Idea to launch in two months and learning from past mistakes.

I spend a lot of time building products and i've made a ton of mistakes along the way.

Last year I finished a project that took about two years to complete. I was so invested and naively assumed due to the hours put in it was guaranteed to get somewhere. I sent thousands of emails, wrote blog posts, posted on product hunt, reddit, IH and... nothing.

It was like shouting into the void and it hurt.

My mistake? I didn't know my audience and I solved a problem I only assumed existed. I told myself I did market research but googling for similar products and saying "I can do better than that" doesn't really cut it. I developed in silence and guided the product development based on my own misguided assumptions.

I needed to educate myself.

Since then I've taken a few months off to reflect on the failure. I read books like the lean startup and reevaluated what I really wanted build.

During this same time I created a devtools extension to solve my own problems whilst developing with GraphQL. I built this for myself only. With no promotion at all it now has over a thousand users and something finally clicked. Solve your own problems and you'll likely solve others problems too. Obvious I know. But maybe you have to feel the sting of failure to really learn.

With this enlightenment I've built a new product in under two months that solves my own problems. I'm launching early to iterate and gain valuable user feedback. I won't assume what customers want, I'll let them tell me.


CloudCapture lets you transform and serve highly optimised images over a global CDN.

Hook it up to your S3 bucket or any public URL and convert high res images on-demand.

The next steps are building out a suite of high-quality components connected to the service to provide drop-in support for all things images.

Image upload, optimised rendering, galleries etc.

I want to be able to simply drop a component into my app and everything just work. No need to setup your own CDN, build components or sign URLs with your own server.

Thanks for reading!

New Product

Old Product

Devtools extension

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