement any of the suggestions, please let me know how it goes.

          All the best :)

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      Hii Pratik,

      One issue that irritated me with your signup process

      • It asked me to enter my name, and id
      • Then I had to open email from you just to have a link to create a password
      • Once I do that I have to go back to my mail again to verify my email again. Why? It should have been verified with just email. There is unnecessary step in this process.

      Hope you look into this from user perspective and remove the extra step.


      I liked that you are showing your feature list and progress through Airtable.
      Here is simple idea that will help you increase signups

      Use Easter egg prize game technique.

      • Add one more row in your Airtable somewhere in between feature list
      • You can slightly make it odd looking with different label on it maybe, don’t make it too much obvious though.
      • Add some weird title like - “The Glitch”
      • When user tap on it write really nice and catchy 2-3 lines long copy. The copy should convey that “we are happy you are reading into your feature list and choose to open this one as well. This is actually lesser known thing and exclusive for those who shows more interest into our offering. Click here to have super quick(others have to wait for manual verification) and instant access to the product”
      • Priorities their access or maybe instantly give them access.

      This works because user feel rewarded for their actions, they feel they have earned it, and they will want to use their reward. Here signing up to your website can become a reward and that's crazy if you really think about it.

      This will definitely boost the signup rates of relevant of users. Hope this helps :)

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    Here is the link to my product, https://promote.so

    Thank you, Api

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      I see many lorem ipusm text on your page 😄. I guess its still work in progress but I really liked such a simple and clean design.

      One thing that stood out of me was you really want users to give you a star on GitHub.

      Here is one simple game technique you can use to make people want to give you start.

      Track users who visited your GitHub repo and track if they are coming to docs page more than a few times. If they are, trigger event of shooting stars 💫

      What I mean is: once they are clearly going through your docs multiple time - we can safely say they are using your product - pop up a star 🌟 - with some good effects - this will make users go think “what is it?” Their eyes will lit up and they will click on it. Once they click on it. Display a dialogue box with a good copy and link to your github repo

      The dialogue box will basically display

      Image - star
      Text - Wow. You’ve caught the star. And best place to put it is in on the top of the GitHub repo where start is written (Just suggesting random narrative - but come up with anything really good )
      Link to GitHub

      This is likely to increase stars on your GitHub repo

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        This is a super cool idea! Thanks for the tips, I’ll let you know how it goes once we finish beta :D

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          Glad you like it. And please let me know how it works out for you.

          If you need someone to review it before making it public, feel free to DM me over twitter.

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      Hiii Hossein

      Nice and clean UI. I loved all the interactive different examples you are showing on landing page. Your website is using

      My suggestion to make that will make your product to stand out

      Focused Problem: There are so many chatbots options available. From user perspective as well, seeing chatbot on the website is norm now a days.

      Possible solution: Humanize the look, feel and functions of your chatbots.

      You can start with some small things and slowly expand into full solution.

      Get a 3-4 different mascots created that would be attached to the bots. Mascots with their own name and personality. Initially it could be only how interesting they look - they will attract more attention - making people talk to chatbot more.

      Then you can go about providing more touch to their personality.
      Your customers can choose a templet
      Then choose a mascot - each mascot will come with their own personality
      Their personality will give your customers the extra options and suggestions to add in response text (Like how different personality have different tone when chatting).
      Helping design really fun and humanised interaction for the visitors.

      If implemented properly, I can see people paying you extra to attach some special(better looking with better personality) mascots to the chatbot.

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      This is professionally well made product. It is working flawlessly. Can you tell me what metric are you looking to increase?

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        Thank you, nothing in general. Great to know it works as it is :)

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          Yes, your product just works. Loved that thing about it.

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            Loved your point "Give them premium access to your product for free and give them rare and relevant badge on their profile." I am in fact upgrading all engaged users for free (in Blanq).

            Great read!

            Also, curious to know if Slack incorporated gamification in its product since they were a gaming company initially.

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              Much thanks.
              If you use that technique, let me know. I would love to know the result :)

              You are right about Slack. Slack is gamified but it's not super obvious because they mainly use intrinsic motivations to design it.

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                Sure, at least as of now, the customers seem to be super-thankful for the free upgrade. Hopefully, the goodwill will turn them into paying customers at some point.

                But anyway, I don't have much to lose by upgrading them.

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                  Great 🙌
                  Keep going

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      Hiii Toma,

      I see you have already gamified roommate matching. I actually liked it. It put a smile on my face 😊
      If this is working well for conversion then I wouldn’t want to suggest you something totally different but I think this ice cream thing can be much matter.

      Currently it just seems for fun but have no meaningful value attached it it. If I see % of matching based on my ice cream cone choice then it really does’t mean anything to me because in reality the ice cream represents nothing much.

      What I would suggest is:
      Add more customisations option for ice cream and attache each objects with real meaning. Like adding chocolate topping means I am extrovert
      Adding gems on it means I am a gamer,
      Adding something X means my preference is Y

      Show the choices along side with the real meaning so people know it clearly.

      This would be amazing way to gather all the relevant data for matching and showing right matching as well.

      The final ice cream cone will now be symbol for their preference and now generate list of matching with %.

      You can also put this on the front page with a tag line something like “Tell use what kind of ice cream you like and we find you your roommate.”
      If you just create minimal version on this to test and put it on front page I think you will see increased signup rates.

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        Sounds great @api42! Thank you!

        1. 2

          If you ever decide to implement it, let me know. I would love to check it out and give you early feedback as well 😇

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            Sure, hope I will implement it in January!

