November 28, 2020

If you have zero customers and an MVP, post your link. I'll give you an honest review


Hey IndieHackers,

I see people giving free landing page, product reviews, etc. all the time (and have benefited from a lot of these) and so thought I'd pay it back.

If you have an MVP and no customers yet, post your link in the comments.

I'll sign up for your product, try it out, and give you my honest review.

Obviously I won't be in the target market for every product but I could maybe help with UI/UX, copy, onboarding, and anything else product related.

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    UPDATE: So many more people commented than I expected. Just trying to catch up and make my way through. Bear with me haha

    I'd also be super grateful to anyone who reviewed my site,

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      Excellent, to-the-point site. I understand exactly what you're offering.

      One thing that stood out -- there's no email form or link to other source to learn more about you. I'm probably a great prospective customer, but I don't know you, so I'm personally inclined to learn more about you (blog, or perhaps just a Twitter link). Seeing that additional context may just push me over the edge to pre-order.

      I'm sure you made this page hyper-focused on purpose, but just thought I'd mention it.

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      Its really clean, simple, easy to understand. I'd definitely buy it if I had time to read a book.

      Consider Audible? I'd definitely buy you there.

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      Looks like this thread was an amazing way to get feedback and leads for your product. You got some HITTERS in this list!

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    Here we go.
    Design Once, Deploy Anywhere.
    Professionally designed and 100% responsive templates for startups and personal use.

    It used to look like this:

    Thank you so much!

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      Just gotta say man, the site looks really freaking beautiful

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        Thanks mate. Really appreciate that.

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      Love the carousel, nice work!

      You should add how often you'll be adding templates, so people know and are more incentivized.

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        Ohh fair enough, well I do not have an stipulated time frame because they take different time to get done.

        But sounds like a great idea.


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    Thanks for the initiative @Matthewbf !

    The actual MVP/mockup is here
    And the landing page is here

    No need for signing up. Any feedback is welcome.

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      Cool idea, all indie hacker's need more help with this.

      I'd like to see a search or maybe a FAQ section. Then use your current setup as the documentation for further details

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        Thanks for the advice. Would you please explain what you mean by "use your current setup as the documentation for further details"? I didn't get this.

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          Sure! I just mean your current app feels like a "documentation site". Which is fine, but Imagine if I'm interested in using your app I'm probably interested in a certain topic (eg. GDPR, privacy policies, etc.).

          So you could use this to your advantage and setup a FAQ which links to the appropriate documentation

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      This is very useful!!!

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    I seriously need some direction. Thanks for offering help.

    Mine is -

    Let me know what you think.

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    I'm planning to redo / relaunch this but I'd love your feedback on how it currently is:

    Not exactly 0 customers but been stagnant for a while.

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    Would like to get some feedback, if anyone is interested send me a ping:
    We predict Customer Lifetime Values, down to individual future purchase sequence values.

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      good domain snipe, pick another image for the home screen It feels a bit off/outdated imo.

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    Hi @Matthewbf, thanks for doing this! Changes are still ongoing but it is already useable:

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    Hope I’m not too late! This is a great idea. Appreciate you doing this.

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      Can you spot hashtag trends. Im looking for a reliable hashtag supplier

      my site is

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        Hashtag Slayer can be used to analyze, collect, and optimize sets of hashtags for Instagram, but it doesn’t track historical data at this time.

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      Home page looks nice, i would add a few icons to make it easier on the eyes to read since there is alot of text.

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      Nice! It's not clear to me capable is a web app, desktop client, or native mobile app (or all of the above) - can you include something a little more descriptive so right away I know what it is and how to place it?

      One thing I'm seeing (and I'm probably guilty of this too) is as I scroll down I see you emphasizing features and screenshots of the product (which are hard to decipher) - but actual use cases spelled out would potentially help it come to life more, maybe like visuals of FROM: chat/email exchange between a customer and support TO: the simplicity your tool enables. What are some tangible use cases of pain points it solves?

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    This is really awesome! I'll get in line with
    The real application is reachable through

    It is an alternative to dependabot (Github automated dependency updates), but in contrast to dependabot, I also support other notification channels and (soon) a wider range of softwares. For example you can open a PR everytime a new version of Node.js is released. And also get an email everytime a specific npm package gets a new major version.

