I will try your software and report to you

Update: I'll feedback all requests on or before 19 July 2020, just need some time as I'm working on another project. After 19 July? Will try my best 🙂

Hi Hi Hi Indie Hackers,

I will do exactly what you read in the title.

I will use/try your software. If it's a simple application may take an hour for me to test drive, if it's a big one I'll take my time to test it. Either way, I'll report what's working and what's not working to you.

And maybe if time permits I'll put together a Business report/analysis for you (like SEO, social presence, site usability, etc)

Idea: A few days ago I posted if someone can try my software and I got a ton of response (just kidding). I felt the pain! So, I just thought there may be other souls like me.

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    I just started a thread HERE if anyone is interested in my feedback as well!

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    Hi @Dinakar, such a great initiative!

    We've just released our free plan https://web.cubbit.io/signin and I'm very curious to hear your feedback on it.

    Thank you for your time, really appreciated!

    P.s. The young, fledgling bird has just left the nest – please play gently :)

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      What is your product about? I may not be your target market, but I can't understand anything about your product from the landing page

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        Hi @saidatta123, sure thing!

        Cubbit is a cloud storage service, very similar to Dropbox and Google Drive with sync and share features. But unlike any cloud, it runs on a distributed, peer-to-peer network made of Cubbit Cells.

        The purpose of the Cubbit Cell, the node of this network, is to increase users' cloud space by plugging in any hard drives and to create a collaborative space, called the Swarm, that protects users’ data and privacy.

        We've just opened our 1GB free plan, so feel free to sign up here https://web.cubbit.io/signin and leave your feedback in case :)

        I don't want to sell you anything, but in case you want further information on Cubbit please visit our Indiegogo campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cubbit-0-a-month-secure-cloud-storage-hub

        Hope that my short intro was helpful!

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          Right. I understand now. I think you should your landing page, to more directly explain what you offer.

          Because anyone who visits your site, should at a glance understand what your service is about

          Will try it out soon! Good luck

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    Hey Dinakar, really appreciate you doing this. Would love for you to check out Sessionbase.com. It's also a great way to productise this service you're offering here, so if you sign up I'll be your first paying customer 😉

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      [Sorry it's long: 1st is for your website 2nd's app] First off I like the compact view and look and feel of your website

      • I liked your example pages. An example of each type gave me an idea about what I'm gonna be paying for
      • Speaking of paying, many (as in so-many) don't like to share their revenue with you. Mainly because these plans don't scale for the subscriber of your service. Offer a {insert price here} plan or plans and a 15% fee so that we get to decide. Problem solved! Conversions are increased, customer and you are happy
      • I did not see your pricing when looking at it. I had to keep looking for it. While scroll is a good animation, it does not serve any purpose here. make pricing static use scroll elsewhere
      • Arrange your testimonials CTA below the testimonial (and not below the headings) and reduce space for these sections so they go together. Now testimonials look so off like they're a different section
      • I love how my email is kept private even when someone has booked an email session. Why not make that email "emailable"? Click and the email is copied even better click I'm taken to my email client (mailto:)
      • Footer about us is taking me to legal pages, careers is just text, messenger is taking nowhere
      • Under legal, Privacy, Terms, Contact all take me to legal
      • Be active on your social accounts and then put them up on your websites

      Are you launching this soon? If you have users already make the links valid.

      • Display a "verify email" ideally with "... to activate your account" as you don't want guys with disposable emails (I'm testing on one), use your service as a free booking platform for Zoom calls

      • Can I make my session-booked page show both my name and company? I don't want my clients to think I'm John from Mars when I'm really John from Earth

      • In your next versions, maybe add share buttons to the profile pages

      • Can't I rearrange my sessions?

      • The ability to edit my profile URL is great. But I would appreciate it if my default email doesn't have spaces. Spaces will work with modern browsers and some old browser will be showing an error and it's a very good SEO practice

      • When I updated my link and when visited in incognito and normally (logged in) it showed "loading" and black available sessions

      • Allow me to edit my session even after it's added. We make mistakes and things do change where I'll just need to edit my session

      • Another suggestion is the duplicated feature. You can keep rearrange, edit individual session, duplicate, delete all under one button if you want to keep the UI minimal

      • Also, display some sort of "auto-saved" somewhere in the UI so I'm aware all my changes are saved. I just noted my link is not updated, so is my profile pic. Both are not saved? How do I save them?

      • IMP I, the admin, should be able to select what time works for me. If I had to cancel a payment just because that time doesn't work (and leave the money hanging?) It's even more painful if they don't reschedule (money officially gone)

      • I don't have the reschedule option from admin end and it's not there on their end too. Do you think cancel is the only way to go? It's worse than leaving money on the table, like taking and throwing it away (Both for you - your revenue depends on it and your subscriber - their life depends on it)

      • Speaking of admin dashboard, other than email, I can't manage my booked session's anywhere? (approved/upcoming, unapproved, deleted). If you do not offer this, then your should drastically reduce your fee to acquire new customers or retain them, as this opens room for your subscriber to search for a CRM or something similar

      • [BUG] In one instance I (admin) was not able to see what time my client has booked

      • I didn't mean to test this. I just (accidentally) clicked near your get started button (horizontally) and was taken to your signup page. Got lost for a second as there was no close button (thought it's a popup). I have no point to say here because anyway I figured out it's a page (just saying)

      I can still go on for a bit as it's already long, longer than this then you won't read 😢 I hope I have made my feedback clear if you have any questions or want to discuss more on this or just anything, feel free to reach out to me anytime. Email's in my profile you can also book a call directly with me

      You really have a great project here and I mean it. Throughout my journey, my experience was not just simple but was also easy, quick, and was beautiful thanks to your minimal design, easy to understand app UI, and quick onboarding.

      Haha, thank you for the signup part! I manage a few projects with little time for a new one besides I haven't taken anything from the community here but just wanted to help. If you need such a service right now I have found help for you 😊. It's not an affiliate link so feel free to check. Hope I helped with yours, did I?

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        Oh wow, thank you so much — this is amazing feedback and I really appreciate it a ton! Really good points on the pricing, this is feedback I've been hearing from other people as well.

        A lot of the bugs you mentioned are going to be fixed in the next iteration, and there's a revamp of the admin page coming as well. Current version is a little too minimal as far as functionality is concerned.

        Appreciate the kind words and insights, and if you had signed up I would have had no problem paying for it 😉

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    Free interactive coding course at https://classroom.qvault.io

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      Hi, Good work with the landing page!

      I don't see any mention of the word "course" on your headline. This got me confused if this was courses / virtual classes / quiz

      It'd also be cool if I could preview some stuff without logging in

      Good luck

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    This is a great initiative! I see that you have your plate full already but I would love some feedback. I am also happy to give your software a test and provide feedback!

    I just launched my home inventory app Nezt!

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      Just checked Nezt.

      • Good website you have here
      • Logo is missing on website Homepage
      • I feel like the "Get it on Google play" button is very big
      • Why not change "sign up" to "download"?

      As for the app,

      • Onboarding good and did enhance my experience but allow the option to skip
      • Your signup form has lots of room for improvement (in terms of design and a bit on functionality)
      • Email verification is not (that) important if you ask me
      • Allow us to freely sign up and then verify email (allow upto 5 days or more to verify email)
      • Your app is nice in comparison with any inventory app
      • Search, tags (more control to organize), document upload - Mmm Thumbs Up
      • You could improve the UI and UX by a lot

      Overall, I felt you could do a lot more if you learn about branding and design. I suggest you to explore UI design and UX flow of the apps in this category/niche.

      Have you validated this type of monetization using the cloud for your project?