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      Hey, thanks :)

      There are two major areas you need to work on before you implement any new idea. I think…

      1. Need to write much better copy. Couple of more iteration will get you there :)
      2. Fonts are fine but need to improve structure of your typography for better readability.
      3. You are giving $40 discount for limited time and that is not even highlighted. It should stand out to make people decision faster

      Game technique for you to make it for fun and increase conversion:
      Provide few (say about first 10) pages to read on the landing page itself.
      Track reading time and page view count. If you detect user has read first 5-6 pages at least - drop a coin 🪙 on the screen - make it highly standout - unexpected coin on the screen will make anyone to click on it. Once they do - reveal that “We are happy that you are into our book, we would like to offer you extra $X discount. You can use it before leaving the page”

      PS: This is not alternative method to provide discount. This is in addition to what you are already providing. You may adjust the % of discount according to your affordability and A/B testing results.

      PPS: Apart from discount you may also provide something more (i.e. extra content, notion template, checklist, anything valuable to your users) through that coin.

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    Its just a landing page but im curious about our signup optimization: www.usetemper.com

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    Dude this thread awesome, what do you think of https://thatswhy.app?

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    thanks for the initiative, this is my link: https://annotate.tv

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    Hope I'm not too late. Thank you!
    Hashtag Slayer

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    BoltFlare - Managed WordPress Hosting

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    My product hoping to release in q1 is crashcatch.com


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    Hi Api!


    Or @thedemclothes on Instagram

    Thank you, Api!

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    It'd be awesome to receive some feedback on https://raileo.com

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    flash.pm - Play flash games withouth flash plugin

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    Reading your article right now! Will get back with feedback.

    My product: Senseily

    Thanks :)

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    Thank you very much, here is the link: https://whomoves.de/en

    Interesting article btw.

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    Hey, thanks for doing this!
    Here is mine → spreadtheworld.net (it's a list of 400+ places where to post your startup)

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    I'm constantly iterating on it and would love feedback on https://polypane.app :)

    With regards to your article: I love the concept but get someone to proofread/edit it. There's a lot of really long sentences and grammatical errors that really interfere with the flow of reading.

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    Would love your feedback on https://nichesss.com - in exchange I will do the same for you!

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      I liked your copy, design, and concept - overall this seems really good product. This is something I haven’t seen anywhere else so there was confusion on how exactly this works…whether you guys do it manually or everything is automated or just some parts are automated.

      My suggestion:

      There is one minute of wait time when someone clicks on generate report

      Adding a progress bar (with behind the scene milestones) would be great.
      It would help users to wait and also make them understand that what really is going one. Showing transparency will make users trust you more as well.
      (Milestones could be like - Analysing your choices — Matching with our database — Creating report — Report created)

      Once the report generated - clearly show it's done and ready to see. The “Edit” icon is confusing. Just show in big fonts that first draft is ready go and check out. Display that just once if you don’t want to change the UI much.

      Hope this helped.

      PS: I would love if you can give me feedback on my first article draft . Thanks :)


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        Enjoyed the article.

        Couple of things

        • your passion really shines. I could tell you really enjoyed playing the game.

        • is this article feared towards makers in general, or game developers? Or both? It’s hard to tell, but would be extremely useful to game developers both big and small for understanding the psychology behind what makes a game addictive. By focusing on one audience, you can dive deeper in your analysis.

        • I can tell English is your second language, which may distract readers who don’t have the patience or empathy I do.

        Using grammarly or running anything you write through a spell checker will help a lot here.

        Best of luck!

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          I hope my suggestion was helpful to you as well. If not, let me know :)

          1. 2

            Extremely helpful, thanks!

            1. 1

              Happy to hear that 🙌

              If you ever decide to implement it, let me know. I would love to check it out and give you early feedback as well 😇

        2. 1

          Wow. Thank you so much for taking time out to read the article.

          • The core insight remains same and can be used by anyone. But yes my focus is only on general makers, not game devs. I will try to make it more clear.

          -Yes, I totally missed proofreading. Sorry about it. This is just first draft. I will do some iteration and make it more readable. And I'll keep future articles polished.

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    @api42 Thanks a lot for doing this!
    Here's the link to my product - app.ruttl.com
    If you would like to see the landing page, you can visit the link here


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      Such a cool product. Loved it.

      Here is one idea that could make people love ruttl even more.

      In remote team, when people give asynchronous feedback on design, there is usually just critiques and less of appreciations. Even if there is appreciation in comments it will be lost quickly.
      (I’ve seen this happening many times but you can still ask your users to validate the problem)

      Encourage the appreciation. Collecting, preserving and treating resolving the issue as achievement can really positively motivate everyone to work together

      You can integrate this with resolve function to start with.

      You have profiles of every team members. In each pages, when someone resolves major comments, display the counter with some really fun and relevant icon.

      It could display :
      Your DP - Harsh Vijay - Resolved 25 Critical issues this week - 🏆

      I’m just giving the top level idea but this can be integrated really well starting small and testing and then expanding to full fledge solution (I.e. Evolving profile UI reflecting their great work). Your product could become something which whole team loves to interact as it motivates people to resolve issue faster and better and because it makes team feel appreciated more for their great work.

      PS: Such things his will be needed a lot as remote working becomes more and more popular.

      1. 1

        @api42 Thank you so much for this detailed response! It was really helpful to read! Sorry for the late response, was caught up with various activities.

        I agree with you, appreciate is highly underrated in general. this top level idea may very well become a strong feature inside the platform. Thanks a lot for the idea! I'll make sure to pass to on towards my developer and see how it can be worked out!

        Have a great day ahead!

      2. 1

        Hope this helped. If not, Let me know if you want improvement in some other area.

        Will try to come up with something :)

        1. 1

          Not at all, this was very helpful! Infact, do you think you can come up with such an idea for my second product - Brutask?

          It's free to use and officially launched as well!

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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