Ideas to grow your SaaS Project

I want to share some ideas to grow your SaaS project. This was actually a reply to someone else's post. Maybe this can help someone else or generate even more ideas.

This was the original reply:

I'm not a SaaS expert but those are ideas that I would test and experiment with. If successful then scale.

  • A/B Test Landing Pages if you have enough traffic.
  • Comparison Pages to other tools (competitors). Make it visual, since some people don't read but look at pictures, comparison tables, infographics, etc... Be honest in your comparison Pages. If your tool can't do it, then let the users know. Highlight your good sides and let them know about what you've removed to make it simpler, more efficient, etc.. What I also like are the sections about who is NOT the right customer.
  • Google Ads that lead to Comparison Pages. If people google your competitors your comparison page can show up and people might like your tool better
  • Retargeting Ads. Most people don't decide in the research phase. So it's important to have a retargeting campaign in place to market during the entire research phase.
  • Capture E-Mail addresses. If possible have something that captures those emails and reach out through an Email Marketing Campaign. Create an amazing Offer. For example, the reason I subscribed to Adespresso was that they offered 50% off the first year if you signed up during the trial phase and they advertised that through their emails.
  • Appsumo & Co - great way to get new customers. You will create a Lifetime Deal for their customers. It's a 50:50 Deal with Appsumo.

I hope that helps :)

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    Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks so much 😊 Feel free to add more tips to the list 😊

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