April 8, 2019

I'd like to make a free promo video for your product ...

Tracey Meagher @Tracey

I'm creating Loop, a template for Makers to create product videos and I'd love to test it in the wild on a real product before I go to launch.

Does anybody need a promo video for an app/SaaS or web project?

Leave a comment if you're interested with details of your product/project and a link.

You can preview Loop at https://slidejoy.co/loop.

Bear in mind, the template is highly customizable for your brand and product story. I'll make something you'll love!

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    BTW.. it's a good idea... assets are a HUGE problem for me now... I need an easy way to create video. I just spent $350 for camtasia which is pretty decent but I need the fancy graphics that most other apps have for an intro video.

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      Thanks Kevin, I built Loop with this in mind, to pre-package great looking animated assets that can be used to make videos in their own right or used to enhance videos in other tools.

      I've just finished editing a training course in Camtasia and used Loop to add some pretty nice content slides. I'm writing that up now as a how-to post. I'll send you the link when it's live if that's ok. It might be useful to you.

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        thanks.. hook me up.

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    Hi Tracey,
    I would like to make a free video. would you help me? I have just started my startup and I have build one product and for that, i am looking for video. Below is the link for my product

    Hope you will help me. Have Good Day!

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    Thanks to everybody who posted. I'll be creating marketing videos for @hqnetworkamanda, @lucasthewalter and @sbecker. I've emailed you guys.

    To everybody else, I'm planning to continue making free videos to give back to the Indie maker community so you'll hear from me going forward and if you still need a marketing video when that happens, I'll be happy to help.

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      Yay! Excited to participate. Will respond via email.

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    Are you interested in someone testing your template themselves? I'm in <3 with PowerPoint and think it would be fun to try out your solution and provide feedback. Could help me as well, which is win-win.

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    Hi Tracey, we would be interested in having a video created for shoutbase.com - time tracking software for small teams and freelancers.

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    I would love to have a video for cryptoscratch.com.ng
    Its a game of scratch card powered by bitcoin

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    Woah, cool! This seems very useful for building promo videos. I have the tools to do it, but it’s always been very time consuming. Would love to participate if you’re still looking for projects. We are working to make digital security easy. Our first product is an ad/tracker/malware blocking VPN - https://hq.network/personal

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    Wow, your product is sleek....

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      Thanks Siddharth.

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    Would love to explore this for draftss.com

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    Hi, I need a promotional video. My project - www.sheroamssolo.com it's a social networking platform for women who travel. Would love to chat further :)

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    Love the landing page! Am very interested in it for my product CryptoTrader.Tax

    My product is a capital gains reporting tool for cryptocurrency investors.

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      Thanks Lucas, hoping to enhance it with some amazing demos very soon!

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    Hey Tracey, I'm interested! http://foxie.cool is my app. It's essentially a new social network focused on connecting you with those around you through activities!

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    Love where this is going! Simply love it!

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      Thanks so much Ryan. Your comment means a lot to me.

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    I'm interested! our product is https://caeli.io

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      Thanks Cara. Interesting idea.

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    I'll be happy to get a promo video for our product https://www.abyssmedia.com/audioretoucher/
    It's a time stretching/pitch shifting software for Windows.

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      Thanks. I'll let you know very soon.

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      Thanks Kevin. I'll be in touch with everybody before the weekend.

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    Does this work for web applications, or just mobile devices? All the samples show mobile, but I do see a "laptop" option on one screen.

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      It sure does. You're right, there's a notebook in there but I also created animated landing pages/webshot type screens too that can be used to display application screens without a device.

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        Have you thought about generating the content as animated gifs and not videos? This morning I went back to your site on my iPhone and wow the experience wasn't that great. For some reason the videos froze, and wouldn't load up. I wonder if animated gifs could be useful. Don't get me wrong, videos are still good, but when you have several like you have on your page all trying to run at once, well, it can bog down things.

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          You're right, this has been an issue. I first had the videos on autoplay ... yes, I know!! They're running from Amazon but I guess they pull on people's bandwidth. I'm definitely thinking of an alternative way to present them on the landing page and GIFs are an option but I would have to make each slide a GIF and that's 160+ GIFs on the landing page... eeks! This is actually a big problem for me.

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            Really cool concept, I’d also recommend switching to gifs. There’s a new script for created animated svg’s called bosymoovin, if you can get that to work for you that’s pretty ideal. I’m the co-founder of www.motionstacks.com and gifs have served us really well for sure. Best of luck

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              Thanks so much for the suggestion Simon. Will definitely be looking into that. Sounds like it will solve a big part of the problem. I'll probably group the gifs into sideshows/carousels . My biggest concern is displaying so many gifs on the page. Could be overwhelming from a user experience point of view. Would love to ask you some questions about your journey with motionstacks.

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                Sure thing, that sounds like a good idea. Would love to find out more about loop, particularly from a technical standpoint as well.

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            I have used ImageMagik (a command line tool) to convert videos to GIFs, but the GIFs are pretty massive if you want high quality. I wonder if simply having a static image of the video with a play button that loads the video on click (so you don't actually have more than one video on the page at a time) might help? Also, enabling gzip compression can speed up a site with lots of assets quite a bit. Depending on how your hosting works, that might just be a toggle in the settings.

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              Thanks Amanda. I've gone with your second suggestion. There's no autoplay. The videos need to be clicked. I haven't yet got my head around how I can display 160+ animated gifs on the page or if I even should. That's some serious eyeball strain!

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          BTW, I love the idea of what you are doing. I am in the midst of trying to get an explainer video put together for my own site and struggling to find a good solution. I am talking to people on Fiverr right now and its not going so well.

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            I will help you.

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              Follow me back on Twitter and we can DM.

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