"IDEA" What about an AI platform, forecasting Revenues/Expenses?

Hello wonderful Hackers, so I'm a business owner and lately I've been searching the AI field extensively to find a platform/service to help me forecast my Revenues/Expenses but I couldn't find anything.

So Here is my idea.
The idea is to develop a web application, which will be a complete financial tool for shops and businesses, utilizing engineering and in-depth learning techniques. In particular, the application will enable companies to enter their financial data (revenue, sales, raw material needs, employee wages, fixed costs, etc.), and the application at the first level will categorize the data, making statistics analyzing and presenting them in a way that the user-entrepreneur will be able to monitor their development and make informed decisions aimed at maximizing profits.
In the above context, the application will offer the ability to predict (with high accuracy) future data from the existing registered data of the company, utilizing methods of machine learning (time series analysis) and deep learning (neural networks). From the above provisions will be supported the user's decisions, making proposals to reduce costs and maximize revenue.

This was the idea.
What you think about it?
Is there something similar out here in the market?

Thank you for your time!!

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    Hey, most POF (for restaurants and retails) have this feature included so managers can know how to optimize acquisition and revenue.

    Maybe something like www.cenario.co look like the tool you mention (this is for e-commerce).

    I think SaaS companies and e-commerce can benefíciate from a tool like that. There are many on revenue intelligence, but there are external (competing costs and pricing with competitors) not with what’s going on inside.

    Will love to chat, you have my TW in my profile

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      Hello @Isabela, thank you so much for your valuable feedback and time. What you are shared sounded very interesting, I will definitely send you a message in twitter to discuss it more. Thank you!!

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        Sure give your user :-)

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    I am working in this field right now, I work in a big company and build planning solutions for their finance department, mainly used for financial reporting and planning.
    I would say that such a solution would be great for big companies but the challenge would be to integrate with their internal systems because the planning solutions that we have right now takes data from the ERP and exports the data to a data warehouse.

    So while building your solution, try to think about these interfaces and you will be good to go.
    The industry really needs indie hackers in this area, right now we are using some SaaS products from Oracle and they are really not fit for purpose.

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      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback @abdelhaak. I think what you say is very important for us and also a good idea to think about. We will definitely let you know once we have an alpha, in order to tell us your opinion and give some more valuable feedback if of course you want and you can. Thank you again !!

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        this is for sure - will be happy to give my feedback :)

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