If Super Follows was Released Today, What Content Would You Create For It?

I'm sure you've heard about Twitter's new Super Follow feature that's coming out soon.

This presents a new opportunity for content creators to create paywalled content for their followers.

So, if it was live today, what type of content would you create for this new tier of paid follows?

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    I'm toying with the idea of doing it for breaking down the content from my paid courses into bit sized tips for a much lower price. For example, I could break out each action item in my decluttering course into "one thing to declutter from your house each day."

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      Interesting. So then you’d have like 3 tiers of content: free, bite sized, full sized. I wonder if there’ll be away to give people super follow for free; like if you could give people who are already paying for your course free access to the premium tweets. Having 3 tiers of content seems like a good number though.

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        Yeah I def want to look into that along with creating coupons for Super Follows who want to "upgrade" to the dedicated membership. I probably won't look into it until later this year, no rush, but I've wanted to look into some kind of paid micro-content like that for awhile, whether this, a daily newsletter or text message, or something like that.

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    Anything exclusive that can be shared on a regular basis will work.

    For instance I made this page last week that saves Google Trends data: https://boostlane.com/topicswatcher. Once I have enough data I could offer a monthly report to super followers with some valuable analysis.

    Reports, videos and images should sell well on Twitter.

    The sex industry should benefit a lot since they will now be able to sell adult tweets.

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      Good idea. Yeah having more in-depth reports could be a good use case for Super Follow.

      Yeah I didn't consider that this could eat into OnlyFans' business. Also there's this startup called community that lets you text celebrities. I wonder if Super Follow is meant to eat into that business as well.

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