AMAs January 3, 2021

Idea Validation Success


No landing page. No emails collected. No cold calls made for getting these pre sales. Ask me anything. I will explain how I did right.

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    Congratulations, unfortunately the website appears to be down so I can't check it out

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      There is no website yet for the product. About $300 of pre sales gave me the confidence to start the product development. It has been outsourced to a freelancer site. I interviewed few of them today. $278 in Paypal payment + $15 Amazon gift card.

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    Hi Bparanj. Tell us how did you do it?

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      I found a thread in teamblind and saw link to join whatsapp group. I was not happy with the group, I started my own whatsapp group. It hit the maximum limit and I migrated to Telegram app. I now have about 250 people in the Telegram group. I have been live coding everyday for the past 165 days. I upload video everyday.

      I repeatedly came across a problem we encountered during our calls and asked people to pay to get access to the product when it is ready. Once I got around $300 in pre sales. I posted a job on a freelancer site to create the product. I keep my group updated on a daily basis on what's going on with the product development.

      Things that helped me:

      1. Outcome driven innovation training by Tony Ulwick. I was able to see gaps in the market.
      2. Dane Maxwell's foundation course. His idea of making calls to find painful problems. I made 20 idea extraction calls in my market. I started taking action even before I was ready.
      3. Russel Brunson's books and videos. This guy is just amazing! He puts everything together and gives a process that ties different pieces into one coherent unit.

      I also enjoyed the The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed book by Alberto Savoia. I validated the initial idea through Zoom calls, other forums and subreddit.

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        Great. Thanks for sharing all this. I will look at all that courses you mention!

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