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    Thanks brotha' - looks like your advice is a hot commodity 🤘

  11. 1 - Remote Workers Community
    I will be glad if you take a look)

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    Thanks for the initiative @Matthewbf !
    Here's something I was working sometime back & left it because of 0 customers:

    This was my IH post:

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      Cool idea, similar to I think?

      More visuals or just a clearer explanation of why to use would be nice I think

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    Yes please!

    Our ads are all targeted towards our niche industry pages, so it may be best to start there as the only people landing on our homepage will be organic visitors

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    Thanks in advance! I built Toorit ( with the purpose of creating a seamless and affordable booking platform for independent and small tour operators. I've come across a lot of tour agencies that don't have proper booking systems (whether because they are too complex, too expensive, etc.), so i made an app to hopefully make the process super simple and affordable. It's a fairly new MVP, so i haven't done much marketing, or validation.
    Any feedback would be appreciated!

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      I am not the one who started this, anyway. You pointed that your customers are small and independent operators in your comment, thats good now put it on your website. In which position I am in to start looking for solutions like yours?

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        Thank for your feedback. You make a good point. I'll see if i can phrase that in a way i can put it on the website. My solution is not only limited to small and independent operators, so i'd have to phrase it in a way that would welcome any tour company regardless of their size.
        As for your last question, if i'm understanding it correctly:
        A company that offers tours and/or experiences but doesn't have a booking system. So, if you are a tour operator that doesn't have a website, you take cash payments or paypal wires to a personal email account, you require your clients to submit a form to inquire about prices and availabilities, or you don't want to pay a 20%+ fee per transaction to the bigger platforms out there that would feature your tours, then my product would be good for you.

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    Thanks for this,

    QLO - interactive 3D clothing mockup builder in the browser.

    Landing page:

    Any feedback is welcome

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      Such a cute image haha

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      Didn't know Spotify had 4000 genres.. you've hooked me, except now I need to know WHY or at least HOW your platform lets me explore them.

      In other words, whats wrong with me just exploring spotify?

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        Got you, that's what I'm working on right now. Better, self explaining, and free to use site without the hassle of registration.

        If you know the genre, you can Spotify faster. Why? Because with the right term you can get to artists you like faster and who you probably will only get presented by Spotify by chance sometime.

        Once you find a genre and artist that suits you, Spotify takes over. Its radio function is very good. I just help to find the right starting point.

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    Not sure if I qualify since I have a landing page and a demo (not a real MVP yet), but if you're interested have a look at

    Curious to hear what you think :).

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      Looks interesting! I think you've done a nice job at showcasing the app, especially with the demo.

      I think one thing you could improve on is highlighting why Mentee is exciting. Sure, I can connect to other professionals and mentors, but what's the catch? Why should I be excited about this? How is it different from other platforms? Just something to think about

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      Super clean landing page, nice job! The video is also great.

      I've signed up and have been looking around for ~2 mins now. Still don't know how to create a task.. I see a message saying "No tasks found. What do you think about creating one? 🤔" hahaha.

      Definitely consider creating some onboarding, a tutorial, or just link your sassy "what do you think about creating one" to the function/tutorial that creates a task.

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        Thanks for the awesome feedback @matthewbf!

        I already got the onboarding page ready but it's very clear what the next step would be now (Linking the sassy title 😄).

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      Nice! I did a lot of scraping in the past years, so good luck with handling all the edge cases :D
      Is it possible to scrape websites with authentication (whichthe user can provide)?

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        Oh yeah, scraping is very tricky especially when rolling out a general solution but Screpto should make it easy to build most scraping projects.

        As for the authentication handling, that is not yet supported in Scrpeto.

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      Interesting, but I'd expect 'get started' button to let me try it out before handing out my email address. Not sure if many others are ok with that.

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        I appreciate the feedback @koobe but it's not yet clear to me how would that be possible. Maybe something to keep in mind.

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    Hey this is a great idea, thank you for doing it!

    My app is

    Actually is a sub-product formed from a bigger project, which I hope to launch the beta in a few months.

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      I am sorry but this is probably the only product that I cannot give a helpful review to.. I am not a drummer and I am thoroughly confused by the product haha. Sorry I know that is of no help

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        Well but your are being honest, and that always is a good response! You also took the time to open the link, so thanks! I hope to be able to release more context about the real product soon... I agree right now just drummy is kind of a mystery.. :D

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      Seems valuable, except where are these "scraped databases" coming from? Why not just sell access to the database instead of one-time purchases?

      1. 1

        We have scrapers running across different websites that collect the data. Didn't get you, what do you mean by selling access to the database.

