IdeaPeach: Keyword Research Tools for Digital Marketers

Hello Indiehackers,
Working on a subproject that helps Digital marketers / SEO professionals get things done much faster.
Currently, one marketer is using the query to google shopping category mapper and there are a few other folks who are exploring the keyword research tool.

Not planning to compete with giants like Ahrefs/Semrush or any other tool. Just saw a few gaps and trying to fill that one.

Coming Soon: Mapping query to Wikipedia entities. This tool can be used for creating Semantic Topics for your blog / product.

Would love to get some feedback on the app https://ideapeach.tools.

Would you pay for the tool?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. 1

    Tried it and it and it seems to not work :"(

    The page seems to be stuck in a loop. I tried to search for a single keyword and both spinners seemed to loop forever (over a minute).

    1. 1

      Hey sorry about that. Can you please try refreshing if you keep seeing the spinners? This happens only for the first time. All subsequent requests should be super fast.

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