If you created a course to teach people to code. What would you course be about?

Hi guys,
I am in the middle of launching a company that teaches people to code. We are creating multiple courses (Dutch). The courses a focus on beginner with no prior or minimal coding experience. All the courses will make real life web apps or websites. We are trying to focus our courses on items that are hot in tech at the moment. Lately I have seen a lot of positive posts about Tailwind CSS on IH.
Courland recently shared an idea to make course teaching people to make their own HTML templates and that participants would be able to sell their own templates.

So I think it would be cool to great a course where participants learn to make Tailwind CSS templates and learn them to connect it to a payment system so they can sell their own templates.

I would love to pick your creative brains. So If you created a course to teach people to code. What would you course be about? Looking forward to reading your replies.

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    i think that a great ideia ia to teach Logic before html and css

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      Thank you for your reply. Would you teach logic in each course or make it a seperate one? At the moment we are doing free livestreams (Dutch) every Tuesday on Youtube. In the livestreams we also focus on logic. Maybe we could use those session as a prerequisites to applying for a course.

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    It depends what your target audience is
    Also think what you are explicitly or implicitly promising, doing something like teaching people to sell a thing, you would be judged and reviewed (even if you won't be liable for) for the results of said sales.

    I think most people (not on this site) learn coding aim for being an employee
    There group working in a way is a big deal things like working with got, reading and debugging other people's code...

    Another group and an easy interactive thing that gets people feedback are interactive things like games and physical machines
    Or at least starting from something already interactive, due it's a debatable thing scaring some at the start

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      Great comment. I really did not think of the liability of the results of sales.
      So I think that our target audience is going to exist out of both. People who want to learn to code to make their own products and people who want the moment. We are launching a course in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. That teaches them how to make a portfolio website that they can show during job interviews. But we would also like to facilitate the market that wants to make their own products.

      I love your idea of a course on group working. Do you think that would be more suitable for people who have at least a little bit of coding experience?

      Also like your last idea. Do you have an example of a course that could get feedback from a physical machine. My first thought would be something like building a Alexa skill.

      Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate it!

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        Look for ideas around kits that teach kids to code, be it full small bots that move, or phone attached bots to smaller kits of lights or building keys out of anything like bananas. At least for generic programming concepts. There is also scratch and some js war game thingy...

        About group working, it's should kinda be the end goal, depending on how long the course is, maybe make it the transition between class 101 and 202, the first finishes with a small project split across 3/4 people each having a task that has to connect with the others. (So you got 3 tasks that are repeated across groups which are kinda equivalent, think 3 screens of one app)

        Maybe I'm pushing a bit to advance stuff cause I'm already too far along and am worried about more website builders thinking they are programmer where they can't actually take a concept into reality

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          Thanks, makes sense. We have actually been approached with the question if we could make a course for kids. So, I was planning on researching that.

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              This is amazing. Thank you so much!

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