May 24, 2019

Idea validation/Would this be legal? - Automated content streaming to circumvent copyright protection in videos



I have this idea and was wondering if you guys think it would be profitable and more importantly legal.

My idea is have an app/chrome extension(In the beginning) that allows for YouTube creators to register their video and place certain time points within their video where they would want copyright protected content (Songs, Videos) and users who have the app when they reach that point within a registered video it would leverage their local steaming (Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud) to play the content locally in an automated fashion, thus allowing for copyrighted content while still giving back to the original creators.

Do you guys think this idea could have any legs and would be legally possible?

The above description is just a general overview, there of course would be things like volume control, time control and all the things to make the local streaming sync with the creators content in the way they chose.

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    Seems like you would have a lot of problems. 2 sided market is one big one. People have to produce using your product and consume using your product. No way to jumpstart that with other content.

    Legal issues. Music issues (music industry is a beast to work with).

    What is a smaller version of your idea that you could try? Have you talked to 10 people you think would use this? Do you create content yourself?