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    (only google signup works, still a rough around the edges, but core features work.)

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      Hey, I'd love to see more screenshots on the landing page.

      Also, what is the point of me creating a Workspace > Board > to start adding notes/cards and using the product. I was quite confused by that at first. Once in the board the tutorial was clear.

      Maybe start the tutorial when I create the workspace (and explain what a workspace is / what its for) ?

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        Thanks Matthew - great ideas!

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    Thanks Matthew, this would be super helpful!

    We're ChatKitty - an online platform that helps companies build chat into their product without the complexity of building a backend or managing servers.

    Here's our website:

    And a link to our sign up page:

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    Thanks for this,
    Any feedback is welcome

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      This is a perfect example of a really cool product with a not-so-pretty representation.

      After reading through your landing page, benefits, and docs I finally understood the value of this product. After using your demo, then I was amazed. This is awesome. It has huge potential for value.

      If I were you, I would re-work your landing page so that you just communicate this value in the shortest amount of time. Maybe a graphic showing your integrations and how your service can turn them all into one GraphQL endpoint.

      I would also try to get them to try your demo as soon as possible, that's what blew me away and can communicate the value of your service as effectively as possible.

      Nice work!

      1. 1

        thanks a lot for this. I will work on ways to get people over to the demo page. I also have a smaller one in the hero, but I don't think people realise they can edit it.

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    This would be so helpful! My website is , Mark It Simpl is a simple bookmark manager making it easy to save and open bookmarks. This is my first MVP that I have actually released so I know I have alot to learn, but any feedback would be great.

    I've told some friends and family about it to see if they would like to use it/find any bugs I have missed but other than that I have no users.

    1. 2

      Okay I'm going to rapid fire my feedback as I go.

      • "Get started" button on pricing page alerts me to sign up first. Why not just take me to the signup page

      • Signup page then redirects to /pricing page... this flow feels broken. Even though your product is only 2.99 and you're offering a 1 month free trial, I still don't want to go through a stripe checkout or enter my credit card info for something I haven't even been able to try yet. I get it, you want to get people started and a cc signup is a popular flow, but I've had to go through 1 error and 3 pages, as well as now enter my cc for something that I STILL haven't even seen or got to try.

      My advice would be let people demo your product, them prompt to signup for a trial or let them choose on their own.

      Otherwise looks cool!

      1. 1

        Hi @Matthewbf, I appreciate your feedback and I do agree that people should be able to try it out before they pay/add cc details for free trial. I have changed it to allow anyone to sign up and use the free trial without a cc and then decide to pay after the trial ends.

        Hope this will bring a flow of new users!

        Thanks again!

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    Hey, thanks for this! Website: - about to launch so no customers yet. Buzzbomb is currently only an influencer search engine, but we're going to add social scheduling/listening and competitor tracking.

    Similar to @Reflect, I haven't launched either.

    1. 1

      Hey @isaacjoy,

      Cool idea! You nailed the first Hero heading and sub heading copy. I know exactly what your product is and its value.

      I know its probably a placeholder, but if you haven't launched yet, don't showcase companies / how people use your product.

      Also the trial is super cool, but I'm not willing to sign AND enter my credit info if I haven't been able to use the product even a tiny bit. I'd like to see a demo with dummy data or a limited search demo (Example limit results and say start a trial to see full results).

      Otherwise, I was interested in trying it and I think you've got a pretty cool product. Good job and goodluck!

      1. 1

        Hey @Matthewbf, thanks for the awesome feedback. You're right, I should let users play around more in the dashboard to show them the product, with a limited data view.

        Appreciate this.

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    hi, just started 🎮 Apple Silicon Games

    it is a spreadsheet on game compatibility and game performance for Apple's newly released ARM based Macs

    there isn't much to sign up to yet but would love any thoughts you have on this @ value prop, ux, marketing ideas, where to go from here or any thoughts that come to mind

    1. 1

      Hey @__tosh,

      Actually a really cool idea. I think there are tons of people who would want to play games on Mac + join a relevant community.

      Unfortunately your landing page doesn't do a very good job of explaining what you do... is it access to a database? a community? a service? I have no idea.

      I think bring more focus to your core offering/ what you actually want people to do. If it is a database of games that is searchable, just say that + show it. The full screen table at the very bottom of your landing page is hard to see/use. I also don't know if this is a sample or the real thing?


