[IDEA] What about a token-based , engagement-rewarding community?

Hi Hackers !!!
First time for me writing here and still not very familiar with how to do anything on this platform. I've been reading a lot of super interesting ideas and side hustles and really love to see people's engagement in the process of validating their ideas.

Here is my idea.
My idea was to create a token/crypto based community where people for their engagement and contribution to the public.
My idea was to create a sort of Patreon in which creators could publish their own contents/art/music etc and people could engange with them. The benefit is that people's time/engagement would be rewarded but also creators could be payed in the community's token which could as a normal market, go up in value and not.
This was the idea broadly.
What you think about it? Is there some blockhain/crypto expert who I can get in touch with?

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    How are you rewarded for you engament ? What is for you engagement ? Which form the engagement/contribution is taking ? (a forum ?) Who reward ? (its a vote ?)

    https://steemit.com is making something similar where content creator are rewarded by the community

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      Still an idea but what I thought is that for every interaction, like/share/purchase/invite you will always receive some sort of reward. My idea was a that every content creator has its own space in this forum where he can share its insights, contents and posts an people interacting with them will always get rewarded. This will allow to create a circular win-win situation where both user and content creator will be awarded for their time.

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