I would love help with my Landing page! 🤷‍♂️

Hey IHs,

I've just launched a Side-project trying to help Creators find their team.

I've published my landing page early this week and would love any feedback to clarify the proposition. Thaaaaaanks!

Link to the Website

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    On a mobile there is a lot of space at the top, if you move all up you will get more content above the fold. This will help your SEO especially for the up and coming Google update in May.
    I would briefly add how it works as soon as you can on the page, you only have their attention for a short time, make it count.

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      Good advice, I haven't noticed the space at the top! 😎

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    • The gradients are too exaggerated IMHO remind me of WordArt from the '90s
    • The page copy feels super generic, the only two specific things are "creator" and "split costs with other creators" (paraphrased)
      Other than that, it feels like just any 3rd party hiring agency/todo or whatnot
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    After reading through the landing page content, I'm still not 100% sure what Hunq does.

    There's not a lot of text (one sentence per image) and the images sometimes don't seem related to the content (the image with the daily schedule + chat in particular feels disconnected. Why are the messages about watching a movie? Why is the calendar there at all?

    The image above the fold (the faces) isn't great. I'd rather see something about the product there, or a more compelling illustration - four faces and a bunch of empty circles isn't connecting for me.

    Questions I had about your product that weren't answered on the landing page that might have been interesting to spend time on:

    • What types of experts can I find on Hunq? Example use cases might help a visitor understand if your product is a match for their needs.
    • What will using Hunq do for me as a creator? What will my life look like after I start using Hunq?
    • What does Hunq cost me? Or at least, what is the pricing model?

    Some technical things:

    • The hover state on the cards like "360 team view" makes the subheader unreadable
    • There doesn't appear to be a working hover state on the "Easily track expenses" card. Maybe that's intentional but it was weird that only one didn't have a hover state
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      Thanks for this. It's insanely valuable! We will try to work on the copywriting and made the changes, such as the hover state on the cards. Again thank you, you're help is very much appreciated! 💪

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