I will promote your startup to 50K+ people

Hello Indie Hackers!

I accidentally grew a following of 50k followers on Tiktok (tiktok.com/@camschroedes) and have been thinking of how I could utilise it Inspired by Indie Hackers and Andrew Gazdecki.

I'd like to feature startups I like every day/week/month. No guarantees but if you drop your website with a paragraph explaining your startup below I'll have a look and will let you know when I get started!

Looking forward to it 🤙🏽

** EDIT **

I didn’t think this was going to get so much attention! Thanks to everyone who has submitted a comment I will try and get back to you all today. I’m not saying that following me on Twitter would help your chances but it definitely wouldn’t hurt Twitter.com/camschroedes

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    Thanks for doing this @camschroedes! This is my passion project below:

    Coffee Chats (https://www.trycoffeechats.com/) lets you create a beautiful one-page website with a built-in calendar for easy chat scheduling all in one simple app. It's like if Carrd and Calendly had a baby. It's perfect for someone who doesn't want to waste time with all the back and forth over email to find a time that works. And, Coffee Chats also supports paid chats which is perfect for influencers, consultants, or coaches looking for an easy way to charge for bookings.

    Would love a shout out and let me know how I can help you!

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        Thanks, Cam! If you ever want to try out Premium let me know and we can work something out!

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      What do you use to create your website? I particularly like the changing text color under Perfect For Hosting.

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        Hi Wishy! The project is entirely self built using Ruby on Rails. If you're technical, the changing colors is a mixture of jquery to rotate the words and then each phrase ("office hours", "coffee chats", etc) are just colored differently using CSS.

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      This is great, booked a session right there! Btw, can't create my own page, says " You are already signed in" after connecting to my Google Calendar :(

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        Awesome you could book a session! Less awesome that you couldn't create your own site. I'll follow up over email and we will figure this out!

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    lofi.co has a pretty nice viral potential (https://www.instagram.com/reel/CUhuusZIXnx/) if you want to take a shot at it. It's a unique web app with music, interactive art and productivity tools. Good luck with your tiktok journey!

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      Oh man I love this so much 😍

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      Thanks mate! I’ve actually used Lofi.co before so will definitely consider.

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    The basic idea is that you can quickly customize backgrounds and copy paste them to your website.

    Thanks for supporting the community.

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      Good idea and best execution. Loved it.

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    This would be awesome!

    I actually feature a ton of startups on mine startup too! Happy to feature other startup founders on mine as well!

    Would love to be featured on your TikTok too! JoinEntre.com


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      very cool! thanks for your contribution

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    Swap backlinks with other indie hackers. Grey-hat ethical link building. No spam. Free!

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    Hey @camschroedes! Would love if you could check out https://himalayas.app/ - we're a remote job board that is focused on providing a great experience for job seekers and hiring managers. In short, we couldn't find a remote job board we loved, so we built one.

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        Thanks Cameron, appreciate you checking it out!

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    Hi Cameron! This is so kind of you. We followed you on Twitter and TikTok :). I'm dropping our info before and keeping our fingers crossed!

    Blink is a new voice-only speed dating app inspired by a revelatory experience at a blackout restaurant eight years ago. Making connections with strangers based on conversation alone, free of looks-driven assumptions, sparked the thought: would people date a wider variety of people and find more satisfying relationships if they were able to make an emotional connection with someone before swiping left? In March 2020, I finally began turning the vision into reality. We validated voice-first dating through a proof-of-concept podcast called Date in a Blink, where we hosted complete strangers for voice-only dates. The feedback was amazing and every single one of our daters said they would try voice-only dating again. Our mission is to build a dating space where a person’s personality, values, sense of humor, passions, and quirks are what set them apart — not their looks, race, ethnicity, or fashion choices.

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      Very cool idea! I loved clubhouse when it came out and feel like this is a natural extension of that.

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        Yes! It's like Clubhouse meets Love is Blind (the Netflix show, if you're familiar with it :))

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    Hey! I'm building Organized.ly, the best productivity platform for managing notes and tasks. A couple of things separate us from most competitors: block-based note-taking, end-to-end encryption, and seamless integration between notes, tasks, and your calendar.

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      Hey mate, could this bee seen as a notion alternative?

      1. 2

        Yes! It is a simple alternative to notion. Compared to notion, we have block-based note-taking, end-to-end encryption, and a more integrated task management experience.

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    🦣 The Chatty Mammoth 🦣
    A way for the time-poor to read more.
    We had too many friends and colleagues complain that they didn't have enough time to read.
    So, as a team of writers, we:
    🔎 Find the most conversation-worthy content from little-known publishers
    ✏️ Summarise the full article (normally 2000+ words) into under 90 words
    📧 Then email the top 3 summaries to our subscribers each day

    See more at https://thechattymammoth.com

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      Sounds good! How’s it going so far?

      1. 1

        Quite slow, to be honest! We love curating and writing the content, but none of us are anything close to being marketing gurus, so getting the word out has been tedious.

        Adopting a more quantitative lens, the customers we do have seem to like what we do, and we're proud of our extremely low churn rate (<0.3%). Although, as I'm sure any statistician would tell you, our sample size is likely not large enough for that number to be significant.

        I'm more than happy to add you to the Friends and Family list, if you want. Anything to get the word out!

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      I frikkin' love the name!

      1. 1

        Cheers, haarts! We thought we needed a jovial name (and persona!) to contrast the archaic names normally used in journalism :)

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    Very interesting
    Here is my website : https://subma.io

    Subma helps marketers organize their work, plan content, and Automate repetitive processes to speed up social media growth.

