If Content is King, then Video is God 🔱

Heyyy IndieHacker Marketers, here is your case study #2 - How to Unfairly Leverage Video Content for your Brand in 2020.

Video content and video content marketing is expanding rapidly into every corner of business, the social sphere and soon your entire life. Video is the most engaging and interactive content that is growing exponentially with no sign of stoppage.

Every business in the world is slowly turning into a ‘marketing agency’ as well as a ‘business’ ‘business’, every app, social platform or tech startup is favouring video over anything, so here’s nearly everything you need to know to get up to date.

If you want the following:

  • 1200% more shares
  • end user engagement increased by 33%
  • increase web traffic up to 55%
  • grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users

Then check this out: https://medium.com/@spreaduk.app/video-content-marketing-for-youtubers-and-brands-in-2020-7f8b4d4919a0

If you read anything then read the last section on "Video that is more than video" - How to keep your content on brand and on top (hella unspoken about!)

Drop a comment after you read it and let me know what you thought (and where I can improve!)

Enjoy! :D

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    Agree 100%!
    I especially like the start-split-spread strategy - which we try to do with everything we post ourselves. We also try to convert every piece of content into different formats, so that a video can also become an article or blogpost and vice versa.

    Now I understand it's easier for us who are working with video to create good looking video content, but I really hope that more small businesses would have the courage to just start creating video.

    Well done on this article, and thanks for sharing!

    1. 1

      Emelie, you have come to the right place.

      My startup Spread, literally does exactly that. Turn videos into podcasts, podcasts into blogs and blogs into social media posts...

      I'm guessing you're doing this process completely manual right now, yes? How about you did this with a click of a button - on every video, to every format?

      The beta will be released soon, if you want a free account for life then you can sign up here:


      Thank you so much for allll of your comments - you're such a nice person


      1. 1

        That's super interesting, will for sure have a closer look at it! Well done, and keep up the good work! :)

        1. 1

          thank you very much Emelie, hope this isn't the last time we speak :)

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