I will write website copy for your SaaS product for free

I'm starting a side hustle to write copy for SaaS products. I need to start building my portfolio and I am willing to take on a few jobs free of charge. My experience is writing white papers and marketing materials. If you would like me to review and re-write existing copy or create new copy from your ideas please reach out.

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    You're a God_Send! Would really (really!) appreciate if you could help with https://apprecia.te.it . Our service lets anyone create and send beautiful appreciation cards to anyone via WhatsApp/Messenger/Signal/SMS/Email etc.

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    Good luck with this. I'm a SaaS copywriter and content strategist so let me know if you want to connect :)

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      Hey, we should definitely connect. I will reach out via email.

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    Hey 🙂

    Great idea! Please re-write the existing copy on our website if you have time.

    We are building a website widget that allows business owners to upload a video on their websites and show it over the webpage incentivizing users to perform target action (send an email, phone number, or redirect to a certain page).


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      Thanks Andrey, I love the idea. I will take a look and see what I can do.

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    I'm a bit late to this thread...
    Is the offer still open? :)

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    Would love to get your opinion on https://remoteleaf.com

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    Interested, even for paid job. Please reach me

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      Hey Tim - What is best way to contact you? You can reach me via email in my profile.


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    Can we get connected

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    Love it! My B2B used to generated almost $5.000k MRR (now at $1.5k MRR because of covid) so you could see the value of your copywriting right away :)

    Website: https://www.virallybot.com/pixel
    My email: [email protected]

    Thanks for doing it!

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      5K MRR is great, I'm sure it will pick up post-covid! I have sent you an email.

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    Would love your help on https://www.bookmocks.com if you find it interesting.

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    Copywriting is always take a lot's of time (for me) :)

    I'd love to hear your idea some ideas about our features page and main page.


    Handypolls it is online poll creation tool.

    Thank you @levimiller121!

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      Love the product! I've reached out via email to your [email protected] address.

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    Thats awesome.

    I’m struggling a bit with communicating our benefits over using other event and ticketing tools so I would really like your input.

    I would love for https://slick.events to be part of your future portfolio!

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    Would love to have your thoughts on tradeplan.co.

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    Wishing you good luck here is the link to my product http://blurmypage.web.app

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    Sounds amazing!

    I just launched Gabzzle — a tool to generate cover photos for all social media. Would love to hear your ideas. 😊

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    I would love for you to take a look at https://retro.app !

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    I'd love to hear your ideas for a new MVP I am planning on building during the On Deck No Code Fellowship starting this weekend.

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    I just launched Statsout this week and all my focus was/is on making the backend work so the landing page is pretty bad... If you can help me spice it up a little I can offer a few months of free access in return.

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    Not really a SaaS yet but a free-to-use platform i made. Basically, it allows you to create simple "scrollytelling" stories, i don't know if you've heard about that. I will really appreciate your help. Thank you.

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    Woah, what a service!

    https://portabella.io sorely needs some love if you have time to take a look at it. Writing copy is so hard 😅

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