If you’re from the UK, post here…


I am looking to connect with like minded indie hackers in the UK.

Post here and let us know what you are doing?

I look forward to connecting!

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    Hey. UK based traveling around as much as we can trying to enjoy the summer in-between working full time and our indie projects.

    When things get more back to normal it would be great for some UK based meet-ups.

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      A husband and wife team, I love that. 🙌

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        Thanks. It does simplify many things working together however being with each other 24/7 has it's challenges as well. 😀

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    I recently moved from London to a small town called Bury St Edmunds

    I’d love to meet nearby indie hackers if they exist!

    I’ve been indie hacking full time for a few years now. I work on a few products, but my main one is pageflows.com

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      pageflows looks great

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        Agreed. Really good idea!

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      Hey Ramy, thanks for commenting. I am familiar to bury st Edmunds. Im sure we can sort something out, I dropped you a follow on Twitter and pageflow is a great source and I have no doubt it will be useful to many!

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      Echoing what @codeswaps said. Fantastic resource!

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    Glasgow here. Building Songbox

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    Hey all, thanks to everyone who has commented. Be sure to check everyone’s projects and show plenty of love and support. 🙌

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    I'm currently launching 1 project per month until I settle down and focus my time on a few promising ones. Launching number 5 before the end of the month.

    Feels like the UK and European Indie Hackers are a bit less visible than our US counterparts, so thanks for the thread!

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      Thanks for commenting! Please do share the projects, I’d love to check them out! You are spot are, hopefully we can share our stories and inspire more of the UK to come forward 👀

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    Hey there from Belfast 👋🏻

    Recovering startup founder 😂 Currently running a small web development agency which I’m enjoying a lot more

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      Haha, recovering. I love that. Great job man, do share you agency if you wish. I’d love to check it out!

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        I'll write a blog post with the story one day 😅

        The agency is https://erised.io (shoutout to all HP fans). Haven't really had time to make a proper one yet as got swamped with orders

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    I'm based around Northamptonshire.

    Currently working on...
    A team climate checker: https://teamfeels.app
    A tool for non-designers to make cool 3D-effect website graphics: https://slantt.co

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      Yo Dave! Thanks for commenting! I’ll be sure to check these out!

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      Thanks for comment codeswaps. We just just connected via Twitter which is great. Look forward to chatting more!

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      Unloved Project... intriguing name... intriguing placeholder... look forward to seeing what's coming soon!

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        Thanks Mark! I'll do my best - I will post to Indie Hackers when its ready

        A bit more info here https://app.codeswaps.com/c/build-in-progress/unloved-project-99c3b03a-7e34-4be6-a82a-305d5d6dfc08

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          Great idea. Setting the maximum price to $1000 really differentiates it. Nice niche!

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        Likewise. An opportunity to make good of another ‘mans’ treasure.

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    Hi there!
    Living in Bristol and working on kareeba with a friend

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      Hey Ulrichgero, thanks for commenting. I’ll check this out! 🙌

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    Hello there!

    Based in Newcastle Upton Tyne, working on Commenze around my 9-5

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      Thanks for the comment Matthew. I’ll be checking all sites thoroughly shortly but I quickly checked yours out and taking care of trolls and spam comments, this is a real, real problem! Really looking forward to looking more into this!

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    Hey there 👋 From London, but currently travelling Europe. I'm working on a disposable email browser extension called inboxes.app in my spare time!

    Always wondered what the IH userbase split is made of (UK/US, rest of world). I suspect we're a minority.

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      This is awesome! I’ll be following this and your progression!

      I think you are right, I think we are the minority but that’s ok, I’m sure we have as much talent. 😉

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      Interesting project. Look forward to following your progress, Patrick!

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    👋 Hello! I live in sunny Brighton.

    Currently have a day job doing community stuff at Orbit. Also working on personal community stuff at Rosieland.

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      Hey Rosie, I follow you on Twitter. You’re very popular on here and on Twitter! Great work! I am along the coast from you too!

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        Also along the coast, 👋🏻 from Worthing!

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    Hey, I’m based in Hertfordshire and currently building and growing my latest project: Sotent which is a tool to help social media content creators publish and schedule their content to help them grow their audience.

    Would love to attend a meet up with other Indie Hackers from the UK at some point!

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    👋 from Epsom (south west of London).
    Currently struggling to find time to build https://forrest.app while working a 9–5 and looking after a toddler.

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    Hey, I'm Harvey from London (Bromley, specifically) - working on https://www.growform.co.

    Keen to connect with other UK'ers, even go for a beer if anyone's up for it!

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    West London-based Data Scientist working full time for a consulting firm and currently working on my first idea. I'm open to grabbing coffee with other London-based indie hackers 😁

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    Hey, Glasgow based. Just working on launching a new product. How's it going, what are you working on?

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    Hello 👋🏾

    I'm Janinah predominantly based in Leamington Spa & working as a Business Analyst (contracted) for a local council. Looking to launch a Notion Consultancy for October.

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm based in London, started my Indie Hacking journey 6 months ago, my background is in FinTech and ML, I'm interested in social/edtech, for good entrepreneurship, and the #buildinpublic movement.

    I'm working on:

    Looking forward to connecting!


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    Hey! I'm from Liverpool 🙋

    During the day I'm a CTO for my startup Floorfilment.com, and in the evening I'm building SEOCopy.ai, Feature.so and a new WMS platform 😀I recently won the Supabase Hackathon for Feature.so - really excited about the coming months and where I can take my projects!

    Feel free to connect on Twitter @richiemcilroy 🙏

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      I am not from UK but I know of a few CTO's in the UK from CTO Craft community. Nice meeting you! I've followed you on Twitter. My twitter is @eisabai

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    Hello! Max from (just outside of) London here. Working on a yet unreleased visual thinking tool for goal planning.

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      Hey Max, I would love to know more! Keep us updated!

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    Hiya, Manchester based full time remote developer here.
    Currently attempting to develop my first SaaS product within the property space. Slowly but surely after working hours and weekends.
    Longing to be able to just work for myself.

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      This is very interesting. My background is actually property - 12 years+. Be sure to drop me a message, I’d love to find out more!

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        Cool, we've connected on Twitter, I'll drop you a line there.

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    I'm based in Northamptonshire, recently I have been working on https://gethotdesk.com when not at my day job.

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      Thanks James, I’ll be checking this out!

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    I live in Canada but I'm from the South London... does that count?

    I'm working on too many things, most ambitiously, the Open Web Mind:


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      Thanks Mark, absolutely! I’ll check this out!

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    Yo, in Kent, working on a few things:

    https://developerrocket.com/ - my main business
    http://developerrocket.host/ - sister site of main
    https://businessdirectorykent.co.uk/ - growing a business directory site
    http://shoplolli.co/ - online clothing brand

    Would love to connect with more UK peeps!

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      Yo! Appreciate the comment!

      Very active from you, great stuff man! I’ll be sure to be checking all the sites out thoroughly. Is your clothing brand a Print on demand shop?

      1. 1

        Thanks pal! No, we actually bought an embroidery machine and we make all the designs and jumpers ourselves. Just have to order the blank jumpers!

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    Ello ello,

    Sunny Wales 👋

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      It’s all love all over the UK 🙌♥️

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    Hi All,

    I am based just outside of Reading and am working on https://stargazing.dev/ and an accompanying newsletter.

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      Hey Iain! Thanks for comment! I look forward to hearing and reading more about this!

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    Currently based in Birmingham. Got a 9-5. Working on Queders, before and after work.

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      Love that from you man, before and after work! 🙌🙌 I’ll check this out

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