If IHs backlink each other will it help with Google rankings?

Imaigne every (ok, some) indie products had an "Indie Made" badge in the footer. It would link to a page on site, which lists and links to all other Indie Made products.

  1. Will this help with SEO?

  2. Is there a chance Google doesn't like this for some reason?

  3. Will you put this badge on your site?

  4. Is there something like this already which I totally missed?

  1. 3

    Sounds like the old link carousels...
    I don't think they work for SEO in like 15 years or something

    Basically best to work on SEO by getting actual relevant traffic as they already have all the data of actual user behavior for anything that isn't purely privacy or anti-google niche

    1. 2

      I agree but I think if you link to another indie hacker's site that is in the same niche and he links back that is still a good backlink.
      As long as it's related and not just linking so see if it helps.

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