I'd love for some feedback on an async communication tool my team built :)

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    Love the idea - maybe don't bring the cost point direct at the beginning. That we can't send records in SLACK is a big pain for us.

    If you want to we would like to hear feedback on paperless.io

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    Hey Indie hackers!

    With most of the world embracing remote working together with the busy schedule of fulltime freelancing.

    I've consistently found the need for a way to replace "can you jump on a zoom call quick" or, "I can't explain the issue I'm having, could I'd do a screenshare ?"
    The intention is well, but it puts me in a position of frequent context switching, which we all know is draining for any productive work :)

    So to truly embrace async communication for WFH (work from home) and remote culture, we've built a solution which integrates right into your existing workspace.

    Budgie allows you to send audio, video or screen recorded messages right from slack. Slap some audio transcribing on there powered by ML and you get powerful search for voice & video notes inside your team Slack

    Our team really loves using it, recording screenshares late at night for other team member to watch next morning, or doing standups. We even use it to communicate when a team member is having connectivity issues making a video call difficult.

    I'd really love to built out and improve on this product. And I'd love any input or suggestions on things to add :)

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