Idea validation: Improve meetings with meeting karma

Hi everyone,

as for everyone in the pandemic the whole exchange with co-workers in my large enterprise became a fully digital experience. However, many meetings are unnecessary, lengthy, not well prepared or come with other flaws.

Given the above shortcomings often nevertheless no feedback is provided to the meeting organizer(s) since hierarchy, laziness or lack of interest prevent this from happening.

I have been thinking about a platform where after each meeting a very short feedback from each participant is being collected through simple attributes (e.g. "great meeting", "too long", "lack of structure", ...). At the end of e.g. a month each user would receive a meeting karma score with their individual scores and thus be able to identify areas of improvement. What do you think about such an idea?

What you consider a meeting karma score useful?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
  4. No way (stupid idea) :)
  5. I did not get the idea.
  1. 3

    Rating an employee in meeting is kind of discouraging and public shaming.

  2. 2

    We are also working on the meeting problem but think the solution has to be alternatives to meetings. For many meetings improving them isn't the right direction, you have to get at the root cause of why the meeting is happening.

  3. 1
    1. Let's consider, firstly, the extra step a user must take to rate the meeting after a long or annoying or tiring meeting (maybe scheduled at 5 PM on a friday). Someone has to create the meeting "voting container", with proper description and whatnot; then, users need to connect and give their opinion - anonymously, I hope, though it would be quite clear on who said what; if we do a 3 person meeting, and I'm the meeting owner...
    2. Feedbacks might not be honest, it depends much on the company culture, the individual, the situation, the topic, and so on
    3. There might be revenge voting, public shaming, etc. - we all see what people can do when they share their opinion behind the safety of a screen and anonymity
    4. What tells me the feedback are taken into consideration? What assures me I won't face retaliation after negative feedbacks? (even if not mine...A meeting where 8 people out of 11, for example, give a negative feedback might entail a negative response to ALL the coworkers regardless of who said what).

    I get the intent and it's a positive one, but I think bad meetings must be fought by providing better alternatives (ex, a "dev-only" meeting that solves a problem in 15 minutes compared to a "full-team" meeting lasting 1h. Management usually loves this kind of things).

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    It is hard for people to be candid with coworkers unless the company culture is ready for it.

    I recommend you to read Netflix‘s CEO no rules book. It's pretty extensive about this topic

    1. 1

      candid with coworkers unless the company culture is ready for it.

      Very rare haha

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