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      Sounds good! What is your differentiator compared to other social media marketing tools?

      1. 1

        The key difference is that subma is collaboration and productivity focus. Users get a wide range of app integrations and an automation flow builder design to facilitate growth and save more time.

        1. 2

          Thanks for a speedy response! Makes sense

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    Hey @camschroedes , thanks for doing this!

    Spark up a personal connection with visitors through video introduction. Display a video message with a personalized call-to-action across your website and convert visitors into meaningful customers.

    For every video you upload we generate a widget that you can embed on any webpage with one click. It’s easy, efficient and you can use it for free!

    Check it out and see how it works on our website https://videotouch.io

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      Love this idea, will likely integrate into my website in the coming weeks! meetrhea.com.au

      Any tips and tricks?

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        Thank you for your warm feedback!

        I have just two small recommendations:

        • Your video should be vertical with a 9x16 aspect ratio (standard video from any phone)
        • Video should be less than 2 minutes (we have customers with 7-10 minutes videos, but their users do not watch it till the end)
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    Hey @camschroedes - for starters, would love if you could do a post on how you grew your TikTok following! Honestly I'm more of a lurker on TikTok and don't know much about some of the growth tactics...

    Anyways here's a little about our company @Sturppy 👇

    What is Sturppy's mission 👉 We help startups and small businesses build investor-ready financial models and forecasts in minutes without the Excel headaches

    Why did we start 👉 Finance is not typically a founder skill - Of hundreds of founders/startups we've interviewed, we've found that >20% of founder teams have someone on the team with finance skills

    How are we different? 👉 Education is baked into our platform and we tailor the experience to all sorts of different types of businesses (SaaS, apps, consulting, course makers, eCommerce, marketplaces, etc.)

    When did you get started? 👉 Late April of this year, we've grown to over 400 paying customers!

    Upcoming launches? 👉 We're launching a free investor pitch prep flashcard game on PH next month! https://www.indiehackers.com/post/anyone-launching-on-ph-next-month-6114540e53

    **Thanks again 🙌 @camschroedes

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      Hey mate, great idea! And I appreciate you taking the time to explain it in such detail.

      With TikTok growth tactics, as I said in my post, I did it by accident 😂 the unsexy truth is I posted 2 videos and they went viral… suuuuuuuuper lucky

      1. 1


        And that's amazing haha, curious when you first started on TikTok? Were you early?

        1. 2

          I think i would have been in the early majority. Possibly early adopter in Australia hence why Tiktok boosted me 🤷🏽‍♂️

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      Looks super interesting.

      1. 1

        Appreciate it. Couple of cool things teams can do with our platform:

        -manage burn rate, cap table mgmt, hiring plans
        -forecast revenue & expenses
        -Collaborate & share with colleagues/investors with one-click
        -layer on live data for planned vs. actuals

        1. 2

          I'm currently building a master G Sheet for forecasts and it's not a straightforward process

          1. 1

            Yeah I hear ya, one of the big things too is that you get instant graphical feedback with our platform, hard to do with spreadsheets, and we auto generate income statements, cashflow statements, etc. that can export to Excel

            We have a $15/mo starter plan and a $25/mo pro plan (20% discount when paid annually). We've also got a 14-day free trial.

            If you check out - always happy to jump on a Zoom and help ya build things out!

        2. 1

          What is your pricing model?

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    https://baseline.is - Automatically on-brand designs

    1. 1

      Hi, you have a great project. I like it!

      1. 1

        Thanks, I appreciate the kind words! :)

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      What's the value add from a tool like canva if you can only get one design per month?

      1. 1

        The brand guide is the main value on the free plan. The paid plan gives you full access to the design tools which make branded design a breeze. With Canva you still have to apply your branding to every single design manually. With Baseline it automates the branding part.

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    It will be great if you can have a look at us and promote if you like what we're building. It's MojoAuth - a passwordless login solution, which allows apps to authenticate users without passwords and in return provide more security to user accounts and the main advantage is users don't have to remember the complicated passwords. https://mojoauth.com/

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    Great! Thank you so much for the opportunity @camschroedes.
    I'm a productivity geek, but I was tired of simplified online tools. So, I developed XPlan, a personal task manager for Windows, Kanban-style and completely offline, with Android viewer (wifi sync).
    Local data, hierarchies, powerful filters, recurring tasks, custom views, customizable types/columns, no subscription...
    I know the market is mostly cloud, for this kind of tools, but many want independence from the Internet - plus uncommon features, like hierarchies - and there's little offer for this.

    1. 2

      Hey Mate! Thanks for submitting! Unfortunately, I'm a basic-b and use mac so won't be able to promote.

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    Hi @camschroedes! Thank you for doing this.
    Yellowcheer.com. I started this to create awareness around Mental Health while also helping people to take care of their mental health. Do check it out and I will be really happy to hear back from you!

    1. 1

      Hey mate, Nobel idea! I find these businesses hard as they require a critical mass of users before they become useful ( think amazon, Uber, Airbnb, etc ). all the best!

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    https://www.fleet55.com/ is a delivery optimization software- in short, we reduce the time it takes to create routes for deliveries. Typically it takes a person 4-7 hours to create the routes for a team of 15 drivers, with us it takes under 15 minutes. We also provide an app where routes can be sent and completed by drivers, live map driver tracking, shipping links, driver metrics, and route taken by drivers.

    1. 1

      Thanks for submitting! Honestly, I like your branding and the idea seems cool but i don't think it would suit my audience. Thank you for submitting!