      1. 1

        thanks a lot, I'll think about how to improve the value prop/communication and ux

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    Really nice offer! I haven’t shared my MVP - anywhere yet, but would love any feedback.

    It’s more of a learning experience for me using a no code platform but it solves a problem I have all the time, which is knowing what technology different accounting firms use. My initial hope is to have a list of all the tech tools in the accounting industry and every firm that uses them. Would be a terrific resource for firm technology decision makers and accountants looking to move to firms with good tools.

    1. 1

      Hey @Reflect,

      I'm not an accountant, but I know how valuable these communities can be. I like the landing page and I your example of popular stacks. I would split you signup form into steps. Having to fill out 8+ fields on the first screen feels cumbersome. Split them up and explain why you need each.

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    Thanks for offering this!

    My app is called P42. It is a service that modernizes your JavaScript and TypeScript code in the following ways:

    • updating your source code to use newer JavaScript / TypeScript language features
    • introducing / using best practices
    • updating libraries / APIs when there are breaking changes (future)

    It integrates with Github - so right now you need a Github repository with JavaScript code to try it out. Would love to hear what you think.

    1. 2

      On the first thought I was like, "oh this is nice, I will try it out".
      But I have worked in a fast growing startup which went from a few dozen JavaScript/TypeScript microservices to over a hundred. And the only thing we actually ever needed was dependency updates, which github offers out of the box (dependabot). We only took a look at a service when we identified performance bottlenecks. And that was 99% of the time a "SELECT *" database call or a missing cache

      But, as @Matthewbf said, it can be a nice tool for big companies which want to migrate from e.g. node v0.x to node v14.xx and want to update to newer language features. There are definitely use cases!

      (and I will try it out ;))

      1. 1

        Thanks - good input! Let me know when you want to try it.

    2. 2

      Hey @lgrammel,

      Its a cool idea, I think this has a lot of potential for large code bases and companies.

      You should add a favicon to your site, it will make it look more professional!

      I really like playground, you could maybe keep all the examples navigable on one page though? Instead of clicking "Use Default Parameters" and then clicking back to go to the other examples it would be nice to a have documentation style playground where I can go through everything. Alternatively you could just add a "Next example" button

      1. 1

        Thanks for taking a look and for the suggestions - good things for me to improve!

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    Appreciate you doing this!

    My app is Dynomantle. It is a note taking/bookmarking app that was originally built to solve my own problems.

    The current plan is to create content around how the app has benefited me and made me more productive. Then I can provide example content for new user signups so they aren't going into the app with a blank slate. One post I made for programmers is here.

    1. 1

      Hey @ProfessorBeekums,

      ### Feedback on Landing page

      There is a small typo in the "Organized note taking" paragraph, last sentence. Should be, "will make it easier for you to manage your information."

      I'd love to see screenshots of your app on the landing page. The landing page doesn't really excite me at all. Even though I'd actually be interested in a note taking app, you don't really give me any reasons to use Dynomantle. You have a how it can help section but I already know that taking notes helps me stay organized and keep track of things. Focus on what your product does.

      For example, your app has a scratch pad and it looks like a more dedicated note taking section: You've briefly talked about this on your landing page but you could show this instead.

      ### Feedback on product
      I was actually pleasantly surprised when I logged into the app. The design and seems much more thought out than the landing page.

      In terms of UX, there are a couple things that I noticed:

      • Make the list items, "Scratchpad, reading list, etc." fully clickable across the whole span of the list item. Right now you can only click on the actual text.

      • The "Add link" button in the middle of every note seems out of place. Why not have it by the formatting bar, or off to the top right?

      • When I have a long note, I'm left with less than half the screen to see the actual note: Not ideal for a not taking app. Maybe implement a full-page mode or popup?

      Goodluck with Dynomantle :)

      1. 1

        Thanks for all this feedback! Very solid. The full page mode for notes is actually something I wanted as well.

        The landing page is definitely slapped together quickly. I wasn't really planning on using it as the primary source of user acquisition since I don't think the value of the app is very apparent even with screenshots. That's why I wanted to make long form content describing real usage of the app, though I should probably include screenshots in those.

    2. 1

      Hey, I checked out your page and haven’t signed up but just wanted to say I think you would benefit tremendously by adding screen shots to the product. My first thought was Evernote so I wanted to see how this compares and what makes this special but without seeing the interface and features I really have no way to know if this is something I’d even be willing to try.

      Great job getting this going, looking forward to seeing it progress!

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