If you have less than 100 followers on Twitter, I'll follow you

Guess title says it all, my feed is quite empty with my ~40 followings.

I'm not expecting you to follow me back in fact don't, you'll eventually do but this is not for follow for follow. I rather see what you are up to instead of seeing influencers' paychecks.

It's hard to find you so I'm asking your handle and encouraging all of you to engage with each other instead of trying hard under popular tweets.

edit: Personal Accounts Only, Please

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    Thank you for the offer! https://twitter.com/Keypupio let me know what you think!

    1. 1

      Forget Svelte come to Next, we have cookies. ...or not IDK. It's been a long day

      1. 1

        Svelte is fantastic! It has been a long journey from Angular and React.

        1. 1

          I'm new to javascript frameworks, started with vue. It didn't quite clicked. But Next just let me land a page within hours.

          My main problem working with front-end was not being able to fetch due to CORS. Now it's a breeze with Next, I simply fell in love. I'm sure at some point I'll take a look at Svelte but not today.

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            I work in both backend and frontend. You can put a proxy between your frontend and your API. Even a simple package like https://www.npmjs.com/package/http-server can help.

            http-server --proxy https://example.com

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      Hey Dan, what you are up to. I've check the newsletter seems you didn't send your first issue yet.

    1. 1

      Followed but not sure why, if you are not going to share 🤷‍♂️

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    Hi Anil, feel free to follow me at https://twitter.com/aswings8
    I don't have anything yet, not even a picture, but this will change this month!
    Also following other people on this thread

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      Change has started, you better keep up. I'm curious to see what you'll share about data, I'm into it as a newbie.

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    Hey! I joined the community this week, it's nice to find a post like this! I will definitely follow back https://twitter.com/samnegri

    1. 2

      Welcome on board, such a good timing 👊🏻

  4. 2

    Thanks, i am a little introverted on social media :( i try to share though

    1. 1

      At least keep sharing your goals, I don't wanna jinx it but it worked for me so far.

      1. 1

        haha yeah that's where I got the idea!

        maybe your right, it could be all about the haiku... gonna have to try that if my idea a day doesn't work.

        I'll wait two weeks then switch!

        1. 1

          Keep it going, hope it'll work soon.

          1. 1

            haha, I'm on the same boat started today but planning to make one ad a day until I get access.


    1. 1

      Also joined to tribe, https://signals.page/ looking interesting.

      I've recently tried UpWork after seeing a video about it, I wish I've found your 3rd issue about the topic sooner.

        1. 1

          Sorry it was plural, fixed the link now. put the s in the wrong place 🤦‍♂️

            1. 1

              Thanks guys! Appreciate it a lot!

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      You are under 100 no way, if you still looking for karma on reddit. I may have a few tricks, let me know. ;)

      1. 1

        Already gained my ~500 points there!

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      For convenience https://twitter.com/Wkarsens I'll put it this way.

      And fyi, those eepurl links doesn't go to relevant posts, and your twitter link on the blog is redirects to /WwoeSsi.

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    That's a great initiative. My Firefox almost died because of two many tabs open, but I follow you all now.

  6. 1

    Thank you. My twitter URL: https://twitter.com/hypowork 🐤

    Also, if anyone wants me to follow him/her on Twitter, just DM 'Hi from IH', and I'll follow you. 👯

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    is there any logic and usefulness in us all following each other (I'd be going from literally zero)?

    1. 1

      To me, I'm willing to see different stuff in my feed. Following the same names in the niche is filling it with same thing over and over. Either a dashboard or a motivational quote.

      On the other hand, my hypothesis is we are either trying hard to get noticed so sharing very, very interesting stuff or just not sharing at all. I'm trying find the ones who shares interesting stuff also encourage the ones who doesn't share at all.

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    yay, nice initiative!

  9. 1

    This I can totally get onboard with! Happy to return the favour :)


  10. 1

    Great idea!

    Currently I’m heavily into building phase but will show up soon

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    👋 I have more than 100 followers but very little interaction, so I would love a follow and I will follow back! https://twitter.com/atlchris

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    Damn, and I just crossed the threshold this weekend. Literally 100.


    1. 1

      Just in case if someone unfollows ;)

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    Absolutely here for this.... https://twitter.com/jeremybacani
    Follow for the occasional tweet about sports

    1. 2

      That's what I had in my mind. A way to speed up the initial process.

      1. 2

        We just reached 50 followers :)

  14. 1


    I want to start building in public and I think I’m gonna start by taking twitter a bit more seriously to do it. Would love a follow :)

    1. 1

      Waiting for updates 👍

    1. 1

      Wow, I was jealous of seeing those svg generators today. Now I see Contterio also generates animated videos. 👏 I failed to fit my image tho, gonna give it another try.

      1. 1

        I'm working on a new version, sorry I disabled some features. In future everything will be ok

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    It's too late for me... My product's account has passed 100 and grows on a daily basis. It started getting new followers 2 months ago. Feel free to follow, I always follow back.

    I have made a new feature called 'best of Twitter', you will get to see pages like these if you follow:


    1. 1

      Good to hear you are on the rise, I'm looking for personal accounts whom I can interact with. Also I wasn't able to find the twitter link,

      https://twitter.com/Boostlane_HQ this one from your product' page is not in use.

      1. 2

        Sorry, I'm doing too many things at the same time...

        I have not used my personal Twitter account in years, I intend to do so at some point this year. I don't have enough time right now.

        Here is the link: https://twitter.com/BoostlaneNews

        Most of the tweets are sent by the website but I do use the account as well and have conversations when I have time.

    1. 1

      Don't you have a personal account? We can always get updates from there.

      1. 1

        No, but you're right, I should create one. Thanks!

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