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    I have a few instagram reels prepared for this. Artists creating some murals. Check it out?

    1. 1

      Hey mate, what am i checking out?

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    Thanks so much for doing this!
    I work part time with some amazing people building the Climate Crisis Hub (https://climatecrisishub.co.uk/) & Festival. It's a climate action platform which goes beyond traditional conservation narratives and delves deep into how it's all tied to social justice, politics, economy etc. with a focus on the Global South and voices which aren't usually represented in such conversations. We've curated some beautiful films along with interactive articles and lots of ways to take action - would be amazing if you could give us a shout out! :)

    PS. we're also hosting a free, digital worldwide film festival, the Climate Crisis Film Festival Nov 1-14 https://www.climatecrisisff.co.uk/

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    This is great @camschroedes! Here's my new startup's website: https://www.revoptica.com

    It's a new (and will be offered initially for free!) B2B marketing analytics tool that will help map your buyers journeys. The platform will help you visualize the various touchpoints that each of your prospects are engaging with, and then over time you'll start to uncover trends ...such as who your ideal customer profiles (ICP) are, what touchpoints are moving buyers down their journey, and other useful insights.

    The ideal audience for a tool like this are marketing leaders, those responsible for growth and demand gen, and those in marketing operations or revenue operations in scrappy B2B companies.

    Thanks so much!

    1. 2

      Interesting! Is it startup friendly?

      1. 1

        Yes it is! This startup idea was born from my own pain points and challenges while working as a marketer at various B2B startups. So, this tool was made to solve the problems for people like me. Also, we'll be offering a free version of it when it's made public.

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    Great job Cameron.
    We built https://www.flickcall.com that lets users watch movies & tv shows together in sync . User can have group chat & live video call. It's like a virtual movie theater.

    1. 1

      That's cute, i think this idea would do really well on Tiktok!

      1. 1

        Thanks. I appreciate you taking out time to respond to all comments. 50k followers are definitely not an accident :).
        If you like the idea here is something more - Flickcall is designed around privacy (uses webRTC) where your personal chats & video is directly sent to your friends without an intermediary server (traditional approach). Something people in long distance relationship care about. Please DM me in case you want to connect. Here is an in-house made demo https://youtu.be/mW0LzMpyHjw

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    Hi @camschroedes, congrats on the new audience!

    Here's the story behind my recently released app Surplus

    I always hard a time following through with a detailed budget. A big part of that is due to my spending habits being impulse driven and spontaneous. Other than setting aside my planned savings every month, I found that allocating every single dollar towards a purpose complicated things.

    So I created a leftover spend tracker that would factor in my current spend and any upcoming payments, providing an up-to-date picture of how much money I had left to spend for the remainder of the month without overspending.

    You can check out the app here.

    I also posted a blog post that goes into a bit more detail about the approach that you can read here

    Thanks for helping out the indie community!

    1. 1

      Hey mate, is it quite similar to the wemoney app?

      1. 1

        Haven't heard of wemoney till you mentioned it. Looks like a popular app in Australia with a lot of features. I'd say Surplus is more of a niche and focused product.

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    InstantSiteAudit - test your website speed, security and on-page SEO in under a minute and get simple guidance on how to improve it.

    What a great way to support the community, thanks @camschroedes - I'd love to know the story of how you "accidentally grew a following of 50k followers" ;-)

    1. 1

      Thanks for sharing! And haha basically the story is i posted 2 videos from a trip to London and they both went viral XD

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    Verbare - Italian verb conjugator
    Learn Italian verb conjugation with flashcards ✨📚✨

    Get it at -> https://linktr.ee/italian.italiano

    Verbare is a mobile app to help Italian learners, it was made using React Native and Redux!

    Thx for helping us out Cameron

    1. 1

      Hi Victor, cool idea! But since it's not relevant to me i don't think it's a good idea for me to promote. Good luck with everything!

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    Did you use some kind of automated software to like all other stuff and get a follow back?

    1. 1

      NOPE! All organic, just lucky af

  26. 1

    Thanks @camschroedes!

    Early Bird https://www.earlybird.vip is aiming to help course creators acquire their first 100 customers through a early bird discount. This has been a very fun project for us and we are hoping to reach a wide audience of creators out there!

    1. 1

      Interesting! Will take into consideration

  27. 1

    Thanks for this Cameron! A bit late to the party but I'll give it a try.

    We realised so many people finds it frustrating using several tools to research, and waste a lot of time figuring out how to convert their information clutter into useful and applicable knowledge. I was actually one of them.

    We're building Scrintal to fix these problems. (https://www.scrintal.com)

    You can think of like an infinite canvas where you’ll be able to create visual notes, organise your info from several sources, and connect all your thoughts in one place to be shared with others.

    Even if it's not now, I'd be super curious to hear your advice & thoughts on TikTok marketing. Cheers!

    1. 1

      Hey Mate, personally I found your explanation confusing but really like the look of your product! As for Tiktok, i think it's the easiest platform to go viral on, so if you're B2C and you aren't on there you're missing out.

      1. 1

        Hey mate! Thanks for your reply. It is still a work-in-progress and it will get more clear with the initial beta user interaction. We'll start giving it a try next week and see how it goes. Happy to stay in touch for more updates. Cheers!

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    a pomodoro timer with lo-fi music & a daily leaderboard

    i haven't promoted it but its organically grown a small community of deep workers that love it and use it daily

    kudos for the offer Cameron 🙌

    1. 1

      I'll be using this for sure! Thanks Samual

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    StandingCircle.com it's a discussion platform.

