If you are from the UK, name drop an Indie Hacker who fancies a joint venture?

Hey IndieHackers,

Last month I posted an introductory post about you and what you are building - which received a great response from the UK group. 60+ comments!

This time round, I would like you to name drop yourself or someone you may know that may be looking for a new joint venture. A Goodie Collaboration.

Let’s have a chat and let’s make money together.

Happy Friday - it’s 1:16am as I’m typing this!

  1. 1

    Looking for a Growth/Marketing cofounder for https://www.railsrocket.app/ - a no-code app builder.

    UK based so ideal co-founder would also be UK based but open to remote also.

  2. 1

    hey, I've built this simple database of people looking to partner up - might be helpful: https://partnerz.vercel.app/

    I'm sharing it so people submit their details & what they're working on. happy to hear what you think about it!

    1. 2

      Hey, this is a fantastic idea and I have submitted a post. I actually dropped you an email last night at 1:09am. Lets connect and have a chat! I appreciate your comment!

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