      Mine is a Lead Generation software bundled with other marketing softwares Striking Digital. We mainly cater to the requirements of B2B service providers. Let me know if you want higher limits, I'm more than willing/happy to do so. Would love to hear from you :)

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        Hi Dinakar!

        Thanks for the thorough review! I appreciate the feedback and I suspect I will be implementing a lot of your suggestions.
        I have not yet validated the monetization model yet and my next goal is getting my first customer.
        I have also had quite a few issues raised on the signup form from customers in the recent days, and I am in the process of improving this piece.

        I have done a thorough review and write up of your app and landing page and I sent it via email to you directly. Please let me know if you prefer the review over some other channel, or if I should post it here.

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          Hey sorry I wasn't well for the past couple of days. So you should be Hanna?

          You sat and typed all that information needed to improve my software? Seriously, that was so much (like a ton) information you gave me. It's like I'm just asking for a hand and you came in to lift me up.

          And YES!! Please post it here. It'll help a lot of people explore the best practices and not-so-best practices.

          Thank you so much for all the feedback you've showered upon those little softwares!

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            I have never worked with similar software or in the industry so take my opinions here with a pinch of salt.

            Very nice landing page! I really like the animations and the overall look and feel. Very clean!
            The value is clearly communicated on the first screen.
            The features are laid out in a clear manner. Slightly too wordy for me, but it works.
            I like the simple pricing structure.

            Signup process was very smooth and quick! I like that I did not have to validate my email and I could just jump into the action.
            On initial viewing of the dashboard I felt slightly overwhelmed. Maybe a quick optional tour of the software could be useful. (Although your users might already have more context than me)
            The menu bar on the left, groups functionality clearly.
            The sections on the left menu could maybe be collapsed.
            The suite of tools that you have curated here is great! There is a LOT of features here!
            I love that there is a chat button on the bottom right of the screen. Just knowing that I can get help when I need it is very reassuring.

            Finding contacts - Very easy to use, I tested it with a few sites and the results were as expected. It would be cool if the results could be displayed in a table on the web app in addition to downloading the csv
            Finding companies - I can see that the size selector is ordered according to how the text should be sorted, however it would be cool if it were sorted according to numbers. The tool works very well, and I would imagine that this would be a very useful tool for marketing. I am not sure what the "Myself Only" setting means. Maybe something like "Sole proprietor" or some description could help.
            Finding domain names - I could not find the websites of some local companies that I searched for, (.co.za) but I found the name in other domains such as (.ru). The tab name "Convert names to domains" differs from the title in the left navigation bar. The list of company names is on the left, and is labelled "1" and I like this sort of step indicator.
            The top bar did the same as the side bar which is fine (It might not be as useful and could be removed in this section)

            Prospecting tools:
            The top bar here differs from the previous section in that there is more in the top bar than the main menu.
            I like the "Getting started" tab and banner explaining what this feature does"
            LinkedIn extract emails and connection requests - I did not try this one out myself. The installation steps were clear. This section does not have a top bar.
            Copy and paste - I liked that the tool had a clear description, and this looks like a super useful tool. the page differs from the rest in this section in that the "download" and "create a new message" button is on the top bar and not in the body of the page like the other two pages.

            Data extractor:
            No top bar and the "download" text looks clickable but it does not navigate any ware, same with "Start" on the uploading section
            The uploading happens on the right-hand side of the screen and is labelled "start". I would have preferred if this section also reflected the design seen in "Convert names to domains" with the first step on the left side of the screen.
            Tested the feature and it found the email address on my website which is pretty cool.
            The "Upload" section could rather be on the left hand side of the screen as one would expect to follow steps from the left of the screen to the right (At least in most western countries)

            This section has a top bar again.
            No overview of what the tool does, but it looks pretty straight forward. The flag icon on the first tab makes me think of the getting started page as seen previously. and does not match the icon in the left bar.
            The contacts icon in the top bar also does not match the icon on the left menu bar.
            The initial tab selected on the top bar is the 4th tab instead of the first as I expected.
            The links on the top bar also does not correlate to the links in the left bar as in the Enrichment section.
            A very cool template editor and I really like that a bunch of templates are included!
            When connecting to an SMTP server I might suggest changing the text from: "When you will update or add your sender we will test if it's working or not." to "When you add or update a sender we will test whether it is working.", or something to that effect.

            Websites analyse:
            I would suggest a different name for this section. I am not quite sure what, "New domain registrations" or something like that.
            The top bar button says, "Download today leads" and I would suggest changing it to "Download today's leads"

            I love the Start tab that explains what this feature does with the nice animations and the interactive example. The first tab could also be aligned to match the "Getting started" text we see on the other tabs.
            The chatbot builder looks great! Very easy to use and quite powerful. I am also not quite sure how this differs from
            The content is left aligned where some of the other sections are centred.

            Email discovery
            The content is in some sort of container. It looks very nice, but it does not match the rest of the tools
            It would be cool to see a list of emails found rather than having to find a specific one.
            I was not sure what this tool actually does when I first opened it.
            It would be useful to show somewhere that this tool actually tries to verify that the emails are valid.
            "Find a single contact manually" tab has a nice background on the header, with a box on it that looks a bit like it may be editable, but it is not.

            Increase reviews:
            I feel like the setup was very easy!
            It would be nice to see what it would look like or have a quick description of what this feature does. It is clearly described on the landing page but a slightly more detailed description or help button would be nice on the page.

            Social proof:
            I would suggest a change to the text "Install the alerts on your websites" to "Install alerts on your website"
            The text on the banner on the getting started page could be improved. the heading "welcome" is not as useful as the headings on the Prospecting tools page.
            I am not that clear on what social proof actually means in this context but it might be useful to also have a small demonstration to show what this would actually add to my website before adding it.

            Increase reviews:
            The top bar allows us to navigate to a page with an overview of all the services. This is not on any of the other sections as far as I can remember. Maybe remove this or add it to all the other sections.
            The "all properties" button is not expected but if you do want to keep it there may I suggest changing the text to read something like "All products" or something to that effect.
            It might be useful to add a small overview section that shows us what the widget would actually do on my site.

            Email verify:
            A bit of an introduction to what the feature does and how it is useful to businesses would be great.

            Go Unlimited:
            There is something right under this section that looks like a textbox, but it is not editable. This could just be some text or even just a button.

            Downloading is a cool feature, but It might also be cool to view some of the data in the browser also.
            Just add some more documentation and guidance for newbie users like myself.
            Align the styling on all the sections to give it a coherent feel.
            Overall a great suite of products and I think your audience would find it very useful! Well done!

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              I just cannot thank you for all the time and energy you've put into testing my software.

              At the moment, I can only offer you our $50 off code "SDGIFT". A gift for you, accept it from me, or feel free to pass it to a friend of yours! If this does not help please get back to me anytime if you need help with your project. I'll be the best guy to assist you.

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    Hi @Dinakar, doing this is very generous of you. Thanks!

    Here's my side project, https://bubblin.io, if you will. In exchange of test drive on mine, I'm happy to spend up to an hour on yours and provide you with my f/b.

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      Hi @marvindanig this looks good. Do you have an app for this?

      1. 2

        Yes, we do.

        Both on the app store and play store:

        1. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bubblin/id1497945390

        2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=free.books.bubblin

        Everything is free to use, ad-free and also trackerless for the most part.


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    Thanks for doing this Dinakar! I just launched my app https://stretchminder.app

    I built this app because I was experiencing constant stress and pain from sitting in front of my desk all day without taking breaks. It's been real helpful for me ever since I was able to start using it myself. Would be great to know how others are finding it!