    It helps you creating a community.

    Here a demo

  30. 1

    Hey man, We're raising funds for Open Source Projects using NFTs. I also have an open-source project but can't continue development because of limited funds.

    If you can promote or share this to open source projects who may want to join in, that'll be great.


    1. 1

      Hey mate, interesting idea but I'm afraid I don't understand enough about NFT's to make sense of it. Could you explain it to me like I'm an 8-year-old?

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    Hello Cameron, interested in augmented reality activated books fully generated by AI ?

    check our project : https://corrupted.ink

    I can send a copy your way.


    1. 2

      Looks interesting but to be honest i couldn't quite figure it out. The get book button on your website wasn't working

      1. 1

        sorry , forgot to detail it was pre-launch! get a look now

  32. 1

    Thank you @camschroedes for this post! Funny incident - my wife is very active on Tik-tok and she had shown me your account that pop-up on her feed recently and didn't know I will see your post here on IndieHacker right after 😅

    We have built a free Calendly alternative to make scheduling personal again with focus on humanizing your interactions from day 1 of meeting someone. You can check it out here : https://zcal.co/. Any feedback you might have, feel free to shoot it over in Twitter DM. Appreciate you doing this!

    1. 1

      Haha, that is a funny coincidence! Love the look of this and have signed up! great work

  33. 1

    Hey @camschroedes! , thanks for supporting the community.

    teamlink (https://getteamlink.web.app) is the easiest way to sync, share and search bookmarks.

    • saves you time by providing a full-text indexed bookmark search result right in your usual google search results for starters
    • quick keyboard shortcuts to add/remove bookmarks to a reference folder
    • create bookmark groups for your team and sync in realtime
    1. 2

      Hey mate, simple and look effective! Thanks for sharing

  34. 1

    This is amazing @camschroedes!

    Curatora.io is a content curation platform that helps anyone sort through hundreds of articles very easily and seamlessly to find the best content to share on their social media platforms. It helps anyone discover trending and valuable content across the web in their niche. And easily share it with their Social Media audience.


    1. 1

      Hey mate, thanks for sharing! I found the headline of your website confusing.

  35. 1


    group collaboration platform - workflows to help you get stuff done, collaborate others and workflows specific to issues set up by experts

    1. 1

      Hey mate, thanks for sharing although because i can't speak to the problem personally i don't think i'd be the best to promote. Good luck with everything!

  36. 1

    Followed you on twitter, thanks for doing this!

  37. 1

    Thanks to Cameron for this opportunity.
    I'm the founder of the social network Zombler (created alone since 2014).
    Zombler allows you to post and share "before and after" photos. Easy registration, automatic collage creation, private messaging, and more.
    I'd love it if you could share it on your channel.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1

      Hey mate, thanks for sharing! I prefer to promote things i would personally use and i don't think I'd be your right customer for this. Good luck with everything!

      1. 1

        Hi Cameron,
        This is a good position! I wish you success in your business and more TikTok subscribers!

  38. 1

    Hey @camschroedes,

    Wonderful Initiative. Keep up the good work.

    Here is our project.

    ToolsonCloud CRM:
    It lets you organize leads, deals, tasks, contacts, and many more stuffs on one single platform so that you can track and close deals faster and improve revenue.

    Freelancers, Startups and Small Businesses are always overwhelmed with too many tasks which makes them difficult to find time to learn new tools. So, We wanted to build a CRM which is light weight and quick to pickup without the need to spend time learning another tool.

    Would be glad to receive a shout-out! See Ya

    Website - http://www.toolsoncloud.com
    IH Page - https://www.indiehackers.com/product/toolsoncloud-sales-crm

    1. 1

      Interesting! Thanks for sharing

  39. 1

    Thanks for doing this!

    I built Life of Discipline which is a free habit tracking tool that uses a calendar heat map to motivate users.

    Passionate about helping other human beings improve 10x and this is my first project to do just that!

    1. 1

      Just saw the follow on twitter and shot you a follow back + signed up and poked around. Great product! can't wait to see it grow and improve

      1. 1

        Thank you for that! Excited to see you grow RHEA too (:

  40. 1

    loopple.com - A drag and drop dashboard builder that helps you prototype your admin panel 10x faster. Thank you! 🙏🏻

    1. 1

      Interesting! I just had a quick play around and found it very intuitive

  41. 1

    MockRocket.io – Show off your app in jaw-dropping 3D, right from your web browser. Create mockups and animations with 3D devices. No experience necessary.

    1. 2

      You have an amazing project! I like it possibilities.

    2. 2

      Very cool! Will have to use this for RHEA

      1. 1

        That would be awesome! Let me know if you give it a try!

  42. 1

    Thank you, @camschroedes for helping Indie Hackers get their dreams up and running.  With your help this will be the first public launch for Real Committed to build an ecosystem of people who thrive on pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

    Realcommitted.com helps you focus, complete, and celebrate your goals in a positive platform using social accountability and automation.  It keeps you motivated by amplifying your accomplishments, organizing your dreams, and committing to your goals.  The mindfulness techniques of expressing gratitude, journaling, and reflection combining with an innovative technology are a perfect blend for growth and productivity junkies.

  43. 1

    I've just released SocialWave, a podcast to video maker for podcasters.

    My aim is to make the easiest, fastest, and most privacy-respecting (everything is done on device) podcast video creator.

    1. 1

      Sounds great! I’ve got a few mates that have podcasts so I’ll pass that on aswell.

