If you create YouTube content..What do you use to plan/map your videos?

I have made over 200 videos on YouTube, and while I have tried to map some of them and use a script, but for the things that I cover, (which are most of the time screenrecorder tutorials, etc.) I rarelly use scripts, because I feel like it 4Xs the production time.

I do feel like having a simple "calendar" of some sorts to follow will also make things easier. I have made a plan on notion at the beginning of the year, but I didn't end up following it (I still produced videos almost every week), I felt like it just added more hassle to the process.

So, I'm curious about what you guys use or what your process is. (I've been playing a bit with bubble for a while, so I am also considering building something simpler than will help me with this without all extra complex functionalities that I wouldn't need). But I would love to know what you guys' process is.


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    Hi Kevin, I am interested in your problem, could we discuss about this ? I am working on a project like a crm and an organizer for video editor, with a client space and other stuffs that could facilitate the work of video editor.

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    Hi Kevin,
    What OS are you on?

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        Sweet :) I was wondering if you'd be willing to try my video editor - https://cinematicstudio.app
        I've built it for speed + simplicity, so I believe just using it will save you a lot of time!
        If interested, I can also give you a sweet deal! I'd love to hear your thoughts 🙏

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          Sorry, but I'm not your target market unfortunately.

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            Ok, good luck.
            P.S. Curious why you'd say that?

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              Because your target market is more likely to be people starting & wanting to learn how to edit but that haven't chosen a platform yet. It's really hard to convince someone to change of software once they have create a workflow.
              And for me, (I use DaVinci Resolve) the things that I need to do I wouldn't be able to do with your software.
              (And by the way it has a completely free version with pretty much everything one would need and more. And a 1 time paid version), so that's a plus.
              I don't know if you do already, but I'd definitely try to go for those kind of people if I were you. Similar to what filmora does with their marketing.

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                Thanks for getting back to me!

                I know Davinci is very powerful.

                I don't know if you do already, but I'd definitely try to go for those kind of people if I were you. Similar to what filmora does with their marketing.

                Yeah, that's kind of what I'm doing. But it's sooo haard 😁

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                  Definitely, competition is tough. Since if you want to target "non editors" that want to make videos, most of those people might go for platforms that offer ready made templates, kind like canva or something like that.

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                    Thanks! Yeah, I'm gonna start doing templates in about 1 month or so... Nevertheless, it's hard as fuck...

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                      I'm replying here, since it seems I can't reply to your post.
                      Yeah, I know. There's quite a few of technical issues I need to fix in order for templates to work.
                      What's also hard is thinking what templates to create, since the generation process (what I need to do on my end) is not that easy... But yeah, I have to figure it out...

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                      Yea, focus on not overcomplicating them, I have developed templates for DR and also in the process of making a big bundle, it is easy to get carried away trying to make complicated things. At least for the first 100 I would focus on not overcomplicating them.

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    same as you. I just make a video and put it on youtube. Because mine are looms, they are easy to produce, and I make a few a week for my course but only put a few ever on YouTube.

    Been planning on making a few youtube exclusive videos that tie together a lot of different concepts, but I won't script them out too much. Just a text edit file and then go.

    Also much of my videos can't be scripted because of how I position them. I do a live review and audit and time it out in real time. To show what it takes to actually do what I do instead of an edited version that might take me 2 hours to show a 5 minute clip. I'd rather do 30 minutes in real time so people know what it takes to do it themselves.

    Also I don't have much success on YouTube, probably from not planning, not editing, and not really putting out well crafted videos.

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      Definitelly! Btw! Congrats on getting featured on @noahkagan 's video. Yea! In my case I still require some sort of planning, since is not as easy as just reviewing something, and I do have to edit them because people don't like super long tutorials 😅. At least that's the conclusion I came to when polling my audience.

      I am in the same boat, well, in the terms of "success" I do get around 20k views per month, and decent traffic to my website, and I am also using it as a way to establish brand trust too, since I am working on developing templates and such for the monetization aspect. But I am always looking for ways to improve the viewer's experience and also the workflow that I have for producing content.

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