    1. 3

      Not sure if it's my place to comment, but your landing page looks amazing! And I really like the idea, will definitely check it out 😻

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        No iPhone! Now this place is all yours like it was before.

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        Thanks @gabriele_jusaityte would love to hear what you think! I see that you're also building something in the b2c health & wellness space so we're on a similar path :)

        I just checked out your product - first of all, I think it looks great. The chatbot experience is a nice touch to getting me to input my data, super engaging

        Personally, though I'm quite lazy and something I think would be a nice value-add for users (possibly a good upsell for the subscription) would be integrations with apple health and something like RescueTime/Todoist for the productivity stats because I see that some of the questions could have been answered automatically if there was some kind of integration and then when receiving that data you would be able to re-engage the user by sending them a notification to answer the rest of the questions.

        Just some thoughts that came off the top of my head.

        1. 2

          Thank you Calvin, it's great to hear that you liked it!

          I've downloaded StretchMinder and I have to say - I love it! It's well-thought, very simple, but highly useful. The UI is beautiful, UX is clear and I just can't fault it!

          I'll try to use it for a bit longer, but for now, I can come up with just a few questions/suggestions:

          Have you thought of introducing different break 'flows'? I've noticed there is one flow by default and you can edit it to your liking, though having recommendations with a bit of 'research' (just some extra content) could be both informative and an easy way to understand what works best for every user 😇

          Are you planning to connect the data of the break activity (or the flow) with the way users feel after doing it? I might be turning into a data geek, but it can be quite satisfying to see that a specific flow does make a bigger difference 😻

          And lastly, I was quite skeptical about getting a pricing screen before getting to see what I am in for, but with your prices, this could actually be very smart. Have you done A/B testing for it? I was always interested to know if this timing actually works (there are quite a few apps that suggest a subscription during the onboarding)

          Ok, I think that's it 🤷‍♀️ And congrats on the recent launch!

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            Hey @gabriele_jusaityte thank you for having a look at StretchMinder! I can tell you put a lot of effort into looking at my product and I really appreciate it.

            Break 'flows' is actually a great suggestion and something that could be a really good way to introduce an onboarding flow that asks the user questions for personalization... and a good opportunity to drop in some benefits and an upsell on the subscription... I like it!

            I've had a similar idea where there would be 'flows' but a specific break activity would be assigned at a specific time of each day instead of how it is currently randomly assigned according to the list. I was wondering if having a standardized 'schedule' would feel restricting. How would you feel about that? Would be curious to know what you think.

            And about connecting the data about how the users feel, currently I'm just collecting that for my use to determine how people feel about the routines... Good to know that some data nerds would like to see such a thing 🤓.

            For the pricing screen - I had some feedback on my first version that it wasn't obvious that I even had a paid option as before I only showed that screen when clicking on one of the locked content items. I just updated the app to include additional UI elements in the Library and Profile tab and also showing it on signup.

            I have not A/B tested it yet but I did get my first subscriber after this update which was cool! I think it's a good idea to at least show the user that there is an option to upgrade because I've had friends that told me that they've gotten users paying for in-app purchases/subscriptions for their apps just because they wanted to support but didn't even know there was an option to until they asked. Just as long as the screen isn't obviously trying to trick the user into buying I think you can't go wrong with this.

            Also, if I remember correctly about your onboarding process because I remember inputting a lot of data. Might be a good opportunity for you to try A/B testing a paywall at that stage as the user already invested a lot of their data at this point it might be a good opportunity to sell them... or not? Would be curious to know how that plays out because that's an assumption that would drive the whole break 'flows' personalization above.

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              Hey Calvin, glad to you liked the idea! 😻

              About those break flows, I think that as long you can back up your suggestions, people do prefer recommendations, as it simplifies the process and they do not need to think much before acting. And of course, as long as you leave the possibility to customize, there can’t be any harm, just benefits.

              I can’t be sure if there are specific recommendations of this kind, but even if you can mix the activity with feeling after, you can already suggest that ‘people who are doing x in the morning feel 20% better’ or something like it 🤷‍♀️

              As for the pricing screen, it definitely makes sense - you have loads of additional content for a very reasonable price! In my case, I wouldn’t be so sure if the paywall would work in such an early stage as our paid feature is all about correlations of the data user have tracked and so, to get the true value of it, you’ll need to use the app for a while. That’s why we’ve created a lot of demo data and gave one of the categories for free.

              Either way, it’s always a possibility, and I will definitely need to come back to it after thoroughly validating the initial idea. So first traction, then monetization (though, I’ve changed my thoughts about it a few times already 😅)

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      I only have an older iPod which anyway is not supported due to the ios version here. I guess Gabriele here can provide much better feedback than me.

      That said, usually, it's the app that developers create for themselves top the charts mainly because it already serves a purpose.

      • Given that you have just launched your app and your landing page are both really nice (saw the app screenshots)
      • CTAs clear, sign up to android waitlist 👍👍

      I personally feel that your landing page does not reflect your app on App Store. Mainly because of the use of color
      App store shows white on purple-ish background whereas on your landing page it's mostly black, you can theme your website to reflect the app store (just my opinion)

      Update: Ignore the last two points. Looks just fine on mobile browsers

      • Your landing page could be more live, use a gif or two
      • You're consistently nailing it on Instagram, what graphic software do you use though?
      • Your iPhone screenshots are on point. Those bold texts boldly explain your app
      • As much as I have seen your screenshots, your app has a beautiful design with a focus on functionality

      Let me know if this helped.

      1. 1

        Hey @Dinakar, thank you so much for taking the time to write this up I really appreciate it! I also passed them on to my partner who does all the design work! To answer your question about the graphic software, she uses AI for creating the illustrations and puts together the posts on Figma.

        I'll definitely be taking those suggestions for the landing page as I totally agree that there could be something more live instead of just the static image of the home screen.

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    Non-software product okay :) ? @Dinakar

    I'm currently running a side project on Notion, excited to hear your feedback.

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    This is what I need, thanks! I built this website app.backirs.com. It's for content creators to monetise their work and share revenue with its supporters. At the moment I've only supported text and pictures, I'm not sure if this model works or not and I'm trying to find artist and writers to grow my email list.

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    Please see how our WooCommerce cart abandonment plugin works here: CartBack
    Plus, another Facebook marketing tool: https://doopchat.com/
    Many thanks!

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    Thanks for your efforts to the community!
    We're currently working on a project allocation tool. The website provides a free, 14 day trial. If you could test it out and give us your thoughts, that would be awesome!
    EmployPlan team thanks you in advance!

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    Hi @Dinakar
    This is awesome!
    If you're interested in email privacy I would love to hear your thoughts on StartMail:


    And, of course let me know how I can help you so I can return the favor :)


  13. 1

    Hi @Dinakar ,
    Feel free to try our Chrome Extension for email management. On a PC please take a look at https://www.dwebox.com/
    I would like to offer you Premium access for the full experience but I'll need an email address of yours.

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    Great initiative! --- instead of asking to try out our product, I am offering my time to test your product (or any other Indiehackers!).

    Please reply or DM me your link and I'll give it a go.

    1. 2

      Hey! Would really appreciate some feedback on Portabella if you have time.

      It's funny, I haven't had any feedback on the platform for weeks, and now in one day I've had three separate people (soon 4 if you do decide to take a look) email me with some thoughts.

      These things come in waves I guess.

      1. 1

        Haha, agree! Things do come in waves.
        Is there anything specific you want to me try? Feel free to email me at [email protected]

        From the landing page, the value prop looks clear.
        A minor design issue of the "Get Started" button laying over the Hero Image.

  15. 1

    Hi Dinakar, https://horizontech.dev/create-portfolio
    Shouldn't take more than 3 minutes.

