Idea validation help: source control for your design process

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for feedback on a landing page that I just launched for an idea that I've been kicking around for a while called Source Compare.


It brings order to your design process by being like git source-control for images.

I create a lot of figures for clients and I've found that keeping everyone in sync with what version we are on is a challenge. Providing a way to give feedback would be very helpful in keeping everyone on the same page. We'd usually send figures back and forth over email or post versions in a google doc and the result ends up being pandemonium where sometimes people are making edits to old versions of the figures which end up being a huge waste of time.

With Source Compare, someone uploads the first version of the image and then publishes additional versions that take into account suggestions that their collaborators make. They have the opportunity to upload multiple iterations of a version which allows everyone to discuss and vote on their favorite. Once a final version is created, everyone can download the same figure from the same spot so that you can ensure that team members are all using the latest and greatest image.

What do you think? Is version tracking your designs something that you've struggled with in the past? Thanks for any and all feedback and suggestions!

Is Source Compare something that you'd find useful for your figure collaboration?
  1. Heck yes!
  2. No, that doesn't fit a use-case of mine.
  1. 2

    There’s definitely a need for something like this for designers but usually they will want to put their design files into source control rather than just images. Figma has it already built in. The challenge is making it easy to use and reliable for designers. You sometimes hear designers bitching about Abstract - Git can be complicated.

    You might have already come across these but here are some that work with Sketch:

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      Thanks so much Mark! You bring up a lot of good points- source control is certainly a complicated issue that can be tackled at the design file level, but I'd argue that there probably is a benefit to also having a way to track the progress of the current state of things that would be easily accessible to all the stakeholders from developers, to designers, and finally to even non-technical folks.

      I've come across two of those examples you shared but this is a good reminder that I should do some serious due diligence with these apps to make sure that I wouldn't just reinvent something that already works really well. Cheers!

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    I love the idea and the presentation looks great.
    Version Control Saves Lives! Mine, a few times... But, I'm not a designer, so not your target market.

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      Ha it sure does save lives! As a developer, I remember the first time the power of git really clicked for me and coding never was never quite as hard after that point. :)

      1. 2

        Indeed... Git is a superhero.

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    I'm not a designer but I think this is a great idea! It could be very useful in design firms.

    ALl the best!

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      Awesome thanks so much for the feedback!

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