IH Summary - INDIE HACKERS statistics

IH Summary

INDIE HACKERS statistics (filtered by Stripe revenue verification )


I have an idea to build a project for data visualization and analysis Indie Hackers site. For the project I needed the data, but I did't have it.
A week ago I started building the project...

The project tools

I've written a CLI program in Typescript. It consist of three commands "parse", "normalize" and "merge".

The "parse" command simply extracts the data and saves it to files.

The "normalize" command gets the data from the files and starts data normalization. The parsed data includes "country", "region", "city" fields written in different languages, which need to be normalized. For this task, I've written a function that transforms the data using Google geocoding. It is not fast process, because it needs to talk with the Google geocoding API, but to speed up the process, I created a cache based on LevelDB. The next step is split tags to the different fields like "category", "platform", "founders", etc. This step takes time to analyze the data. In the end, after completing all the normalization steps, I had all the data to start analyzing.

The "merge" command takes the normalized data and merges it into one file.

Data analysis tools

I'm not a data analyst at all, I'm a web developer :)
I started looking for data visualization tools.

  • Airtable - cool tool have some restrictions, new for me
  • Python, pandas, numpy - I know Python, but I haven't practiced for a long time. I don't know pandas, numpy :(
  • Streamlit - nice tool, I like it but Python, pandas, numpy under the hood (maybe next time)
  • Zebras, danfo.js - good tools, like pandas (I'll try it)
  • Observablehq - awesome platform! (I use it)
  • MongoDB Charts - a tool for web developers! I'm familiar with MongoDB query (I use, my recommendation)

Finally I've chosen Observablehq + MongoDB Charts

Let's build charts

Note: the analysis is based on limited data grouped by 'wordpress' category and filtered by Stripe revenue verification!

The charts you can find in the original post https://observablehq.com/@pyoner/ih-summary

What do you think? Do you want this service?

Do you want this service?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. 2

    Nice work! But I would love to see data for all categories (not only for "Wordpress")

    1. 1

      I filtered data just for validation

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