  16. 1

    Markdown based transactional email API: https://maildown.dev

  17. 1

    Hi @Dinakar! Never pass up an opportunity for feedback! https://mathematico.org Any and all criticism is very much appreciated

  18. 1

    Hi @Dinakar -- Thanks for offering your time! We just released an early version of Xoba. We're aiming to be the knowledge engine of an organization helping employees find and discover relevant information more quickly. It's early and we're working on some awesome new features over the coming weeks, but would be great to get initial feedback!

    If you want to give it a test ride, you can navigate to https://app.xobalabs.com/signup.

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    Hello. Can you check my website feofast.com

  20. 1

    I'd love for you to try out the Solfej app :)


    Thank you so much for doing this.

    I'm down to try your product if you'd like to send it to me!

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    It would be helpful if you share your thoughts on Remote Leaf

  22. 1

    Thank you for doing this. Please help with monibooks.com

  23. 1

    Awesome Dinakar!

    If you want me to try your software, it's the least I could do :)

    1. 2

      Hi Felix your project was funny to look at here. Your work timeline is the funniest. What's an Evil Corp though? I laughed seen your travelling it was gaps, for the most part, you didn't have to add the gap year.

      Anyway, it does the job of a demo timeline.

      It's already nice so apart from the design improvements, I don't find room for other improvements.

      One thing I would like to touch on is this could better perform as a (kinda like a) tracker than a reflection timeline. I mean let's say we first create few tasks with a color for each tasks. And instead of adding monthly movements we add hourly activities like using facebook or developing a program. At the end of the day we get to see the data visually in beautiful colors.

      At the end of the month, we get full data on what we spent time on and organize them by colors helping us see how we're using time and what we can better focus on (maybe for this you would need to add analytics).

      I hope I explained it clearly. Maybe because there are so many apps that does this you decided to go on with this fun project so I'm just giving my thoughts here.

      Thanks for asking. You can try my software here at SD Marketing Suite. I could use some feedback on our LinkedIn tool as it's our new software in the bundle.

    1. 2

      Hi Paul, your project was the easiest to feedback on. It's neat, clean simple, easy to use, and is functionally good too.

      One thing I would suggest adding here is,

      • the ability to download favorites as PDF (as there is no accounts one may not want to lose what they favorited)
      • you recently viewed just like the favorites section

      It's not a big deal to add these here because anyway, they can just search for it or just browse and find it. I just thought this would add value to your project

      1. 1

        Thanks, good suggestions!

  24. 1

    Thanks @Dinakar for doing this.
    Please comment on https://queueprime.carrd.co/
    Also, please reply with the link of your own product.

    1. 1

      Hi Yoana, is there any specific reason to add it on the Amazon app store rather than Google Play and Apple App Store?

      • Your app could use an onboarding session to help your users and let them know how they can use the app

      • Too many clicks are needed inside the app. Instead of making the queue lists make it a dropdown and inside that show all the queues (Add queue option could also be there itself) so that they're right away into managing their queue than navigating in the app

      • Other features are just fine

      • You app needs a lot of UI design improvements. But that's not our priority now, right now our priority is to get users

      • Like Sai said go local and find your next user

      • Maybe reach out to your potential customers

      • If you have funds for this project and have some time learn online advertising and advertising on Facebook or wherever your target audience is there

      • Forums and online communities such as Indie Hacker here will help you out a ton. And sometimes you can find your next user here too

      Thanks for asking. You can try my software here at SD Marketing Suite. I could use some feedback on our LinkedIn tool as it's our new software in the bundle.

      Good luck with your project Yoanna 🎉🎉

      1. 1

        Hi Dinakar, thanks for your feedback. I decided to use Amazon because Google Play has new policies regarding apps that send SMS.
        I have tried to find contacts, the first list yielded no data, but the second list had data: good job!
        Is the Linkedin extension only for chrome?

        1. 1

          Thank you so much for the feedback.

          Oh might be a bug. What happened in the first run? It didn't run or gave any error messages?

          We're planning to go for Firefox but it'll be chrome for a while now. Thanks again!! ☺️

    2. 1

      Sounds good. How are you planning to find customers for this product?

      1. 1

        Currently, I'm still looking for first users, to validate the idea. Do you know anyone who would find this useful?

        1. 2

          Honestly, you should go local with this.

          Go out there and start talking to clinics, offices etc. Make a list of all the local establishments and go ask them if/what they're using for it.

          If they're already using a competitor, see what you can do better

          Then improve your solution and then try to sell yours to the ones who don't have an integration yet.

          1. 1

            Thank you for your suggestion. (y)

    1. 1

      Hi Mick, your landing page rocks on both mobile and PC.

      • Your full-width images are 🔥 Only, I felt your laptop in the 3rd image could be smaller
      • Your above the fold could use a gif to explain how one can share music on your app, That's what your heading is anyway but the gif would help
      • I felt how it works should be on top and not at the bottom (this is probably what your users want to see)
      • The fade effect in your how it works is not in sync for me (maybe it's just me but try other effects, glitch? or just none?)
      • I see gradient overuse here. There are so many colors that it distracts your CTAs. Dedicate a color for CTAs or use just black for heading and gradients for sub headings. Like, "The smart way to share..." - Black and "Made for music creators" - Gradient
      • I have liitle idea if this will work but you can try or more so A/B test
      • Continuing the above point, highlight your popular plan to guide the visitor
      • The question marks in your pricing pages take me to the home page. A popup or alt text is enough
      • I'm having trouble understanding what your app does here. You say it's a private playlist but share the link anywhere? Is it like an unlisted video on YouTube? I thought it'll be like Google Drive sharing, where I can share with select Google Accounts (emails)
      • I did like your onboarding tour where I'm guided as I visit tabs. If you decide to make a lengthy onboarding tour (with 5 or more "got it") just remember to include a skip button (now it's just fine)
      • After adding artist name (which changed my url) made a serious error to my previous page (which was something like vhfFVGH) setup a 301 when names/url is changed
      • I like the 3, 6, and 12-month plans. Still a subscription but giving us these options are great (special 12 months offer in my dashboard is so attractive BTW)
      • Allow us to edit the short links
      • I added only one song but two showed in "my private songboxes" it's also using more of my account limits
      • Option to share to social media from public pages? for my listeners
      • Is a private playlist and the private songbox the same? I used the create the private playlist from my dashboard but none was showing up in my dashboard but it was showing up in the songboxes tab

      Overall, I like the idea but I can't help but say this and I don't know if this is coming out harsh.

      I'm sorry, I don't see what Songbox is doing here. I'm publishing songs here and apart from the part where I'll have to share the link to get my listeners, how is it any different than publishing on Spotify or just Youtube Music. The track analytics are provided my major platforms anyway. I also don't understand why I should publish my tracks through links where discoverability is so low than publishing on platforms.

      If I'm missing something here (my bad), feel free to educate me or the fellow Indie Hacker reading this. I hope my feedback is constructive and helping you with the project.

  25. 1

    Hey Dinakar! Here is an MVP of a new product I recently shipped, would love your feedback on it: https://obie.ai/personal

    1. 1

      Checked! I'm gonna use Obie.ai Personal from now, it's really helpful in solving those unproductive yet repetitive tasks and a personal notes/referencing app.

      To start with,

      • The cute little popup you have that says "personal is free" takes me to the personal page, only I was already there. It reloaded

      • Personal app's landing page should be mobile optimized. It's meant for desktop and I understand that. Given how products are discovered today. It should look good in every possible way.