      1. 1

        Woot! You're awesome!

  44. 1

    Hey man, what's the catch?

    1. 2

      Hey Tony, I’m trying to grow my following and really like the indie hackers community so I see this as a win-win. Although I will only likely pick 1/3 of the submissions I don’t think that’s necessarily a catch.

  45. 1

    https://sotorno.com - The easiest way to create a beautiful blog using Notion.

    1. 1

      Hi there, As an avid Notion user I love the idea! Your mobile site is showing up a bit funky but it might just be me.

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback 😊 will see why is showing up like that

  46. 1

    It's great seeing other people use their platform to help other Indie Hackers. We are trying to do the same with our tool: Open Makers: https://openmakers.io/

    Open Makers is a community for Indie Hackers who build in public. Makers can add their own profiles plus add all of their products. They can then share product milestones that we help share and support as best we can. The goal is for Makers to share consistently over days, weeks and months to maintain consistent exposure.

    Thank you!

    1. 2

      Love a founder building in public! I’m trying my hand at it but it’s harder than it seems 😂

      1. 2

        Doing it isn't overly hard, just doing it consistently is my issue.

  47. 1

    That's awesome, Cameron. Thanks for doing this!

    I will give you a micro-description of my micro-SaaS: The simplest way of scheduling HTTP requests. beew.io

    You only know you need a HTTP scheduling tool until you find one hahahaha 😂

    1. 1

      Sounds good! Also passed onto my CTO

  48. 1

    Hi @camschroedes, thanks for this!

    https://cinematicstudio.app - Video editing for s😍cial media.

    Fyi, this should be quite cool for people that are promoting over tiktok/insta reels. I've been working like crazy lately to add insane text effects. Here are a few examples:

    Working currently on partial text effects (so you can animate only a subset of your text) - for instance, you can emphasize a word, stuff like that.

    Then, I'll simulate instagram/whatsapp/tiktok conversation -- basically you'll have a widget where you can type a dialog, and I'll animate it as if it's a conversation (with sound effects and all 😁)

    And of course, you can't do this in any other app 😁

    1. 2

      I’m building a text message based conversational AI company atm so this will be super helpful for explainer videos!

      1. 1

        Thanks! It definitely will be 😁

  49. 1

    Hahaha! 'Accidentally'. That's a happy accident. 😃

    As a developer, you have a ton of things to do. You really should be monitoring that server of yours. But do you?

    With https://disknotifier.com you can tackle the number one reason a server fails; a full disk! Get timely alerts and prevent downtime.

    1. 1

      Unfortunately I’m not a developer 😬 I know… I’m a fraud… I’ll bring it up with my CTO so he can translate 😂

      1. 2

        I launched straight into my pitch. 😅
        I'm unfortunately not a marketeer! We all have a part to play. What matters is moving the ball forward.

        So properly delineated this time:

        ==== Pitch start
        As a developer, you have a ton of things to do. You really should be monitoring that server of yours. But do you?

        With https://disknotifier.com you can tackle the number one reason a server fails; a full disk! Get timely alerts and prevent downtime.
        ==== Pitch end

        Have a good one! 😉

  50. 1

    https://blocksurvey.io - helping people run sensitive surveys in the areas of mental wellness, sexual wellness. Like SIGNAL for surveys.

  51. 1

    https://uvodo.com/ - It's like a Shopify, but you just pay once and own forever (always free updates).

      1. 1

        thanks for mentioning it. we just setting it up

  52. 1

    https://pupillary.org/ --> prevent computer-related health problems with a simple app in the background.

    Oh and thanks for doing this :)

    1. 2

      Hey mate, who is your target market for this? It seems a bit broad

  53. 1

    Hey @camschroedes,

    What motivated you to start a TikTok channel ?

    1. 3

      I wasn’t 😂 I heard of this crazy thing called TikTok, posted 2 videos my girlfriend took on vacation and they both blew up. Now I’d like to use that audience to build an audience of founders, builders and SAAS lovers

      1. 1

        Hahahah 😂 that must be fate, 2 totally random videos on TikTok led you here at the end.

        I'll post what I am working on as well as you asked, I'll follow you on Twitter too, but I don't want to just take advantage of your offer like a crow, how can I help you as well ? what are you struggling with right now ? I have been a software engineer for 13 years so I could help you with anything tech related.

        To reply to your post this is what I am working on, it's also short-video related, so it fits well:

        The app is called Neno 🚀🚀, website: https://neno.xyz/

        🔥 It's a video-based professional social network allowing users to introduce themselves with a short video, showcase the content they love (movies 🎥, books 📚, podcasts 🎧, etc..), alongside their experience and education, in order to make connections 🤝 as human beings not as CVs and bullet points.

        Target audience: Professionals who need more meaningful connections in their lives and community managers who need to facilitate networking and people discovery in their communities. 🎉

  54. 1

    🎈Great! Thanks a ton.


    Every startup is an international startup now. Rebank helps automate global business payments with a multi-currency account that lets you pay salaries and invoices from one place.

    Rebank works with your existing banks and accounting tool so you can have a single source of truth for company spend. Securely connect banks from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, or Spain in a few clicks and you're good to go.

    We're a group of eight builders and thinkers that want to give startups the freedom to go back to building their company!


    1. 1

      Is it similar to airwallex?

      1. 1

        Very similar to Airwallex! They tend to focus more on ecommerce and solo founders whereas Rebank focuses on small teams and integration with your day to day work (e.g. programmed nudges, reports, categorisation, etc.). We also offer a better rate for domestic/international transfers.

