If you've got "should" in your ad copy...

Something I've started noticing in ads and promo posts: a lot of "shoulds" (and in one B2C case even a "must").

I'm sure there's a way to imply that your product / service is a must-have in a way that doesn't make readers go "Yeah... no" immediately.

For example:

  • Instead of implying a lack of savvy / knowledge / skills by shoulding at your audience, focus on the benefits for your buyers

  • Instead of using your own point of view as a reference point (well, it's an ad, so of course you think I should buy the thing already), use a customer testimonial if you've got one ("Hmmm, I wonder why their customers love them so much?")

  • Instead of "you should stop doing (whatever)" or "you should start doing (whatever)," switch it to "now you no longer have to" - instead of making readers feel "Ugh, not more things I should be doing," they'll be excited about letting go of the thing they hate

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