      • Wow, your personal pages and team pages are both visually

      • DO NOT use "fade" animations (or just any animations) above the fold. There were several times when I visit other sites and I'll see blank pages for a long time until it loads fully

      • The animations and typing effect on your team landing page is fine. I was just telling you about the personal landing page. What app did you make the team page's app icon animation (top section)? It's nice!

      • What app did you make the team page's screenshot with? Again, it looks great and explains your product better than text and images

      • Your landing pages (both personal and team) are so live, has answers to every question one might have and leaves no room for objections before they even rise

      • How can one make the onboarding process super simple yet super effective?

      • I love how I can just turn anything into FAQ of something I can personally refer to by just 2 clicks

      • Like how my account goes under a subdomain than just a URL slug

      • Allow me to upgrade from within the extension (a simple "upgrade" that takes me to the upgrade page will do)

      • Similarly, an upgrade button could go under the tab that says "Share Obie and get unlimited searches". Ignore this if you're already doing well else A/B test

      • It's a really helpful product you guys have built here (Congrats Chris)

      I would like to take a moment to touch on your monetization. Free for personal, a little for a little extra, organizations, enterprise for bigger organizations and referrals don't benefit me monetarily instead I'm rewarded extra features. That can't be any better, can it? You're the guy behind this monetization/growth plan?

      1. 1

        Thanks so much for the tear down, my man!! Much appreciated. Very useful tips in here. Lots to think about.

  26. 1

    Thanks Dinakar! I'm still creating my MVP but here it is: https://precrypt.io

    1. 2

      For an MVP this is really nice. Out of context, why did you get a .chat domain just for your discord server?

      • When I have just one prediction, it doesn't look good in the chart view of my published page
      • I made 5 predictions for Bitcoin Cash and it's taking too long to load in all three views
      • How do you prevent users from spamming it or just playing with it? I just predicted $200 and $40,000 for the same currency in just a few days
      • Public pages are super mobile responsive. The dashboard could be more responsive
      • Do you plan on including other currencies like euros?

      To be honest, I don't know if there's a market for this app. Have you validated it? You really need to focus more on the authenticity of this community you're trying to build than on the features. Helped?

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback Dinakar! About the .chat domain, idk. I liked the idea and it was 3 usd :)

        • Yeah, you're right. Maybe if there is only 1 prediction I can show a list? I need to think it more.
        • It was a bug. I just fixed it.
        • I'm planning in adding a ranking with points. So maybe that's going to prevent that.
        • Yup. For now I'm focusing more on desktop. But I'm going to have it in mind.
        • Not for now.

        Yeah, honestly I'm not sure about that either. I mean, I like the idea but it needs a lot of people using it. Because for example I want to show a chart with an aggregate and average of all the predictions.

        I just had this idea and made it in a few days to be entertained but I think that is going to be hard to get users.

        Again, thanks for the feedback!

        1. 2

          Me again, why I brought up the .chat was that many registrars charge not-so-reasonable fees after the first year. From $20 to even $100s. At that time, even if you can't afford it, you would have shared it everywhere and your customers with that link will be lost. But any way you liked it I understand.

          I just thought of reducing spam in your project and came up with this. Have you used stock trading/trading apps? In a given day we won't be able to trade more than a circuit limit. Like if it open at $20 we can't trade less than $5 or more than $35 for example.

          You can make such a system where one can't predict more than +or- 40% for the next 10 days, +or- 60% for the next 10 days after the first. But I'm not sure about this given the volatility of cryptos. Maybe for BTC you can program higher tolerances.

          Hope everything goes well with your project.

          1. 1

            Makes total sense. I would take that in mind. Thank you!

  27. 1

    Hey Dinakar, such an amazing offer! It would be great if you could try Feelsom- a personal analytics tool for your wellbeing 🤓 I'd love to hear someone else's perspective on the tracking flow - I'm not completely sure if it's crystal clear, but haven't received enough feedback if it needs some changes or some sort of explanatory in-app messages 🤷‍♀️

    1. 3

      Hi Gabriele, thanks for helping out Calvin with his product. That's what we do in here, we help each other.

      The moment I visit your Store page, I want to try it right away. It's super energetic, super colorful, and gives me good vibes.

      I visited your website:

      • Now I won't forgive me if I don't try
      • I like your attention to details here, I mean the Fav icon is not just your logo it's a shiny piece of art
      • Feelsom's above the fold is how any mobile app's above the fold's should be!
      • And this is how one should put gifs to good use
      • The first gif is relevant to the "Talk" part and not the "Track your daily routines" maybe you can add tracked data from past days
      • The second gifs calendar and daily views are all good.

      This question came to my mind when I first saw a gif on someone's landing here. How do you guys make and add gifs?? Seriously, when I add it's 12.7Mb more than it's video counterpart!!

      • Below is the same stuff I said to El here, you could use it too

      I understand how you've taken the mobile-first approach (makes perfect sense as it's a mobile app) but you should tweak in desktop (web) also. I mean given how products are discovered these days, it should look good in every possible way

      • I mean, when I visited your website on desktop, the images and texts are so far away that it's doesn't render well to my eyes. Center align, keep the texts and images close (your use of color still gives me the energy here haha)
      • All your pages (your socials, contact us, even your terms and privacy pages) are on sync and I like it
      • You could however, post more on social media. Your latest post was months back. How do you drive traffic? How many users does your app have or is it new?
      • Your app store screenshots and description couldn't be any better
      • From your screenshots, I could see a vibrant app that could help a user with their health
      • And yeah chat is what we need, we don't need forms that 99% apps have because anyway we use chat every day and are more familiar with

      I wish I could go on and feedback on your app but my iPhone is broke, anyway, the app already looks helpful and promising to me. All the best with this project!

      1. 1

        Hey Dinakar,

        Wanting to try it right away is an amazing compliment, I’m so glad to hear it. Thank you so much for such great feedback, I really appreciate it!

        Answering your question - if I’m not mistaken instead of GIFs we’re using .mp4 video files that autoplay and plays on repeat. mp4 is much lighter while remaining a better quality.

        And as for landing page on desktop, you probably have a bigger screen 😅, we have checked it in on different browsers, though not on all sizes and I recently had a 'first reaction' feedback video when I first saw how misaligned everything looks. Thanks for noticing, we’ll need to fix this 🤦‍♀️

        Posting on social media is definitely on my to-do list, baby steps, but I’m starting doing it! I do agree it might have been a mistake to leave this after the heavy lifting is done, but you live and you learn 🤷‍♀️The app is quite new, we did skip the closed beta part and went straight on the app store, but we released the first version with limited features at first and did iterate on user behavior. Driving traffic was and still is a challenge, and it will definitely take time for organic to kick in.

        It’s unfortunate that we don’t have an Android version for you to try, but fingers crossed 👉 if Feelsom grows, Android will be shipped.

        Thank you again and let me know if I can be of any help 🙌

  28. 1

    Have no software to share yet but just want to tell you that you're awesome for proposing this! :D

    1. 1

      Thanks @Sprouter for taking your time to write this 😊😊

  29. 1

    That's pretty awesome!!!
    TaskBite: taskbite.io

    1. 1

      Hi El! I tried your app.

      To start with:

      • Your website neatly reflects your app
      • Also, it summarises, brings out the features and answers the questions a visitor might have about your app
      • I understand how you've taken the mobile-first approach (makes perfect sense as it's a mobile app) but you should tweak it desktop also. I mean given how products are discovered these days, it should look good in every possible way
      • To tweak in desktop, it just has to do with your overly spaced-out FAQ section
      • I like how you say "not reinventing the wheel" and have a wheel at the back!