  55. 1

    Hey thanks for doing this

    My product helps to Gain your visitor's trust in a short attention span

    It shows reviews, stores, branches, badges, media coverage, metrics, social profiles, company details, awards, certificates, payment methods, support methods, policies, a covid statement all in one place


    1. 1

      Hey mate, I like the problem your solving but personally am finding it a bit unclear how exactly you solve it.

      1. 1

        That right. It's not easy to visualize . Hence I just now included a demo on the below page. Have a look and let me know what do you think.


  56. 1

    ecommerceworld.io - the open brain-trust for the ecommerce community. Our mission is to interview real experts to share practical insights, techniques and strategies with the ecom community, free. Signing up to the newsletter gives people the ability to ask questions to upcoming guests.

    1. 2

      Nobel cause! I worked in e-commerce for a bit

      1. 1

        Thank you for the feedback!

  57. 1


    Re:Schedule integrates the meetings in your calendar with agendas, notes, and tasks. All the information you need to run your meetings is just a tap away, in your calendar. Each meeting in Re:Schedule has a shared workspace for real-time collaboration with your team. Re:Schedule syncs with your Google Calendar.

    1. 1

      So is it kind of like if I took a Notion URL and put it in a meetings description?

      1. 1

        I would say that it has a much tighter integration with your calendar and is a lot more intelligent with your meeting information. The screenshots in the App Store page showcases more of what it can do: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/re-schedule-calendar-planner/id1336133904

  58. 1

    Thank you @camschroedes for doing this!

    Text Photo: Turn pictures into unique typography artworks.

    1. 1

      Hey mate, I’ll consider it although I’m probably not your target customer so I’m finding it hard to resonate

  59. 1

    Super generous!

    I'd love to be featured for Removaly. In short, it's a software service that removes your personal information from the internet. 🔒

    1. 2

      Love the first line ‘ search your name in google and you’d be surprised by how much you find ‘

  60. 1

    Hey would appreciate a shout out.

    www.podserve.fm - simple to use podcast hosting and analytics

    1. 1

      Sounds great! Although I’ve never had a podcast so I’m not sure I’d be able to speak to the problem enough

  61. 1

    Hi Cameron,

    Thank you for the offer. Please consider my app below:

    Company 360: Find undervalued stocks

    Greatest asset in stock investing is knowledge. Investors using Company 360 research app can do a better estimate of a company's stock price and profit from buying and selling.

    Currently available on iOS AppStore.


    1. 1

      Do you have an impressive stat I could use? If I promote this do I have to say ‘ not financial advice ‘? 😂

      1. 2

        Please mention that this is not financial advice.
        I also provide a disclaimer in the app: On the information (i) screen and on the subscription screen under terms and privacy.

        The app’s purpose is to provide retail investors that use bare-bones trading platforms like Robinhood with means of doing research. It tries to reduce investment risk.

        There is no guarantee of success but I have been showing valuations on the app’s instagram page:


        I posted predictions about CVS and Ford (F) that were accurate. Currently, app has identified BABA, Lennar (LEN) and Sasol (SSL) as undervalued.

        Formulas and models I have taken from my experience building apps for institutional investors. I’m an application architect in investments and banking industry.

        Thank you,

  62. 1

    So cool you are doing this @camschroedes 👍
    We're working on Instacap - fastest way to annotate screenshots and collaborate visually


    you can try the beta chrome extension beta here:


    1. 1

      Oh cool! I need this 😂

      1. 1

        Thanks! It's super basic right now but lots of updates are on the way. Let me know if you have any q's :)

  63. 1

    That's awesome, thanks for doing this!

    Produktly is a SaaS for building and integrating product tours without any code. You simply enter a script tag to your website and can then use our no-code editor to build and manage your product tours

  64. 1

    Would love to be featured!

    Pallyy - A social media scheduling platform built for social media agencies.


    1. 1

      As an ex-social media agency owner this looks epic!

      1. 1

        Thanks Cam, why did you move on from being a SM agency?

        1. 1

          falling out with my business partner and was more interested in tech 🤷🏽‍♂️

          1. 1

            Gotcha! Well if you have any tips for me on finding more social media agencies, that would be amazing.

  65. 1

    Hi @camschroedes, thank you

    Sick of existing solutions sucking and want a service dedicated to simply sharing and storing files? Introducing https://twayobiz.com, the best solution to sharing and storing files. Use an autogenerated twayo.biz short link and share your files in a matter of seconds. You can even share the files with a certain person and block everyone else from downloading your file. These features should help you in no time.

    1. 1

      interesting! What is the difference between this and dropbox / g-drive

      1. 1

        The difference is that Twayobiz is dedicated to simply sharing and storing files. Also, we make things simpler by adding a link icon that takes you straight to the file-sharing page.

  66. 1

    Discover the best micro-startups for sale.


    Let's make some fun.

    1. 1

      What's the difference between this and microacquire.com?

      1. 1

        Hey Cameron. Good question.

        First of all, we focused on SMEs instead of prominent startups.

        I'm checking each startup before posting manually, so no shitty listings.

        Each buyer request is validated manually, so startup founders aren't spammed, only meaningful discussions which lead to acquisition.

        It makes Microns high quality and commission-free.

  67. 1


    You can use bloggu to write, schedule and publish articles to Medium, Dev.to and Hashnode.

  68. 1

    www.soapboxproject.org makes social impact easy for busy people, starting with sending out free 3-minute bite sized climate action plans (approachable AND fun!)

