Idea validation and feedback.

Hi all, I am working on this idea: https://www.mrrfuel.com/

I've been getting some good feedback so far. I'd love to get some feedback from this community as well?

I would appreciate any additional feedback, suggestions, or introductions to relevant people.

Thanks for your time!

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    Is this a loan against future receivables? Meaning if those users churn, do you still need to pay the amount that they would have paid annually back?

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      Also, I just received some feedback, it does not necessarily have to be annual, businesses could sell either 3 - 6 - 9 - 12 months of their MRR.

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      Thanks for the message, the easiest would be to swap out a churned user for an active one. So, if a user churns out in months 6, just swap them for new users until the payback period is complete.

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        I understand but my main question is this a loan?

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          No this is not structured as a loan. Businesses are trading their future subsciptions.

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            I like it. I question how this differs from debt but maybe that doesn't matter in the short term.

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              Thanks. would love to chat further. I'll reach out by email if you don't mind.

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