      Your app:

      • I'm still not clear why I have to Signup just to use the app. It had the personalized "Good evening [my name]", you can just collect my name, right?
      • There were instances where I clicked something and the "you discovered pro" would come, which is ok, if I don't want it I could just exit. What if I want upgrade right away? add an upgrade button above "Got it"
      • Speaking of upgrade, there was no way to upgrade within the app, so even I wanted to upgrade I could not?

      Making your product easy to upgrade is as important as making any product subscription easy to downgrade or cancel

      • An onboarding session or simply a text on the (empty) white space explaining the swipe actions, is very much appreciated
      • You could also explain the swipe action on your website or on your App store pages
      • You have given us these easy ways to manage tasks but everyone using your app should be aware of it

      I understand your features section has a gif about the swipe actions, I just felt it could be more clear

      • Your App store and Play store pages are beautiful and has good descriptions but again they could use a How to use section
      • I wonder if your app is built for Apple devices as it crashed many times when I opened it (sent you crash feedback with the system data)
      • The second card in your app's statistics says it's a pro feature but it's unclear what the feature is (in my mind the first card is statistics, the second is statistics too?)
      • For any given project we usually add many tasks so it'll be helpful if you add tasks one by one rather than taking me to home after I add a task
      • Where can I manage my projects? Currently, you have deleting a task, but where is deleting a project? Am I missing something here?
      • Allow us the ability to edit a task after it's created
      • I like the Pomodoro timer thing but like traditional apps allow us to add time/due date for a task so it comes up automatically than after a swipe
      • Can't I rearrange my tasks?

      It is understood if you kept out the features in question for a reason. Have just laid out my thoughts.

      Great work you have here, the features I was asking does not affect my experience in any way as the app does what it does. I guess I'll be using your app to manage tasks.

      1. 1

        Hey @Dinakar! Thank you for taking the time to try out TaskBite, it really means a lot. Your feedback was really insightful and helpful.

        TaskBite is in really early stages, and so most of the features aren't fully shipped yet.
        Apart from the onboarding, since we're expecting to release an app update in that regard later this week, your other remarks are gonna help a ton!

        I'm still not clear why I have to Signup just to use the app. It had the personalized "Good evening [my name]", you can just collect my name, right?

        The goal of TaskBite is to centralize product management and have one source of truth, which requires syncing and deep integrations with other platforms. Having an account is what makes that possible. However, we still think signing up could be improved UX-wise, and we're expecting to experiment with other approaches down the road.

        There were instances where I clicked something and the "you discovered pro" would come, which is ok, if I don't want it I could just exit. What if I want upgrade right away? add an upgrade button above "Got it"
        Speaking of upgrade, there was no way to upgrade within the app, so even I wanted to upgrade I could not?

        We've had a month-long feud with Apple regarding IAP 😬, we know the UX sucks, but definitely gonna look into that on the Android side!

        I wonder if your app is built for Apple devices as it crashed many times when I opened it (sent you crash feedback with the system data)

        Thank you! I'll be looking into that.

        The second card in your app's statistics says it's a pro feature but it's unclear what the feature is (in my mind the first card is statistics, the second is statistics too?)

        Very good point! It should be clearer 😬

        For any given project we usually add many tasks so it'll be helpful if you add tasks one by one rather than taking me to home after I add a task
        Where can I manage my projects? Currently, you have deleting a task, but where is deleting a project? Am I missing something here?
        Allow us the ability to edit a task after it's created
        I like the Pomodoro timer thing but like traditional apps allow us to add time/due date for a task so it comes up automatically than after a swipe
        Can't I rearrange my tasks?

        Awesome! Those are very important features that we're planning to ship down the road.

        Also, if you're using Trello, I'd love to hear your feedback about the integration and the Pro features, send me the email address you registered with on TB and I'll be glad to offer a free 3-month trial 😁

  30. 1

    That would be much appreciated!! https://vurku.com

    It's a pretty straightforward tool so I'd expect it to take much less time than an hour. Thanks in advance!

    1. 2

      Vurku is a good tool. What the app does is clear right away and it's also fast and responsive.

      One thing you need to take care of is, there are lots of calls to actions, single posts, usernames, options and to be frank I thought your first image is a CTA and was clicking start. But anyway you have mentioned it's built and updated for 2 years now, so if it's working go on, else AB test with less CTA.

      • It's nice that you're offering live support to your users. Your contact form could use an upgrade
      • As mentioned you're offering high-quality downloads compared to other similar services
      • You do provide a good amount of data when a username is searched
      • As its entirely made of public feed, you could also add a discover section and trending section to show your users what everyone is engaging with
      • An Instagram signin feature could be added wherein your users would login to their IG accounts to download from private profiles they follow

      Can be useful as there are many meme and quote pages that are private

      How does your app perform? You don't have to give any numbers though!

      I hope I have added value to your project and why haven't you included pricing on the header or in the menu? I was notified on the chat about the pricing under signup button.

  31. 1

    Hey. It will be really kind of you for doing this.
    it looks something like this (https://feedback.featuremonkey.com)

    1. 1

      Feature Monkey is like Product Hunt, only here we're hunting for features. This should make the life of product teams easier. Traditionally, it's loading a product with features, launch, get feedback from users, and take it from there. Feature Monkey does it reverse only now it's much better.

      To be honest, almost anyone can implement a feature upvote system with authors, votes, and comments and I have seen the big guys having separate sections for feature requests and upvotes. What's not easy is the backend that comes with your product. Having the team in the backend and in the frontend is what you have made possible.

      • I like the text (explainers) on the images of your features
      • You would need a captcha or some spam prevention mechanism as you scale
      • Consider reducing the size of the upvote button
      • Landing page is super responsive on mobile but the menu icon is gone!
      • Filter, sort by, and search option! Well done Ananya!
      • Feature your public roadmap option on the homepage or in features. You've made it both visually and functionally awesome
      • The roadmap could also include released features column

      Why not feature the employee feedback on your homepage? not many organizations have one

      Your pricing page does not clearly convey the 14-day free trial, in fact it does not convey at all. Maybe you could add a subtitle under the pricing text, something like "try all you want for 14 days" will do. Hope this helps.

      Lastly, have you launched it? If yes, where?

      Here is your site audit

      1. 1

        Thanks. This was a great insight. We are planning to launch Feature Monkey next week on Product Hunt. Will connect to you once we launch. :)

    1. 1

      Hey Vitor, I'm wow-ed. Your app, landing, and the illustrations it has, all goes together. I like how the rocket guy flew off to space (with his cat), I don't know how but it somehow relates with "deploy a feature by mistake".

      • You've used gifs to walkaround the product, giving life to landing with gif illustrations, it's all good
      • Everything is nice and structured. Did you sit and code your landing or it uses a landing page software?
      • The site is mobile responsive but the 1st popup powered by adoric is not. The close icon is visible in desktop not in mobile as it is overflowed. If it visited this on my mobile for the first time, I might feel forced to take action, some may leave
      • Wow-ed again by your product tour page. Shows me what I want to see instead of just featuring a static image
      • All your forms touch on user experience by showing the placeholder even after clicking it. Some do have a description. Well done!
      • For the third party links in your features add that "external link" icon, that conveys I'll be taken out if I click
      • I could not test your actual app because I was not able to verify my email. Maybe because I was using a disposable email, if this is the case then you have a very good job keeping the disposable mails out.
      • Though I was not able to get my hands on your app, I can still feedback to some extent only because of your intuitive product tour page
      • On your app, I'm not techy, so can't feedback on tech stuff (I can understand your project but not the in and outs)
      • But I could see good many features I could relate to
      • I see the ability to add data into flags, AB testing, different environments, segmentation - Thumbs up
      • You have left the users tab in your walkarounds, why not show us that?
      • Try and be consistent in your pricing, if "unlimited requests" takes the 5th place in start plan, it should do the same in other plans. Try moving it around and see how it goes
      • You've said we can signup for free but it's unclear what we'll get for free and may I know why free trial isn't an option?