  69. 1

    Thanks for doing this, Cameron!

    I'm building a no-code web scraping tool called https://datagrab.io. It allows people to extract web data without coding the bots themselves or hiring developers to do it.

    It has a variety of use cases, such as lead generation, machine learning, data aggregation, and more.

    1. 1

      Very cool! I've deffinitley needed this in the past

  70. 1

    Thanks @camschroedes.

    Cryptowins.co is show and tell for crypto traders. You can learn from other traders and also post your own trades.

    1. 1

      Very interesting! Had a few laughs going through the page

  71. 1

    Legal and Financial Advice for Bootstrapping Founders

    Congratulations on the audience!

    1. 1

      Cool! Is this specific to the USA? I'm Australian

      1. 1

        Hi Cameron, about half of our clients are international owners of US companies but no one from Australia yet :)

    2. 1

      It's really cool service! :) Hopefully, I'd like to get in touch with you soon.

      1. 1

        thanks so much! I look forward to talking to you.

  72. 1

    Thanks @camschroedes!

    I just released a mailing list app called Scattergun: https://scattergun.email

    It has a laser focus on simplicity and privacy. There's no invasive tracking or spy pixels or anything. It's designed to make it ultra simple to collect emails on your landing page and then send an email to your subscribers. That's it, no bullshit!

  73. 1

    Great initiative! Thanks for it.

    Don't hesitate to check out my tool: https://datelist.io
    It's an online booking system. Like you use every week: to book a place at the gym, at the restaurant, … But, compared to others, it has one focus: ease of use. Have you already faced such kind of buggy booking system: hard to use, hard to understand, … We do the opposite.

    1. 1

      Great designed, looks like a great product!

  74. 1

    @camschroedes, this is super cool!!! Congrats on all your TikTok success :)

    Insiteful.co converts more leads from your existing web forms.

    Our software is the complete solution to form abandonment: track partial entries, recover missed opportunities & boost conversions in just a few clicks!

    You can see it in action here: https://insiteful.co/try/#demo

    1. 2

      looooooooove this idea

      1. 1

        Thank you so much!!!

  75. 1

    Hi Cameron ! Congrats on the 50k and bravo for taking the time to give back.

    Couple reasons your audience would love Exportator:

    🌎 Exportator offers promo codes based on the country your visitors come from 🌎

    It's focused on growth 🌟 Big idea is: People in emerging countries have less purchasing power than "rich" countries. By offering them a discount, you increase your chances of turning them into customers. Coupons pop in a banner only for targeted visitors, and is invisible to others.

    It grows your sales 📈 Making your prices more affordable to emerging countries mecanically increases your conversion rate and your sales. You open new markets, get talked about by influencers, and prevent local competitors. Parity Pricing for Beginner's

    It proves it with data 🤓 Exportator plugs into Stripe to create unique coupons, finds for the optimal discount price in each country and uses VPN/Proxy protection to prevent clever little tricksters.

    And make the world a better place 🌎 The goal of exportator is not to be a goody-2-shoes, it's to make money. Nevertheless, taking into account all your visitors and potential customers, not just the "rich" one is a pretty decent move.

    🏷️ Oh, and it's also helping manage all your Coupons and promo codes, not just the Parity ones.

    Would love to do a dope video for your audience. You can hit me up on Twitter anytime ✌️

    1. 1

      Very interesting! As a South African i can see something like this going very far!

      1. 2

        Right on man, you get it! Let's do this video and put son Johnny Clegg in the background. Assssimmmboonannngaa 🎶

      2. 1

        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  76. 1

    Very curious how you accidentally grew this following!

    My product is Harold https://heyitsharold.com/

    Build new habits and stick with them with simple, convenient, and fun check-ins via a quirky SMS bot named Harold.

    1. 1

      Very cool! I have a soft spot for AI SMS companies as one myself! meetrhea.com.au

  77. 1

    Hey @camschroedes legend for offering to do this! Fellow Aussie here!

    We are building Product HQ - a Notion dashboard to ideate, source and order your product. Perfect for any IH looking to kick start their e-commerce or Shopify store.

    We have a few free resources that we'd love to share with your tiktok community that can help them kickstart their product journey.

    PMI template for ideating a product
    Scripts for contacting suppliers to source your product
    Purchase order agreement template to order your product.

    Cheers 🤙🤙

    1. 2

      Hey mate! love seeing other Aussies out here killing it. I need this so i will be checking it out!

      1. 1

        Unreal! Let me know if I can help in any way.

  78. 1

    Ragg is an online platform that connects users to already vetted, insured and local cleaners. A portion of profits made from each cleaning is donated to victims of sexual abuse. Congrats on 50k!

    1. 2

      very cool! As someone that moves quite often, this would have been a god send a few times.

  79. 1

    jobcull.com/search - Job Search with spam, scam, recruiters, ads, removed, just legit jobs straight on the company's website.

    1. 1

      I think i'm a bit far away to cover something like this, cool product though!

  80. 1

    This is a neat idea! As someone just getting into TikTok, awesome work so far. That's a huge following! Here's the quick into on what I'm working on:

    Hardcover is a new social media platform focused on social discovery for serious book lovers. We're building a better Goodreads. We make it shockingly simple for you to discover new books, organize the books on your shelf and make lasting connections with other readers.

    We just released our MVP last week and are currently fixing bugs with it before releasing the first version out into the world. I've been an observer on the BookTok side of TikTok, and it's massive. Definitely trying to join that conversation - since that's where a bunch of tech-savvy readers hang out today.

