IH Promo only: 20 forever free Vatfy Standard accounts

Good morning IH community,

firstly, I apologise if this is the wrong sub, i tried to look for a better matching sub, but wasn't able to find one.

Since I launched Soft-Launched Vatfy yesterday, I wanted to give back to the IndieHackers community. It has been a tremendously rich journey here so far and I have learned quite a lot so far.

As a shameless self-promotion, and my first growth outreach, I am offering a limited promo code to upgrade a Vatfy free account to a forever free Vatfy standard account.

As this being my very first "launch" of a SaaS product, I thought: "why not give away some free accounts in addition to the already free plan everyone can enjoy."


I am limiting the promo code to 20 code redemptions, but if these are used up and you have a good reason on why you should also receive a free standard account, hit me up on IndieHackers.


Main differences between the free and standard account is the limit on monthly VAT ID verifications (100 vs 500) and the amount of daily auto-monitored VAT IDs (1 vs 25).

What I am looking for is honest feedback and critique, maybe what you would do differently and if you need a product like Vatfy, which integrations you would fancy most (Zapier, Salesforce, Shopify, Stripe, ...)?

Thanks and enjoy.

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