      Overall it's a good app for the developer community with the features that large organizations use all packed in a seamless user interface where we can find our way around. Though I couldn't feedback on tech side of your project, I hope I added some value (a bit maybe)

      Here goes Your Landing Page Report

      1. 1

        Thanks for the extensive feedback, I appreciate everything you said and take it into account to improve the upstamps.com landing page. The point of the mobile and price I will take action to improve these aspects. I do not have a free trial mode but a sandbox mode because the trial requires the user to place their credit card (due to my payment provider) and this can be a red flag to create an account so I decided to create a limited version of a sandbox where the user has a limit of features to test without requiring the use of a credit card

  32. 1

    Hi Dinakar,
    I would really appreciate your feedback on my app Tracktions

    1. 2

      Your app and your landing pages are one of the simplest and effective ones I have seen. This is how landing pages should be for an app like Tracktions

      • Headline, Sub-headline and CTA are on point
      • Screenshot below the CTA commands me to scroll down
      • You keep the visitor right on the page, throughout your page
      • Your why tracktions section could use a bullet list
      • This page should do well in terms of Click-Through Rates

      Coming to your App/Play Store pages: where the real conversion happens

      • On the App Store, you did it again, good job!!
      • Play Store kinda missed the mark, app store had "Achieve Goals. Track Habits." that concisely explained what the app is
      • App Store also had screenshots with bold texts that once again explained what the app is and what the app does. Play store misses these not focusing on Play Store yet??

      Now the app:

      • Its simplicity and ease of use blows me again
      • It is what I saw in your landing and play store
      • I like the swipe action to add a note and add an occurrence
      • When I first used the home screen, it had instructions about the swipe action second time it was gone! Why not just leave it there?
      • When the swipe action instruction was there, it did not hinder my experience in any way and was genuinely helpful. I managed to read it at first, some might have missed, so it's better to leave it there or at the bottom
      • History could be renamed as activity ask others opinion on this
      • Many apps have this dotted underline below headings when clicked it'll show a short description. You could add one under each of your interval headings again, ask others opinion on this
      • Instead of having notes inside of history section, you could show that right below the intervals section. If you make this adjustment, you'll have to make the "add occurrence" sticky (preferably with a background as notes are now below this) and sure it's always on the app
      • I like the good, bad and neutral tags in the details page
      • Lastly, I saw a review in a different language than english. If that's your primary audience, then you might try adding that language and maybe give the users an option to select language when they onboard the app or a dropdown above rate app in menu would do

      Left a review on Play, that summaries it's simplicity. I'll be using your app for a while, so if possible I'll feedback on that. (helped?)

      1. 1

        btw, do you have a twitter?
        I would like to write a tweet about feedback you provided

        1. 1

          Sorry, It took me time to get back. You probably tweeted but anyway my Twitter is @iamdinakar it was mostly personal, only recently I started posting biz stuff. My LinkedIn is where my business is.

          Following up on your prev response. That's the whole point of this post Alex. I wanted to give real detailed feedback and tried my best. I didn't just want to get votes or just leave "it's nice"

          I'm glad I helped you.

      2. 1

        Thank you so much for your feedback.
        I didn't expect such a big portion of really valuable information.
        You did a titanic job!

        Play Store was not my main focus, but I will definitely spend time on improving its looks and feel.

        Regarding the hint under the actions list — I did this on purpose to help users to understand how the app behaves. As soon as the user got 3 actions or reset them several times I just hide it because it doesn't help anymore. I could be wrong.

        History screen is still my weak spot, and I have to figure out how to make it more helpful and informative for the user and doesn't load with lots of info at the same time.


        If you have any questions regarding the application, just let me know.
        I would love to help you!

  33. 1

    Awesome! I'm desperate for testers on Portabella.

    Hopefully you get the picture from the landing page, but I'm aiming to be a secure, privacy preserving version of Trello/Asana/Jira/etc.

    1. 2

      Little update: You could use an illustration or two just like how the apps you mentioned did (or even better)
      You could also include a gif with little movements above the fold (instead of image)

      1. 1

        I agree a gif is a great idea. Going to try and sort that out soon.

    2. 2

      Your above the fold (ATF) does the job! Overall, good use of white space.

      • IMO ATF's a bit of clutter tho, "already trusted in" block could be center-aligned right below the fold. If you have many products (more than 5 or 6), add a slow slideshow to reduce the load on user
      • Coming back to white space, your footer could use some white space (atleast in home page). I feel it breaks the flow of pricing block

      In mobile it's even more cluttered and distracts from CTA

      • Use the Grammarly approach, they allow users to explore public pages, signup, login, and upgrade options on mobile (web). Actual app is restricted to desktop and mobile apps.
      • I like how your Twitter reflects your software, many Indie Hackers use their personal profile (which is ok too)
      • Your LinkedIn could use some posts too. I don't know if you're posting from your profile
      • Having a software for organizations/businesses and not active on the biggest pro network, such as LinkedIn? Not a good idea. If you don't have time for LinkedIn maybe use an auto curation + scheduler platform like Quuu. It's free for 1 account and I personally use it for 1 account.
      • I see that you're using nextgen web formats like webp but you're also using few PNGs that take 400+Kb each. compress it
      • Big one: I like how you're bringing out data leaks to highlight your security but you just took your visitor to a 3rd party website. Like it's right below the fold and they did not even spend a minute
      • You can write a blog post on these data leaks and link that on your pages. Keep outbound to the minimum unless it's for SEO purposes (or it's an affiliate link)
      • How it works is a blog post. Good. It lacks a CTA. Not good.
      • There are these annoying companies with popups and CTA all over the place and the good ones with one CTA at the end of blog post or directly on the footer so it's automatically on all pages.

      There are times where I really want to find a CTA and signup. I'll search in footer, start/end of the post or under the header menu

      • Mmm Mnemonics!! Now I know you're truly security focused
      • It's really secure Alex. Good job.
      • Email verification is not working. Tried to verify multiple times
      • There is no option to resend verification also. May not seem important. A business might leave if they didn't their verification mail for long enough, as it's much needed for teams
      • Speaking of email I just signed up with a disposable mail (as I do most times). Don't allow signups from disposable emails. You can use a free API service for this job
      • Each tab could use a description. Like team tab could say "all the team member in this project will be listed here". It is self-explanatory yet useful
      • When a calendar date is clicked add that date (I clicked) to the popup
      • I'm not able to select a label or save when done in the calendar popup. I understand it's in beta
      • Give us a ok button for color selection in column. When I click somewhere the popup closes (color popup hides the save button)
      • After I enter a task, I can go on to enter the next task. Thumbs up for ease of use.
      • Labels are not working anywhere
      • Maybe when I hover on task, you could show task description or highlight it's respective dependant-on in the board
      • How do I select multiple tasks on timeline?
      • Checklists can have sub checklists

      It's a good app in and out. I hope your project is already performing well. As you focus on security give users an option to change passwords. Or let them contact you to change or recover password (I didn't see support options anywhere). You might have planned these for your next iterations I hope. (Sorry it's long lol, this helped?)

      1. 1

        Hey, thanks! This is some incredible feedback. A few things I have planned or know about but most of it is great!

        Awesome tips about external links and CTA's will sort that stuff out tonight.

        The other items I need to go through and really think about them. Really appreciated!

  34. 1

    So nice of you! If you have a Chase credit card I’d love for you to try out Pointway! https://pointway.app

    1. 1

      I just tried your landing and app page. I couldn't test the functionality, no chase cards.

