May 19, 2019

IH Share: Took a first, actionable step towards launching my product

Alison West @AKWest

I realized I wanted to test my product idea without spending months developing a proper MVP so yesterday I launched a landing page meant to see if my webapp would gain any interest:

The website mockups were done through Canva and the landing page was quickly created with mailchimp.

As small a step as this is, it's the first time I've put my idea out there and, in a way, committed to pushing myself forward on this. It feels good!

New entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs, no matter how small the step is, just take it!

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    I'm all for taking those initial first steps!

    Small wins will lead to greater wins. Keep going and stay consistence, you'll smash it

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    This indeed is actionable. Cheers!

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