Growth October 23, 2020

If I could choose one superpower, it would be this.

Anton Fenske @fenske

If I could choose one superpower, that would be knowing in advance what prospects I should NOT follow up with.

Some folks say they are interested in what you do but then keep ghosting you. 🤷‍♂️

Which superpower would you choose?

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    so defining your ICPs! yeah, it's a lengthy process. And 5 months after starting I realize that it's kinda like when you start in a new school, the friends you make at the beginning aren't the ones you'll really be friends with.

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      Hehe. It's a fair way to look at it. 😃

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    The super power of mind control would also solve this issue and increase sales ;)

    But yeah, people who schedule meetings and don't make them are super annoying. If you have a decent flow of leads and you are having trouble connecting with good leads because poor leads are wasting your time - you could add more qualifying steps. Make them commit more of their time to qualify themselves. Whether it's taking a short survey, clicking a link and reading a short e-book, watching a pre-recorded demo video you sent with a link that you can track. If they haven't clicked / watched your 90 second demo yet, then they can schedule / chat with you. Put up some hurdles where they're more committed to the process and have shown enough interest to warrant you spending your time.

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      Thanks for sharing your advice, Ryan. 🙌 So far I’ve been mainly focusing on validation but it feels like it’s time to clean up some of my processes. 😀

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