      • Your landing page conveys your offering right away
      • You have given the right information the right way
      • Content is neatly laid out with easy to understand bullet points when required
      • Your blog is truly built to read. Is it custom coded or runs on a blog software?
      • When I first came in, header had login, blog, and contact. If logged in users visit the landing header has Dashboard and logout. It enhances user experience.

      Most SaaS companies just show Login and Signup in landing no matter logged in or not!

      • Your app and landing pages are both fast and loads in an instant
      • The app interface is easy to use with easy navigation. Did you take inspiration from Facebook Business manager interface? Just asking, it looks similar, only yours is more responsive and fast
      • Even the plaid's account linking screen goes well with your design. Was this planned out or it just came out well?
      • I signed up with a disposable email (given today's spam rate, it's become a habit). Restrict to only public emails and company emails. There are many free and paid APIs available for this job.

      We offer verification API bundled with our software, you need not buy anything from me as there are lot of free options for this.

      Let me know if I helped you.

      Update: Saw your welcome email now. Though automated you have added the personal touch. It's warming to read.

      1. 1

        Wow thanks SO much! I'm so glad to hear all of these positive things. The blog is custom made with some help from online TailwindCSS components! The design is supposed to be similar to Ghost's default blog theme.

        Plaid's screen just happens to go nicely with the design of the app! :D

        And nope, I've never looked at Facebook Business manager. The app's design was also built with some help from online TailwindCSS components :)

  35. 1

    This is a really nice service :) thanks for doing this. Our web app is https://meetfromhome.io - an online venue for hosting interactive events and meetups. Runs in the browser, no sign-up required, no downloads.

    1. 1

      The landing/home itself is well laid out.

      • Above the fold conveys the message with clear CTA.
      • Mobile responsive - thumbs up.
      • Meeting game!
      • The CTAs placeholder text changes to MyFirstEvent, MyFirstConference, MyTechMeetup, etc - double thumbs up.
      • Slick animations, clean interface, and good many features.

      Do you what's happening here? Your app is so good, now my feedback looks like a paid review!

      Webinars, Collabration, Meetings, Gaming based network it's just super amazing @JVillella how long have you been building this?

      This is not necessary, you can add 404 pages, I only saw the default page.

      I like how it has no sign-ups and optional email. Do you think you can keep it this way as you scale? Speaking of scale do you plan to monetize or what?

      My experience would have been better if I had someone to talk to or meet. I was walking around in the game, then opened a new tab to see if I can join again (and try speaking to me). Didn't work.

      Here is your Landing Page Report

  36. 1

    Hi Dinakar. Thanks for taking time to help others. I build Boostlane.com. Please visit the public pages... Your feedback will certainly be valuable. I don't really care about SEO and social presence for now, I'm not at that stage. Any info on user experience will help a great deal.

    1. 2

      IMO it is cluttered in PC. Mobile has the same interface but the clutteredness doesn't come out because only less is seen (Mobile it's 2 posts and in PC it's 6 per given moment) Not to mention there are lots of colors going on.

      If you take Giphy for example, which is driven by gifs is still uncluttered. They have a minimal interface, I'll have to hover on the image to see image actions, image author etc. They take it even further in mobile, to see the image actions I'll have to click and see the full gif page.

      Next is:

      • The "below header" has Explore, discover, collections menu, which again has Explore, discover, collections below. I guess you included this for mobile, as the main menu goes off in mobile. use just one
      • The mobile view has big Explore, discover, collections icons reduce the size
      • Search option on homepage - thumbs up
      • The text "Brands. Products. Services." is not visible in that black bar make the color lighter
      • I like the rounded tags you have that say explore, buy, best and other ones
      • As I said, the text-only quote blocks are nice, the colors especially
      • In mobile "go to top" is already an inch on top. Try putting at the bottom. see what others say on this change
      • Maybe consider a sticky header, as it's scrolling infinitely. Even though there is a go to top it's a good idea to keep navigation under two clicks
      • The pop up after clicking a post is nice, it keeps the visitor under one page. Sometimes it's good to keep the visitor in one page and sometimes it's not. You'll have to test what works.
      • The popup post only covers less screen in desktop why not use rest of the screen?
      • In the popup, button to visit full-page says page (with a checkbox) consider just a visit page or full page button
      • Mobile post popup looks fine
      • Maye consider changing the loading gif, when the popup loads (something clean or cute)
      • Ditch the cancel button below comment box. We need not show that until user starts typing. This again comes down to de-cluttering

      I really hope you found at least one tip useful for your project. I saw an under-construction message, so I guess you're still working on these elements.

      Here is the Business Site Report

      1. 1

        Thanks Dinakar. I really appreciate your feedback. It will help me make improvements over the coming weeks. I'm glad the usability is not too bad for a start and the improvements required are not major structural changes...



        1. 1

          Yeah, as posts come up 30 - 40 seconds, this would boast even better usablity if things are moved around a bit in your next versions.

    2. 1

      I just visited.
      First impression: It's nice, especially the colors.

      Will provide more feedback in few minutes.

  37. 1

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

    1. 2

      Hi, I like the colors you've use on your landing and the design is good.

      • It took a while (like 5 mins) to understand what your app does
      • It is taking me forever to load your videos (it is still loading so I came here to write)
      • It's confusing when you say "preview everywhere", you could just say "it's realtime editing"
      • As I test, I could see you run on LiteSpeed, which for some reason is slow, Host your videos on youtube and embed here
      • You are already active on Youtube, so just uploading there and embedding will benefit your channel too
      • Being a video editing project, I can't imagine the effects of slow-loading videos on your conversion
      • Your app installation is also taking time. Given my PC's configuration is higher configuration, the app is only 20% installed yet!
      • The app has been installed about 50% now. I'll update here when it's done
      1. 1

        This comment was deleted a year ago.

        1. 2

          With litespeed I just meant your tech stack on hosteria. I find the LiteSpeed ones to be fast but for some reason here it was slow. Anyway like I said a youtube embed will solve speed.

          Just saw the file size Windows apps installed. That entirely explains the install time.

          Now I have it on my PC! At first impression I can't say if I can make a video in minutes. I feel like it would take some time to see how things work here and does not seem simple.

          There are other apps that say they only take 5 minutes to create/edit a video. What they'll do is, we'll be guided throughout the process add videos > add effects > add music> select output> done but there will be lack of customization.

          What you could do about this is, when users come in you could just ask them right away, maybe on the left it says create your video in 5 minutes. The easiest way. >> CTA. On the right it can be, highly customizable options for professional editing >> CTA. Can you relate?

          Btw going forward do you plan to keep Phot-awe a windows app or make it a web app?

          Now the app:

          • Being able to preview the video as I hover is great if you ask me. An option to turn off hover preview is appreciated as some users might have trouble with lower-end PCs
          • I like the idea of how clicking and dragging the scissors cut the video
          • The scissor icon could use an alt text like "click and drag to cut"
          • I deleted last 5 seconds of a 10-second video. Now I clicked the ends and dragged (stretched out), at this point it was unclear if I'm recovering the deleted part (as in premier pro) or actually stretching out the video. Only later I saw the speed near FPS

          Above are just the little ones you can take care of in the later version. Coming to the effects:

          • Now it's easy.
          • Everything in the effects is easily understandable. It's drag and drop!
          • Export has good options to begin with

          I'd like to stop here, though I could add more, it's better if we're talking than me typing (takes time). Honestly, am not taking any opportunity to sell you. If we get talking I promise not to bring up my services unless you ask.

          I genuinely want to speak and help you with this.

          1. 1

            This comment was deleted a year ago.

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