Growth November 30, 2020

I'd love to get your feedback on our website

Richard Mensah @riomensah

Hello Indie Hackers!

We decided to update our website and I'd love to get your thoughts on what we have now.

Here's the link ->

Are you able to understand what we do by looking at the website?

Looking to learn what we can improve.


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    Somehow I see this happening quite a lot around here, I really need to write an article about this...

    So, the first thing that I see on the landing page should answer a basic question, why should I care?

    You have around 6 seconds to convince somebody that they clicked on the right link and they arrived at the right place; I got nothing from the first screen that I saw, only a sort-of-misleading button, I was expecting to get a scroll down or something where I get additional details.

    I would say, as I replied around here a couple of times, work on your one-liner value proposition, there is an interesting formula that I stole from Donald Miller (look him up, it's worth it).

    The recipe:

    1. Identify your customer's problem.
    • Be specific.
    • Make sure it's a pain point.
    1. Explain your plan to help them.
    • Make it like a new idea.
    • Make understandable/relatable.
    • Make it brief.
    1. Describe a successful ending to their story.
    • Make it something they want.
    • Make it brief.

    I tried to figure out an example for you:
    Are you wasting your hard-earned cash on marketing campaigns that don't stick? Waste no more, as we provide you the fastest way to reach media and event organizers so that you can shine as bright as your startup!

    Feel free to play around with this one-liner, I hope it provides some value to you.

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      haha so helpful he decided to just paste it nearly word-for-word "Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on advertising campaigns that don't stick."

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        This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      This is really helpful, thanks!

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    Hey as a founder with some marketing background - there is some terminology in this website that does not resonate with me (I had to pause to think what it means in this context) - for example "Authentic Marketing", made me think what is "Not Authentic Marketing". Another example is "Earned Media" - what is that?

    So I see a software graphic after some scrolling, assume that is your own platform, if there is more information on how it works, is it a service, is it self serve, that would be great.

    Initial impressions, spent around 20-30 seconds on the home-page and left my initial perception without over analyzing.

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      Thanks a lot. You bring up an interesting point. We'll have to make it a bit more specific. The plan is to define a new way to market but from this we need to make is easier for people to understand what we are working on

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    Clean design, but like @ProfessorBeekums said above, I don't get the differentiating factor, if there is any.
    I am reminded about something from @harrydry about writing copy that no one else can.

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      Thanks, I'll have to work on improving the copy then. I'll take a look at @harrydry 's piece.

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    My initial impression was that you all are a marketing agency and I wasn't sure how you were different from every other marketing agency. Clicking learn more brings me to a form which I was not interested in filling out.

    Looking at your pricing page though, it seems like your specialty is getting startup founders in speaking engagements or published in articles? That's actually really interesting to me and I would love to learn more (without filling out a form). I wouldn't have gotten that far though if I wasn't trying to provide feedback.

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      Thanks for sharing this, really good feedback!

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    So I thought it was quite clear. I had to think a bit about what you were offering for a few seconds. As someone below stated, there are advantages to making it obvious straight away. Oh and the colours...there are two shades of blue! I think you could make points stand out more if there was better colour coordination

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