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If you can't avoid a long onboarding process, add a commitment checkbox to increase conversions

Long onboarding processes scare customers away. If your onboarding can't be shortened, increase your conversions by adding a commitment checkbox to the beginning of the process.

Conversion Voodoo increased a client's conversion rate by 11% by adding a checkbox to the beginning of their onboarding process. Users were filling out long mortgage applications and were leaving partway through. So they asked for a soft commitment by asking users to click a box which read: "Yes! I'm ready for a better rate today!" The text served to emphasize the end goal while creating a sense that gratification was near ("today!"). It almost seems too simple, but the act of clicking the box can reinforce a user's commitment and help them get to the finish line — particularly for products with necessarily long onboarding processes.

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    I'd like to see more examples of this working than just one. That 11% could have been from any number of reasons.

    The reason I doubt this one (I usually like your posts) is because this sounds an awful lot like confirm shaming:

    1. Yes - I want an amazing discount on this thing
    2. No - I'm a loser, everyone hates me and I want to die
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