Software as a Service October 25, 2020

I wrote a SaaS Business Plan

Ching Jui Young @youngchingjui

I did this live stream awhile ago, but I finally got around to cleaning up the writing.

I wrote a SaaS Business Plan for my upcoming Get Git Me app:

I go through some questions such as "What problems will this solve", "Who is my core audience?" and "How will I monetize"?

Hopefully if you're just starting up a SaaS business, maybe some of these questions will help you think through your own product?

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    Great work posting your thoughts in video forms.

    For me the problem statement is at odds with the landing page. The landing page seems to speak to developers and solves a developer issue (how to move your github issues around and present them). The problem statement clearly shows that most of the value goes to the non-technical manager (product, project manager). These people cannot see this value from the landing page.

    The benefits are things like "making sure your team is on track WITHOUT LOGGING INTO GITHUB" or "CREATE 1 PAGE DASHBOARDS driven from your developers github tickets. The imagery should follow suit. (not tickets moving around but nice one pagers for meeting and developer effort becoming manager presentations.

    • Nice doc, I'd make sure to update the timeline section.
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