    Main site: https://hardcover.app/
    TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hardcoverapp

    1. 2

      I'm an audiobook addict and love finding new reads!

  81. 1

    Hi @camschroedes, thank you for taking the time to do this. Would appreciate if you could have a look at us and promote if you like what we're building.

    SubtitleBee lets you automatically add captions and subtitles to your videos. It's easy to use with an editing dashboard for changing font styles, colour, size or time frames of your subtitles.

    There is also a friendly export feature that allows the video to be directly shared on social media in a single process, hassle-free. Plus there are "100+ languages available for translation" so your videos can have a wider audience reach.

    1. 1

      Cool! Love a simple and effective product

      1. 1

        Thank you! 😊 Hope u like it and can share with your followers

  82. 1


    Streaming business intelligence & monetization tools

    1. 1

      I don't know too much about streaming, to be honest. But I will run it by my friend who's a streamer and get his input if i promote it

  83. 1

    https://visioun.com A Premium ghost theme library. A subscription-based theme store where users get access to Existing & upcoming themes, A fast-growing private community of Content Creators, Newsletter owners.

    1. 1

      What is a ghost theme? looks cool though!

      1. 1

        Ghost is an independent publishing platform. ghost.org
        We are building a library of premium ghost themes

  84. 1

    T.LY URL Shortener

    We're a Bit shorter than the competition. T.LY makes long links look cleaner and easier to share! Add your own Custom Domains to personalize your brand! We also have a browser extension that makes creating short URLs super quick.

  85. 1

    https://chromeextensionideas.substack.com/ - It's a newsletter where we share demand-based chrome extension ideas.

  86. 1

    Hello Cameron!

    Amazing to see your growth on TikTok and very gracious of you to offer this promotion!

    My name is Ali Shah and I'm the founder of TapeReal.com, a social audio and video platform where people can share their everyday life, record conversations, and sell access to exclusive content.

    I'm building TapeReal to be a sustainable social platform, one that is privacy-first, without algorithms, and gives people the ability to lock and charge access to their exclusive content. Exclusive content can be behind-the-scenes material, early access, bonus content, unreleased music, live performances, educational/course material, knowledge and expertise, or anything generally not available for free on the platform.

    Creators set the price for unlocking their exclusive content and get to keep ALL the earnings. To secure a creator’s privacy and content ownership, TapeReal prevents users from screen recording content from the app.

    We're on a mission to build a chronological public feed of audio/video content from around the world, and a marketplace for social exclusives. With this type of business model, we are breaking free from algorithms and the unethical cycle of using polarizing engagement to drive more traffic and ad revenue for the platform. At TapeReal, we believe that creating and sharing is an art and nothing beats REAL life.

    Would this be of interest to you and your audience?

    Happy to chat further if you have any questions.

    Thank you!

    [email protected]

    Download TapeReal:

    1. 1

      Thanks for taking the time Ali. I'll let you know if i have any questions.

  87. 1

    Hey Cameron, it might be helpful for folks here to understand your audience. What sort of topics or verticals are they interested in?

    1. 1

      At this point it was purely a viral video. Not specialised at all but hoping to leverage to a founder/tech interesting audience.

  88. 1

    Howitzer.co - The first direct marketing tool for Reddit, made for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Growth Hackers.
    With average response rate of 40-45%.


    1. 1

      Interesting! Never considered direct marketing on reddit

      1. 1

        Thanks Cameron!
        Feel free to check it out! :)

  89. 1

    https://www.ollie.health/ - Mental health support for remote workers

    1. 1

      Nobel mission, great design, thanks for sharing

  90. 1

    AppMetrix.com - It is a privacy friendly web analytics application. The script size is less than 1 kb and doesn't track personal information like Device ID and IP address.

    1. 1

      I can't say that I'd be the right customer for this as I've never personally experienced the problem. Love the design!

  91. 1

    UserBooster.co - A Notion template that helps you get your first users and build your launch strategy

      1. 1

        :) Ping me on Twitter if you have any question → twitter.com/angezanetti

  92. 1


    A database of growth strategies from founders

    1. 1

      Had a quick browse through and have bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing!

  93. 1

    https://www.gamerpower.com - Find, track and collect the best giveaways in gaming!

    1. 1

      personally not a customer for this so not sure if it would suit me promoting. Thank you for sharing! Good luck with everything

  94. 1

    https://imgsrc.space - World's best totally free image and video placeholders. Just name what you want, and we will deliver

    btw here is an image of a cat - https://imgsrc.space/cat
    and a video of a dog - https://imgsrc.space/dog-v

  95. 1

    https://www.espri.io - create and manage an ever-growing story (like the Loot Project) with NFTs and subNFTs.

  96. 1

    Airbooks app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.airbooks
    Invoicing, accounting & inventory app for global SMB/Solopreneurs.

    Hey Cameron, its a great idea offer support on Tiktok. lookiing forward to connecting with you.

    1. 1

      what is the difference between this and other solutions on the market?

      1. 1

        It works offline and online , Solo businesses can eventually open an online store from the app.

  97. 1

    https://www.rohan-malhotra.com/membership - Design and Webflow at a flat fee/revenue sharing model with no BS contracts

    1. 2

      love it! Thanks for sharing

  98. 1

    PageSmack was built to make service companies excel. Websites, invoicing, quotes, scheduling, payments, reviews and more. We're super customer focused and love to implement client requests.


    I hope you like it!

  99. 1

    I am working on a SAAS to increase productivity. I will launch the MVP very soon. Hopefully, you will promote it.

  100. 1

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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